Diane Lai Rejuvenates my dry skin

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The product: Diane Lai Rejuvenate moisturizer

A bit about it: Like most high-end all-natural products, Rejuvenate is on the pricy side — $45CAD for 100mL. (Comparatively, Clinique DDML is $24.80 per 100mL, and Olay Complete is $13 for the same amount.) It comes in a solidly built pump-style bottle, and the pump is wonderfully easy to control. And yah, I know that seems like a small thing, but it drives me crazy when pumps aren’t made well!

(Benefit Stay Don’t Stray, we’re looking at you.)

The feel: Strange. Very strange.

In other words… despite being so hydrating, Rejuvenate feels like a lightweight body moisturizer. It goes on thinly and sinks in almost immediately, but leave my skin almost — taught? It doesn’t feel dry (or irritated, or heavy,) but at the same time it doesn’t exactly feel moisturized.

The scent: Here’s where Rejuvenate looses points, if you ask me. It’s scented heavily with lavender, which drives me nuts! I may be alone on this, but I just can’t stand the smell of lavender. Yes, I’ve gotten used to it since I started using this moisturizer, but that definitely doesn’t mean I adore it.

But does it work? To a degree. For something this lightweight, it’s surprisingly moisturizing. I’d place it’s moisture factor… below German Nivea, but above Olay Complete (lotion) or Clinique Dramatically Different (lotion), and probably on par with Olay Complete (creme). However, do keep in mind that it’s a LOT less heavy than German Nivea or Olay Complete (creme)!

Try it if…

  • You’re okay with paying a bit more for something this lightweight,
  • Your skin’s dry, but not PARCHED,
  • You’re looking for something without parabens, silicones, artificial fragrances or colorants… it has quite the “free of” list!

Skip it if…

  • $45 for 100ml sounds like too much to you,
  • Your skin is really, really dry,
  • You’re okay with your moisturizer feeling a little heavier.
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16 Responses to “Diane Lai Rejuvenates my dry skin”

  1. I tell ya, SKYN ICELAND = AWESOME. The perfume is strong but the product is great.

    That said, I switched to Argan Oil in the mean time from Josie Maran. My face feels a BIT oily, but it's moisturized and I like that it's way more natural.

  2. Why is it that I'm always so sold when you review skincare products that work for you? Ugh. I wish I can teleport to Canada .RIGHT.NOW.

    Thank you for sharing and reviewing this thoroughly, Rae.
    My recent post Avilon Zoo Teaser

  3. No!! Strong perfume = giant headache for Rae :(

    Have you ever tried azulene oil for your face? It's a really lightweight, also all-natural oil that's pretty great. It's not hydrating enough for me on its own, but it's lovely all the same! *Technically* it isn't intended for use as a facial oil (the easiest way to get it is in a Parissa wax kit, or in the bottle they sell on its own, lol) but it's still awesome when used as one. : )

  4. No, please don't be upset! :( There are tons of awesome products that are available to you that I can't get, too. I'm sure it balances out in the end : )

  5. It isn't that strong of a smell. Have you tried smelling it yet??I do seem to like Argan oil so far but I'll take a look at the Azulene oil.

  6. lavender :) not lavandar.

  7. I have not — the only reason I'm under the impression it is strong is that YOU keep saying it is!! :p If I get a chance, though, I will ^^

  8. Lol, I can't believe you caught that! I finished writing this at two in the morning, so… spelling mistakes expected :p

    Thanks + it's been fixed!

  9. Okay okay :) go smell it and judge for yourself. I do have a sensitive temperament to smell however.

  10. Ugh, I can't stand the smell of lavender too, in fact I don't quite get the people who love it, but that's just me. When I was younger I used to like it a bit (just a bit and that was purely because of my grandmother), but then came the whole (certain) strong scents = strong headaches thing and it stopped being lovely (I am suffering from frequent headaches too). Anyways, this moisturizer reminded me of Yes To Carrots one which I love. Have you tried it?

  11. Yes!! I'm so glad that I'm not just crazy :p

    I actually haven't tried anything from the Yes To Carrots line! I've heard really lovely things about some of the items, though : )

  12. In my opinion they have affordable products which work just fine. Their lip butters became irreplaceable for me =)

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  15. where to buy ? where store available?im in cebu city

  16. Hi Rech,

    I'm afraid I haven't any more info on availability than the regular consumer, but I'd recommend checking the Diane Lai site for shipping to your area! :) They're probably your best bet – I'm not sure if the line has any other online retailers.

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