Find Mr. Bright with Benefit’s cheeky new complexion set

What it is: Benefit Finding Mr. Bright, a cute boxed set that includes minis of four fab complexion products. Check out our first post on it here.

Girl Meets Pearl

Once upon a time in Sephora, a sales associate was insistant that, like the similarly packaged “That Gal,” Girl Meets Pearl was meant to be used as an all-over luminizer.

Nice girl, but I’m calling her bluff. The rose-gold sheen (more on the gold than the rose) of Girl Meets Pearl is gorgeous, subtle, and deliciously demure, but it’s definitely a full-fledged highlighter (and not just a primer with a glow). The base shade is quite sheer and the shimmer particles quite small, so I honestly can’t come up with a single skintone that this wouldn’t flatter!

Best for: all skintones

The effect: a sheer, subtle gold sheen appropriate for a day at the beach or a night out with the girls.


One of the problems I had with BeneTint was that it’s really, really liquidy. While I have no issues with this in theory, it does make the product hard to blend out before it’s set! PosieTint is sort of like BeneTint’s creamier, pinker sister, and I find it a great deal easier to work with.

As you can see in the swatches, PosieTint comes out looking like a (slightly garish) hot pink, but blends out and sets to a much softer, more translucent rose. It’s fairly sheer but layers really, really well, and is a “true” stain – none of this sticky-finish business (ahem, Tarte.) I should note, though, that like other liquid stains, it’ll catch on dry bits if you’re not careful (and should be topped with gloss of balm)!

Best for: light to medium skintones

The effect: a really natural-looking cool-toned pink stain (but wearable on warmer skintones as well).

high beam (l) vs girl meets pearl (r)


This one was Benefit’s original liquid highlighter, and it’s definitely worth the raves. It’s a great deal more noticeable than Girl Meets Pearl, with a dewy off-white base (it leans a cold pink) and tons of shimmer, but I do know people of all skintones (super fair to super dark) who wear this.

Best for: medium to dark skintones

The effect: this is subtle on light skintones, but offers a lot of pop! for medium and dark tones.

Erase Paste

Because this was in Medium, I couldn’t try it out for wear time, etc. However, I did test it out on my darker-toned mother, and I gotta say – it’s good stuff! It’s creamy and well-pigmented, and has just enough salmon tones to counteract the violet/red of dark circles (but not so much that it’s an undereye-only product.)

Best for: dark undereye circles, occasional blemish concealing. Watch out for creasing if you have fine lines and/or oily skin, though!

The ingredients:

The verdict? The box is a bit too clunky to carry around with you, but it would be perfect to keep in your desk drawer or on your vanity – it’s everything you’d need to touch up (& amp up) your complexion on your way out to dinner ;) It’ll start hitting shelves in March, so if you’re a Medium in Erase Paste, keep an eye out for it!

Pass on it if… you’re not a medium-toned beauty. At $35US/$40CAD, it’s not worth it unless you (or a friend) will be able to use the entire set.

l-r: heavy/blended swatches of girl meets pearl, posietint, highbeam, erase paste (med).

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  • HighBeam looks great!
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  • Shame they don't do an option on the concealer. Its just not worth the money if your not going to use the concealer xoxox
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  • Kate & Zena

    I love my Posietint and Highbeam. I still have my itty bitty little plastic bottle of Highbeam from the $10 bestsellers kit I got on Sephora…from last year!!!! The stuff lasts FOREVER (that and I forgot about for a few months…oops). I am getting to the point where I need to buy a full sized one (the price is killer. Ouch!).

    I should use my Posietint more. I love my Stila convertibles a lot (particularly a certain color called PETUNIA…very cute color), but those convertibles are devils when I'm in a hurry because they don't like my fingers for some reason. I need to stick that Posietint on top of my dresser….not right next to Petunia where it's often overlooked.

    It's not my fault, I swear! Petunia is pretty! Petunia is….Petunia is bossy. That's what she is. She's bossy.

    • LOL! I'll have to check out Petunia sometime; she sounds great ;) I have a Stila CC in Peony, which I kind of hate – very much not my shade.

      Highbeam does last forever, though! They're doing a $10 size right now, you should check it out : )

      • Kate & Zena

        The only other one I have is Gerbera and it'…neglected. A lot. Heh heh heh. Gerbera only seems to get used when I use really, really dark cool-toned shadows and my stand-by pink blushes would make my face look ridiculous (which is a rare thing). I haven't thought of another use for it. All of my blushes, aside from Gerbera, are pink….believe it or not. This is funny as I have really pink cheeks naturally that are hard to cover. Why I pick pink blush is beyond me!

        Petunia gets a looooooot of use. It looks almost hot pink in the pan, but it doesn't apply like that (as you probably know from Peony, they apply sheerer).

        • Not sheer enough! (I'm reeeeally not a fan of Peony, LOL)

          Oh, and P.S. You pick pink blushers because pink is cute. Simple as that. :p

          • Kate & Zena

            Trust me, Petunia is way different than Peony. Different vibe. It's cool-toned. Peony looks warm-toned on my screen. Warm-tones notoriously don't work on me (my being so cool-toned and all).

  • makeupmorsels

    Girl Meets Pearl is gorgeous! I need to stop by Sephora to test that out soon.
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