Impromptu FOTD

Woke up this morning craving another chocolate brown eye; ended up doing a very toned-down version of this. Boring, but I thought I’d share as I’ve been wearing this combo a lot recently. What do you have on today?

On the eyes: tiny tiny tiny layers of Ellis Faas E104 and UDPP Sin for the base, then this GOSH duo for some colour, and finally Blanc Type to hilight + a quick swipe of Beauty Tubes. I meant to layer these mascaras, but it’s just one of those mornings…

Now, to go find a lipstick to wear! I’m thinking maybe this one?

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  • There's that Ellis Faas eyeshadow again!! So how was shipping from the UK-expensive? Did id take long?
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    • Yep – just can't get away from it! :P I honestly can't remember how long shipping took, sorry >.< (Have had this one since last summer!)

      If you create your cart on the Ellis Faas site, there's a handy little "show shipping costs" selection that should help you out ;) The rates aren't bad at all!

  • vijiis

    So soft, natural and pretty! Love. <3
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  • Kate & Zena

    I'm wearing shades from the Naked Palette……….again. I think I've been using that palette everyday since I've got it. I need to unlove that palette a tiny bit so I can move on and actually use my OTHER palettes. >.< My new mission is trying to figure out how to use the two darkest shades. (nearly black to black shade wimp)

    Y'know what would really finish that look…defined brows! As in brow powder or a brow pencil or something. You have no idea how wicked and addicting that brow stuff can be. I got my brows professionally shaped last week (for the first time!) at the Benefit Brow Bar and she showed me how to fill them in properly. I can officially say that A) I finally have two identically shaped brows (so my face looks more balanced. You never know how unbalanced your brows are until you have your brows professionally shaped. They were way off dude) and B) that Brow Zing kit is oddly addicting.

    (Your brows are really pretty, I just wonder how they'd look filled in a bit because you do have some sparse bits!)

    • Man, that is a huuuge comment! :p I do fill my brows for looks sometimes, but I can't be bothered to do it on my way to class – anything more than mascara is unusual for me tbh, lol!

      Would LOVE to see pics of your brows! ;)

      • Kate & Zena

        It depends whether I can find that elusive camera (yes, that camera disappears a lot)…and if I can get a photo of them before my nearly black eyebrow hair grows back. I've been forbidden tweezers since I have trichotillomania (I've dubbed it trich). :)

  • Joyce

    Hi I was just do you apply eyeliner to your eyes? Can you show a tutorial or something? My eye shape is similar to yours – little to no crease – but you still manage to make your eyeliner show! I'm just starting to get into makeup :)

    • Hi, Joyce! I'm not sure if I'll have time to film a tutorial for you anytime soon, but here are a couple of pointers that may help! :)

      For starters, I find that I actually get the most impact with something called "tightlining," aka filling in your upper lashline. raquel13 has a great tutorial of it here! I usually do that before anything else, so that I don't have to worry about making a mess – if you go over your lashline and get liner on your lid, you can simply take it off with a bit of makeup remover and a cotton bud before applying the rest of your makeup ;)

      For coloured liner, I find the trick is just to keep it really close to your lashes (and add a small "kitten flick" at the end if you want even more impact). Another idea is to wear a smokier liner – simply apply your liner quickly, then smudge it out with a q-tip or smudge brush before it's set. (Smokey/smudgy looks are easiest with loose powder liners, creams, and gels, in my experience.)

      Hope that helps! xx