Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Caramel

As promised, here are swatches of Caramel! It’s available on its own or in Burts’ Shimmer and Shine set. If you’re having a bit of deja vu – please note that parts of this review (the formula, and part of the verdict) are the same as they are in the review of Peony and the Shimmer and Shine post, as they’re the same product!

The shade: Caramel is darker than Peony, imparting a sheer (but less so) wash of colour. The brown tones neutralize my lips a bit, resulting in a slightly darker colour than my bare lips, but never pulling too mauve or too orange. The shimmer leaves my lips looking very full, but there isn’t so much shimmer or pigmentation that I need a mirror to apply this.

bare lips / Caramel swatch

The formula: As I’ve mentioned in the Nutmeg review, Burts’ Lip Shimmers are less moisturizing than their original balm, but still quite moisturizing. For those with really dry lips, you may need to use a different balm at night or underneath these, but aside from that I think you’d be fine! The colour wears for 2-3 hours on my lips, but the moisture lasts a touch longer (about four hours).

bare lips / Caramel swatch

The verdict? Caramel gets a definite YES! from me in the set (it works out to be under $5), but I’m not sure if I’d have purchased it on its own. As I’ve mentioned before, Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmers are one of my favourite tinted lip balms, but I think I would have opted for something more pigmented if I was buying a single tube – this shade happens to be fairly sheer. I prefer the brighter tone of Peony a bit more, but I like that this has a bit more depth.

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  • Maggie

    This helps so much, thank you! My lips are very pink, so many of the lip shimmers look garish on me. This looks like a great neutral shade. Nicely done!