A new home + a giveaway!

In case you havent noticed… we finally have a home to call our own! That’s right, ladies and gents, theNotice has now moved to We’ve had a bit of a design revamp as well, but the archives and comments have hopefully transferred over correctly. If not, feel free to give me a shout at

Update: unfortunately, the comments didn’t transfer over :( We have all of the comments from Sept ’07 to Oct ’09, but nothing from the past year. And (lucky us), no way to fix it. Sorry, my lovelies!

Please update your bookmarks to, and make sure to re-click the “join this site” button! (I couldn’t get the Friend Connect widget to transfer over either, unfortunately.)

But anyhow! Onto the giveaway, which we’ve timed to celebrate our exciting (re-)launch. Salon Hive, a little online shop that stocks everything from hair shears (they’re apparently pretty excited about about their kamisori shears) to flat irons has offered to supply one of the latter for a giveaway.

For the chance to win a Karmin G3 iron…

Leave a comment letting me know what colour (images above) you’d like to receive!

Seriously: it’s that easy, so get entering! This giveaway ends in two weeks (that’s Nov 29th at 11:59PM GMT-8:00 for those of us who are calendar-challenged). To enter, you have to be (a) over the age of majority in your country of residence, or (b) over 13 with parental consent.

If you’d like an extra entry a bunch of extra entries, you can do any or all of these…

  1. Follow theNotice through Friend Connect (1 extra entry),
  2. Link to this post on your blog, twitter, facebook etc (1 extra entry; please leave the link in the comments), or
  3. Comment on this post about anything (anything at all!) each day until the contest ends. (A maximum of thirteen extra entries!)

I know that good hot tools can be a huge drain on one’s budget, so I’m thrilled to be bringing you this giveaway :) May the best luckiest lady win!


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  • ulee

    oh yay! this is exciting! i'd love the red one *fingers crossed*!
    thanks rae :)

  • Gen

    Cool new home! The red one should be mine!!!!

  • Anna

    what a delightful giveaway. I'd be happy with the white one!

  • Marisa

    I really enjoy reading your blog :). I visit daily and love your reviews…they are so helpful.
    I'd love the black iron!! Thanks for such a great giveaway….I thought I'd try my luck.

  • congrats on the new home… :) white all the way :)
    My recent post Review- Make Up For Ever Face and Body Liquid Makeup

  • Alishia

    awesome giveaway for the new home :) congratulations!!
    black please :)

  • Jennifer

    Red for me! :)
    I like the new layout site… will update my bookmarks!

  • rasilla

    love my accessories in black :P
    Congrats on the new home~

  • Hebridean Sprite

    Lovely Rae thanks! Are these fairly good? I like the red one! I also follow via GFC. :D

    • I actually don't know; I've never tried this line! If you win, you'll have to let me know how they are ;)

  • rasilla
  • Jennifer

    Congrats on the new home! :)

    I've been a lurker on the old theNotice site but I guess it's about time I come out of hiding ^^

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway! I love the red one.

    • Thanks Jennifer! Glad you're coming out of hiding — hope you won't be too shy to comment in the future, too! ^^

  • Morgan

    The top one (light pink? white?)

  • Morgan

    Only 9% of giraffe sex is heterosexual. (Random comment for today.) ;)

  • Morgan
  • renaissancegerl

    Excellent new site! And as for the Karmin: red.

  • Amy

    Ooooooh they're lovely! The white one is my favourite though, I think :)

  • Kate & Zena

    Hm, you know, I NEVER use hair tools, but who's to stop me from winning a free one to test out? Maybe it'll solve my "hair won't hold a curl for more than one hour" syndrome.

    The black one because all of my other hair tools are either that greyish-silver or black. It HAS TO MATCH. I can't have a loner; it would drive me positively insane.

    And I follow through GFC. Ha ha ha ha.

    • Heck, maybe it will! :D I can have that syndrome on a bad day too, and my Misikko iron fixed it up nicely.

      Good luck my dear!

  • Alex

    I was worried that your blog had disappeared! Loving the new home and hopefully that red iron will find a new home with me!!! :D

  • I would like the red one =D

  • Babybubblz

    Congrats on transferring over! I'm looking for a straightener so this would be awesoome!!

  • I follow through Google Friend Connect!
    My recent post Review- Cougar Boots

  • Random comment of the day: I can't get enough of We Are Who We Are, by Kesha! =D
    My recent post Review- Cougar Boots

  • Annabelle

    hey, rae!! thanks for hosting the giveaway!!

    hopefully I'll win the white one? :)

  • Rhiannon

    I totally want the black one ^_^

  • ashley


  • ashley
  • Mai

    I think I NEEED the pink one :)

    I'm a follower as Mai

  • I'd love the black one. Yep, I'm exciting ;]
    I'm following via the new GFC

  • Congratulations for your new home!!! I'd really love to have the black one!!!

  • Random Comment for the day?

    OMG the Giraffe comment by Morgan was too funny XD

    My recent post Love that White Smile -D

  • Random comment of the day: Do you know about BzzAgent? They have a new campaign going on:
    My recent post Review- Cougar Boots

    • Yep! I've never really been a fan, though — it's too mass for me, tbh. I need the human aspect of things, including PR! :p

  • Jennifer

    Comment post about anything… – #1!
    Peach iced tea is the best iced tea.

  • elana

    black!!! just joined

  • Roslynd

    ahh! exciting. RED for sure

    but any color would be amazing!!!

  • leslie v

    Exciting! I’d choose the white one…my flat iron just broke yesterday haha so this is perfect timing.

  • The white flat iron is calling to me!
    P.S. I follow via Google
    P.P.S. Giveaway link on the right-hand side!
    P.P.S. Congrats on the big move! I'd love to move from Blogger but it seems so scary and tiresome :( But then again, Blogger is tiresome too..
    My recent post Neutrogena 3-in-1 Concealer For Eyes – Review

  • Ayesha

    Awesome giveaway! I'd love the black one. Wow, I feel a little embarrassed to be making such a bold request.
    Love your blog!

    • Lol! Don't be — after all, I asked you to! :o) Thanks, Ayesha.

  • jade

    would looove a white one!!

  • Morgan

    Random Comment Of The Day- I am sick. And it is no fun.

    • Rae Chen

      Aww, I hope you’re feeling better tomorrow! Let me know :p

  • Cece

    Congrats on the move!
    all 3 colors look great. i think the white one looks quite sleek.

  • Sharon M

    Congratulations on the new home! :)

    I like the red straightener, but honestly, any one of the colours would be just fine with me — my hair is that hideous not-quite-curly but not-straight either, and it's a PITA to style. Also, it's my birthday today (well, for another three minutes…)

    • Rae Chen

      Aww, happy birthday, Sharon! Two extra entries, coming right up ;) Good luck!

  • sue

    The red one is the cutest!

  • rasilla

    I actually came by to read your etude reviews…
    than remembered to reenter the giveaway XD
    hope your days has been going well :)

  • Morgan

    Random Comment of the Day-
    My favorite movie, of all time, ever, is The Wizard of Oz.
    Also, I am not sick today. So yay!

    • Rae Chen

      Yayyyy!!! :)

  • rasilla

    Random comment of the day…
    I went to the Royal Ontario Museum today…
    Because of the Terracotta Exhibit.
    Lovely, but I wish they had brought more of the men, so we could have a true experience…
    ah well.

  • Morgan

    Random Comment of The Day (Now to be know as RCTD)

  • Alex

    Random post:
    33% of the Asian population is at least mildly lactose intolerant. :)

  • oh wow! awesome giveaway!

    I would love to win the white one :)
    My recent post Lipstick Diary Day 19 – Urban Decay Lipstick in Gravity

  • Ada

    i'd love the black one! (congrats on the move, too! :] )

  • Vicky

    Love the red ones! :)

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  • Lizzy

    yayy new home! congrats:)

    oh, the white one is gorgeous!
    &i follow you.
    &&thank you for this amaaaazing giveaway.
    &&&have a nice day!

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  • I really like the black one – SO excited about this giveaway! Thanks!

  • Comment of the day: I'd love to win one of these – my current flat iron will *NOT* let me curl my hair (I've tried everything!) so I'd love to be able to do that with one of these irons!!
    My recent post No 32 Pump It Up! Fall Playlist

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  • black please! <3
    My recent post Fri-daze

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  • I'd like the red one

  • Ria

    I'd love the black one!Stylish :)
    I also follow with GFC.
    My recent post Ive been self tagged and Ive got nail mai from Beauty Burg!Eeeeehappy dance!

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  • Melissa

    Congratulations on the new website and layout! I would love the black flat iron.

  • beautyinfozone

    I'd love to win the red one. Marcia from Beauty Info Zone.
    My recent post Dear Diary – Darac Beauty Brow Trio

  • Alex

    Random post:
    Current song obsession: What's my name – Rihanna ft. Drake <3

  • Morgan

    Hippos have a mouth that opens wide enough that a 4ft tall kid could stand it in. I would not advise doing this, however.

  • Ada

    why do i always check thenotice at night?
    (i'd love the black one :] )
    thanks for the giveaway!

    • Because it's wonderfully salacious, of course, and such reading is best suited for the nighttime :P

  • Carla

    great giveaway, count me in please!

  • I love the pink one! Would definately go with my room :)
    I follow as SkellyBones.
    I posted in my blog sidebar:

  • gina d

    the red one

  • gina d

    follow gfc ginnn7

  • Shanni

    These are cute. I would love the one in white!

  • Morgan

    RCTD: I cannot believe…that there is a little more than a month until Christmas. That is INSANE.

  • Tina

    I would like the black one, too!

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  • Tricia

    I pick the red one — I'll be sharing with my teenage daughter and you know how hard it can be to find anything in teenage girl's room! LOL!

  • Tricia

    I follow theNotice through Friend Connect

  • Tricia
  • Tricia

    I posted on Facebook.

  • shelley

    i'd love red!

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  • Vickie Riddle

    Pink is the one I would choose. :D

  • Vickie Riddle

    Follow theNotice through Friend Connect . Friend #61 :)

  • Vickie Riddle

    I might be wrong on the color, the one I would choose is the pink/red one. That'll cover my anything comment for the day. <3

  • L Dub

    I'd love the red one!

  • Maria

    pink or red whatever that is =)

    • Lol, I love that you can't decide what it is :P I thought "red" at first, but the more I think about it, the more I'm seeing pink…


  • Micaela F.

    It looks so cute, the pink one!
    I'm in for the pink one!
    I'm following you with Google Friend Connect as MadammeM
    I linked this giveaway on my facebook:!/Micaela.Ferreira

    My recent post Tokyo Fashion

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  • Gotta love the black flatiron!!!

  • wendy

    Well I think I need a good iron after reading all of these( this is nice giveaway) I am 59, and I cannot( still) use a flat iron. I belive mine is cheap, and I am not handy at all.LOL

  • wendy

    I forgot the color! white would be nice or red for Xmas. I think if I won one, it could be any colour

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  • Morgan

    RCTD: Today is a two day week! Yay! Also, I have GOT to get my grades up if I want a 4.0. I have a 3.8 and that is just not good enough!

  • Maggi

    Hello! Congrats on your new site! I want the white one!
    My recent post REVIEW- The Ultimate brushes line – worth getting

  • Cece

    is that center iron a pink or red? they all look fabulous though.

    btw I can't believe it is already winter!!

  • Caitlin

    I'd love the white one :)

  • Caitlin

    linked on my facebook page ;D!/profile.php?id=1000013

  • DLori27

    I have wanted a great flat iron like this one for so long. As a redhead, although I'd prefer a red iron, I'd be thankful and appreciative with any color if I was to win this very generous giveaway.

    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

  • DLori27

    For an extra entry, I joined this site with google friend connect. My google username is dlori and my email is

    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

  • I follow you on twitter and shared about this contest on my twitter page at

    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

  • I shared about this contest on my facebook page at and "LIKE" you on facebook

    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

  • Thanks for hosting this wonderful giveaway. Especially in these tough times, giveaways are greatly appreciated.

    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

  • I'd love the red one!
    Hrm, not used to the comment button location yet :) is there one at the bottom of the post?
    My recent post sephora gloss- no thyme- etc

    • Sorry, sorry! There isn't, but I'm trying to switch over to a new layout (I kind of hate this one, to be honest.) Of course, with my luck, the FOUR others that I've tried to install have all had major glitches >.<

      (We're talking, like, will-not-show-the-post kind of glitches. Argh!)

  • Micaela F.

    Is that white or pink?
    My recent post Tokyo Fashion

    • I believe they are white, pink, and black from top to bottom :)

  • Commenting again for another entry :) Random fact: Cockroaches wouldn't actually survive a nuclear war, cause it makes them infertile, so they wouldn't be able to reproduce D:
    My recent post What Ive Been Up To

  • Camelia Andrasescu

    I love the red one

  • Camelia Andrasescu

    I follow you via GFC (Camelia Andrasescu )

  • Coral

    The red one definitely. But I don't the other colors either.

  • Coral

    My favorite color is purple ! (random comment)

  • Morgan

    I have learned I am horrible at grammar. Awesome.

  • Black one please! I hope I win!
    My recent post Personal Microderm System by SkinCareRX

  • I am your follower via GFC /Elena/
    My recent post Personal Microderm System by SkinCareRX

  • Micaela F.

    Hi!, this is my third entry on this giveaway. Did you checked my blog? I'm hosting an Eyeko giveaway, people from all over the world can join!
    My recent post Tokyo Fashion

  • Morgan

    Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Huzzah!

  • Lizzy

    happy thanksgiving, rae!!! ^_^

  • seed

    Red is my favourite colour! (In general. One day, I will paint my walls red.)

  • Morgan

    I am giddy. :)

  • I’d love to win the black one!

    Shared this giveaway on my facebook wall (emiliana sison)

    and on my blog sidebar with a linkback

    I’m your GFC follower as luckyfinds

  • Alex

    Random comment:
    A toddler ingests about 80mg of soil per day.


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  • If I would be given a chance to win and received the Karmin G3 iron, it would be the red one. Because I love red and red is love :o)

  • 1.Followed theNotice through Friend Connect
    as kathie (

    i really want the red iron :o)

  • I need this!
    My recent post Personal Microderm System by SkinCareRX

  • Shared on my facebook wall:

  • quinieleong

    i love the white one!

  • Morgan

    I am at the library writing my debate cases. Cause that's how I do. :)

  • Coral

    i ate sooo much yesterday !!

  • Coral

    im following you through gfc as Coral Mejia !

  • Coral

    I posted about this giveaway on facebook, but idk if you guys have a fan page sooo it's just on my page ahahaha. My name is coral mejia & my fb page is :

  • coral

    I blogged about your giveaway here:

  • coral
  • Toni

    I'd love the red one!! And, I need a flat iron SO bad!!! The one I currently have isn't heating up enough to straighten my hair anymore.

  • Following you, theNotice, through Friend Connect as Silver Bella!
    Toni M.

  • tweet
    silverbella11 at gmail dot com

  • Shared on Facebook !
    FB Name: Silver Bella
    silverbella11 at gmail dot com

  • Elizabeth

    I'd LOVE to get the red one!

    dwtc187 at gmail dot com

  • Elizabeth

    Follow with GFC

    dwtc187 at gmail dot com

  • Elizabeth

    I totally scored some nice sets of PJs, jeans and a new xbox bundle for black friday deals yesterday! (My daily random comment)

  • rasilla

    omg ive been addicted to this korean drama…and was sooo excited to watch it right now. except it will take me 45mins to dl >_< it usually takes 15! lol

  • styleezta

    definitely the pink one :)

  • following through friend connect

  • shared on facebook here:

  • love giveaways yay!!

  • Been a follower of both your old and new blog :)

    I like the pink one.

    Spreading the love over my blog:

  • Toni M

    Random comment: The red Karmin G is so cool! I've never seen it in red or white for that matter~!
    silverbella11 at gmail dot com

  • Forgot to put a separate comment on being a follower…
    My recent post Julu-ized- Free Shipping On Julu Jewelry!

  • And a separate one for spreading the love over my blog:….
    My recent post Battling Jiggly Arms On A Daily Basis

  • Daily comment :D

    love your monolid makeup tuts! you already know that, i think.
    My recent post Battling Jiggly Arms On A Daily Basis

  • Lizzy

    random comment? hmm…its freezing outside! :) haha all i can think of :P

  • Great giveaway!! The white one looks very nice! :) And I'll follow the blog!

  • Another daily comment XD
    It’s snowing where I live in the UK!! Too bad I’m having to stay indoors to try and complete 3 essays by next wednesday ):

  • Melissa

    I always enjoy reading the new posts regarding product reviews. I would love the black flat iron!

  • Coral

    Ugh its sunday! WHY?!! (random comment)

  • Morgan

    I don't want to go back to school tomorrow. Boo.

  • Toni M

    Randon comment: I am so tired & need coffee BAD!
    silverbella11 at gmail dot com

  • Melissa

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway, Rae! I would like the black iron!

  • I want to win!

  • Lauren

    I'd love the white ones! :)


  • S Carter

    I would like the red. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • lee

    black! tres chic. :)

  • Erin

    Ah the red one is gawgeous! :)

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