The moustache post. Or, “Rae has impulse control problems.”

While putting together a “four ways to wear winged liner” post (you’ll see it soon enough, now hush!) I developed this…. insatiable urge to draw on a moustache.

And then I realized – there is no such thing as an insatiable urge to draw on a moustache! All you have to do is draw on a moustache!

For good measure, this is what I looked like pre-‘stache, plus a bit of photoshop because I was too lazy to put on foundation or concealer. (Please excuse the fact that I have an entire pharmacy on my desk!)

One last bit of off-topic rambling – I think I’d like to do a series on taking photos and using Photoshop for a beauty blog, so please comment or email in if there’s any specific photography questions that you may have!

(Oh and P.S. I’d like to issue a HUGE thank-you to Marcelle for making such an awesome pen-tipped liquid liner at a drugstore price. It does leave just a shadow of a line behind, though, unless you really work to get it off… so perhaps it’s not the best option if you’re drawing on fake facial hair.)

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  • Ha ha Awesome Rae! I love your sense of humour!
    Being a blogger who struggles with pic taking I LOVE your idea of a series on taking pics!!!!!!!

    Great post!

    • Lol, thank you my dear ^^ I'll try to have the photo series up as soon as possible!

  • Rocaille

    I loove the first photo, you would make a very cute d'Artagnan indeed :)
    My recent post FOTD- Etro SS 2011 Inspired Lilac

  • LMAO, you made my day. Reading this is what I'm doing instead of writing a paper.

    I love the idea of a photo series; I have soooo many questions I want to ask.

    One burning question that I have is how do you photoshop just one color in a line of swatches to make it look more true to life? There are so many times when I photograph swatches and just one color in the line looks so off, so I have to take a gazillion more pictures 'til it finally looks right (all of my photoshop attempts look pretty damned unnatural!)

    Also, what's the best way to capture a duochrome effect with a digital camera?
    My recent post Lazy Sunday- What Should I Look For In A Nail Polish Formula

    • Well, taking these photos are what I was doing instead of studying for my first final, so it all works out :P

      I'll make sure to include tips for those in the series – thanks, hon!

  • Jen

    You are so cute! LOL Your drawn on stache is adorable! Reminds of something! Cant quite remember it… mmmm, Quaker Oatmeal guy or something. But very cute!

  • I'm dying to know how to photoshop smooth skin as seamlessly as you do Rae! false eyelash shoppin' would also be a cool trick to know :)
    My recent post EOTD- Moody P-p-purple

  • You are adorable :) Love the winged liner.

    Also, I thought you'd like to know – you have inspired me to buy a lipstick. I committed two firsts today! One: entering a MAC store. (I hate them. The MAs are usually scary and rude. Today, I found a nice one!) Two: Purchasing a lipstick. Now we'll see if I ever actually wear it! Hahaha.
    My recent post Cute and Pretty- Hello Kitty Perfume

    • Eeee! *huge, huge, HUGE grin* You have completely made my day, Larie! :D

      Which shade did you pick up?

  • lol you are too cute Rae, and totally rocked that ‘stache!

    PS series is a good idea. I have some basics, but nowhere near as educated in it as you are, ao I could learn a few things for sure.
    My recent post Day Three

  • Hilarious! Look how cute you are!

    I'd love to learn all about your Photoshop tips and tricks, absolutely!
    My recent post Still Scared of Orange Lips Here are 3 More Tamer Ways to Wear the Trendy Colour for Spring and Summer

    • But Ariaaaane, I'm *always* cute!


      (Translation: but Arianne, I *always* have the maturity of a twelve-year-old!)

  • makeupmorsels

    hehe, I don't think I've ever met a beauty blogger with a more adorable moustache!
    PS tricks would be nice :) I know you have a different way of photoshopping falsies than I do, I think you probably use the pen tool? A quick tutorial on that would be nice! Also, I'd love if you could show your setup for taking product photos, since they always look so professional.
    My recent post February Highlights &amp Other Randomly Beauty Related Tidbits

    • I don't think you've ever met another beauty blogger with a moustache, period! :P

      & eup, I do use a pen tool to photoshop on lashes – but very rarely! I think I've only done it once or twice; the rest of the time they're actual falsies :p Already took some photos of my setup; perhaps that'll be the first post!

  • I have those moustache days too but I made it easier on myself by printing out a fake stache & sticking it on with tape. It's very relaxing actually!
    My recent post Review- Clinique Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15

  • I think you look like an evil villain-a CUTE evil villain. You know, the kind that tries to be evil but then ends up being nice instead! You are too funny!
    Photo tips would be awesome! I look forward to your cute evil photo tricks! ;)
    My recent post Loose Button Luxe Box Is So Darn Cute!

    • LOL, thanks, Tracy! 'salright, I'd rather be cute than a successful evil-doer :p

  • Kat

    You should try coconut oil for stuff that sticks – I have yet to find something that cannot be removed that way. If you WANT to lose the 'stache, that is. It's very dapper!

    • I've finally gotten it all off (after Clinique Take the Day Off, pure mineral oil, a layer of vaseline, Marcelle Essentials dual-phase remover, two sessions of cleansing, AND a shower), but thanks for the tip! :p I'll definitely be keeping it in mind for the future!

  • You are absolutely adorable, RAE! Love the looks as perfect as your winged eyeliner :)

    I want your skin! Flawless (id no idea twas photoshoped if you didn’t tell us… but still… you have pretty skin i’d die to have!)

  • herroyalbleakness

    You are absolutely adorable, RAE! Your 'stache is as perfect as your winged eyes :) so pretty.

    You have the skin i'd die for. Even sans the photoshopping stuff. Your skin is love!
    My recent post Blackheads-Be-Gone

    • But you've never seen my skin without photoshop. This statement is invalid! :p

      (Thank you all the same, though, lol ^^)

  • Roxanne

    I love how even with a 'stache you look gorgeous! It's the new summer trend!

    As for beauty photography tricks, I have a hard time capturing the true colours of my eyeshadows. They always end up looking faded out, or you can't see the distinction between shades (basically, you can't see any gradients. If there's brown fading into dark brown, it's barely visable!). Also, my skin always ends up looking much redder in photos. And the slight hyperpigmentation I have from past acne (reacted to something in a foundation *sigh*) tends to show up MUCH more in photos than real life. So any tips you have to combat that would be greatly appreciated!!

    • Haha, thank you Roxanne!

      I'll definitely try to answer those questions – thanks for asking them!

  • Mona

    That was adorable! And makes me excited to see what you have come up with for your other ways to wear it.
    (Now answer your dang emails, woman!) :p

    • LOL, other ways to wear it? :p

      & what are you saying; I have not received an email from you recently! *curious curious* (My god, Gmail, why do you goad me so?)

  • Lily

    I think a "how to" photography series would be great! I'd like to know about lighting (for your face and doing swatches): where should the light source(s) be and how strong if you're using artificial light. Should you use flash or no? If you do, how? And also tips for photographing in natural light. And how to photograph EOTD! How should you angle the camera? Where should you look? I've been experimenting but I'd like your tips too… :) Thanks!!!

    • *starts taking notes*

      (But on a sliiiighly more serious note, thank you!! It's great to know what you ladies are looking for in the series, and your questions make it seem a little less daunting.)

      (Only a little, though :p)

  • you look so adorable! if you had worn a striped tshirt it would look french! for some reason moustaches and the french go together? :P
    My recent post Lauren Conrad Style

    • LOL! They do indeed – but I haven't a striped tee! :o (Not a huge stripe girl.)

      If I do it again, I'll be sure to borrow my sister's shirt :P

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