Urban Decay fails to put the Rocket in my Pocket, and is thus banned from my general face area.

Okay, but honestly. I have tried multiple times over the past months to write a proper review of this… but I just can’t do it.

The reason? It smells awful. Seriously; just bloody awful. I know loads of people who love the scent (described as crème brûlée, of all things), but I absolutely cannot stand it. It smells like cereal aftertaste, to my annoying, finicky nose. Alternately, it could be described as cheap fragrance molecules masquerading as cereal aftertaste…
Either way, it’s gross.
swatched quite sheerly

It’s a pity, you know; everything else about this gloss is fabulous. Max is a lovely warm medium-nude with considerable opacity and fabulous shine. It turns peachy on my lips (not too nude), and the gloss doesn’t slip to the edges immediately. It’s just so darn pretty!

The texture is thick but still quite nice altogether, and I do like the brush applicator. Plus, it’s an honest-to-god cream finish! (Microshimmer, no glitter, no frost). Do you know how hard it is to come by one of those nowadays, especially when it comes to glosses?! IT’S HARD! Really hard!
So, really, why did they have to scent these like cereal, of all things? I mean, I could have dealt with vanilla. Cocoa. Even something obscure, like… lord, I don’t know. Oakmoss or something. Pumpkins. Basil. But nothing — nothing — drives me crazier than cereal aftertaste. 
(No, seriously. I can’t even eat cereal unless I know I’ll be able to brush my teeth right after. Ridiculous.)
Oh, Max. You and I were never meant to be!

Availability: Sephora, Ulta, Asos.

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