Dior leaves a good thing behind

Am I the only one that is hugely disappointed by the new Miss Dior Cherie ad? I mean… it’s not a bad photo, per se, but I just–

Okay, let’s be totally honest. I hate it. I hate that it’s not the old ad; I hate that the gorgeous Natalie Portman looks a fair bit unlike herself; I hate that they felt the need to add “artistic suggested nudity.” I hate that the damn bottle is off-center!

The ad is boring, Dior. It’s mainly innoffensive, and yes, (dare I say it?) it’s pretty… but it’s BORING. I like the two-page ad a bit more, but still: this just doesn’t have the appeal that the previous campaign had. Bring back the fun, playful version, with Maryna Linchuk! That Miss Dior Cherie campaign has been a favourite of mine since it started running; I even wrote a full post about it last year. (An entire post, dedicated simply to great advertising! Yes, it was that good.) Why attempt to fix it if it wasn’t broken to begin with?

A moment to reminisce:

And a one more Miss Dior Cherie ad that didn’t quite “hit the spot” for me: via

I did love this one, though: via

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  • you know what, i find celebrity endorsements usually miss the spot for me =/. with models, it's about the product. yes, they're beyond gorgeous, but they're selling the product. celebrity ads endorse the celebrity more and i always thought that the brand doesn't even bother to be creative when a celebrity models for the product. your examples above are proof. also, look at anne hathaway for lancome, gwyneth paltrow for estee lauder, etc.

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    • To be totally honest, I have to agree with you on that – it *can* be done well (I think Amanda Seyfried was a fantastic choice for CdP, for example), but most of the time they make it more about the celeb than the brand, which kind of defeats the purpose!

  • Tea

    Natalie is gorgeous but this just does not have the girly, playful innocence that the past adverts have. That is a seductress pose and not a "i may be wearing a pink frou frou dress but theres more to me than that" pose…if you know what I mean haha
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    • Lol, I get exactly what you mean :) MDC, being the scent that it is, really needs the playful aspect. I'm going to miss it!

  • Kate & Zena

    Hm, I must quietly disagree with you. I like the new Miss Dior ad. It's soft, girly, coquettish, and a has a bit of that whimsy "Alice" feel. I don't wear fragrances, so I couldn't tell you if that's what the perfume is supposed to make you feel like.

    Remember, this is only the first Miss Dior ad with Natalie Portman. The first ads sometimes don't hit the right mark. Also, every model–whether it's a professional model or a celebrity model–has their own, what's the word, "mood." I don't know the right word. Natalie doesn't have the innocence the other model did; she's a bit too old and far too intelligent (she does have a BA in Psychology).

    And as much as I am someone who likes things centered (I will center paintings that are tilted in a doctor's office, okay?), the off-centered bottle makes sense. It would look really, really weird centered as it would cut out a huge chunk of Natalie's back. It would look REALLY weird, trust me. I didn't even notice that it was off-centered until you pointed it out; it flowed very naturally.

    Finally, some people love the drama and all the busyness of the old ads (I'm sorry, the balloon and the skyscraper and the fastidious amounts of flowers in each ad…it's TOO MUCH for my Autistic brain, waaaaaaaaay too much) ; I simply love the simplicity of this ad. It's very Natalie. It's very Dior. It's very much what I think of when I hear the words, "Miss Dior Cherie."

    • No! You should be LOUDLY disagreeing with me, lovely :) What's the fun in discussions if *everyone* has the same opinion, anyways?

      Imo, like the Portman ad doesn't feel like MDC at all – I would like it a lot more if it was for something softer, but while Miss Dior Cherie is girly, coquettish, and whimsy, I'd never call it soft. The ad is VERY Natalie, as you've said; that's a really good point! But it's not at all evocative of the fragrance (or vice versa). I'm pretty sure that if you took a good whiff of MDC, you'd find it to be way too much for your brain, just like the old ad :p (I mean, I love it to death, and some days it's even way too much for me!)

      Still thinking about that bottle, though… I know it would look even weirder in the centre, but I still hate it where it is! Hmm. (The 2-page ad has Natalie on one side and the bottle on the other, which makes me like it a LOT more.)

      • Kate & Zena

        I haven't seen the two page ad (hasn't picked up a beauty/fashion magazine in a loooooooooooong while), just this one. It would look better on a separate page.

        I think I just inherited the more classy thing. Everyone in my family that I've asked prefers Natalie's. Ha ha. I guess it's all about who you're trying to target. I'm thinking (and this is just my thoughts) that Dior is trying to target a slightly older group now for Miss Dior Cherie; maybe 20-early 30s. Definitely early 20s.

        I know "cherie" translates out more akin to "honey" or "sweetie," but I've always translated it more literally as "dearie. Don't blame me, my grandma loves to say, "Kates, my dearie." I got the nickname from my grandpa and the tag from my grandma. It's kitschy, I know and she is not a kitschy person. I think with the old model, they did the "honey" and "sweetie" versions; with Natalie, it's more the "dearie" version, if that makes sense. "Dearie" is a sort of old fashioned pet name, but it's still girly and all the other adjectives one would associate with a more floral (I'm assuming it's a floral-kind of fragrance) yet young perfume (i.e. NOT Chanel No. 5 which is like floral-overload and an instant migraine inducer for me). It's got a zing or a zap to it.

        I think they're still trying to figure out how to "use" Natalie (trying to get the right look). I don't think Dior has ever used an actor for a model for their perfumes (Charlize Theron DOESN'T count. She was a model before she became an actor). The ads might become more interesting for you once they start figuring out a more set look for Natalie and Miss Dior Cherie. It's an adjustment period (I hate that phrase as much as you do, trust me!).

        • Haha, neither have I! I don't think it's even in the mags quite yet – saw a photo of it online ;)

          Really, really hoping they sort it out soon – MDC is not a "dearie" frag imo! I think the ad would be great for a different Dior, though… I can definitely imagine it with a bottle of one of the Escales on the left, instead of the awkward Miss Dior Cherie in the center. Perhaps minus the bow, though.

          • Kate & Zena

            Ah, we'll never know. I don't think I explained the 'dearie' thing like I wanted to. It didn't come out right. I give up. The writing bunny seriously needs to come back so I can the cool explaining again.

            However, I'm quite impressed by how little they Photoshopped Natalie. Normally, fragrance ads showing celebrities means the celebrity gets Photoshopped to death. Natalie looks like Natalie Portman, not Natalie the overtly Photoshopped Portman. The only real thing I noticed Photoshopped is her hair. They added a tiny bit of hair in the back area and it looks like on her left side. They also shaved her stomach and back down the tiniest, tiniest bit (heaven forbid the back and stomach not be parallel, right? I've never seen those two parts perfectly stick straight and parallel). Natalie is naturally that thin (well, was, she's pregnant right now). I don't know if you noticed that or not, but I was really quite impressed.

          • *gives the writing bunny a carrot* :)

            (Bleh, sorry I'm not very chatty today — so wiped. Fridays, right?)

  • glittergeek

    Why did you have to point out that the bottle is off centre? *pushes it a little to the left*

    Also, that last photo: perfection!
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  • Laura R

    ZOMG you couldn't be more right about the Dior adverts. i didn't know the previous model's name but the campaign featuring her was one of the most artistic and effective ads i have ever since, especially for a fragrance. i like Portman and all, but this ad is DEFINITELY dull. it makes Miss Dior seem like an agoraphobic nudist rather than a girl filled with joie de vivre and creativity.

    • LOL, I can't believe that you just said that! :D


      • laura r

        Believe it lady!

        (Work changed our Net settings again so i am trying once more!)

  • I love Natalie Portman but between her ad and the one with Maryna there really is no comparison. I hate to use the word "typical" when it comes to her (I really do lurve her) but it comes off as your ordinary fragrance ad. The ad with the balloons and hot pink skirt is so adorable, interesting, and fabulously playful that the other looks so blah when I scroll back up to it.
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    • Well said, lovely! That's pretty much where I stand on this, too :)

  • Rose

    I cannot agree with this post more. The 'new' ads don't feel new because I've seen it all before. The semi-nude celebrity is so BORING, (Scarlette Johansson, Kiera Knightley, Jennifer Aniston, etc etc etc they've all done it), it depresses me just looking at it, which is awful because I LOVE Cherie. The only reason I checked out Cherie in the first place is because of the original, flouncy, pretty ads. Also not liking the semi-edgy model on boring background.

    Dior, are you listening?

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