Picspam + Review: Revlon Mauvy Night

Friday, September 3, 2010

Too tired to think today, so here’s a bunch of photos for you ;) Mauvy Night is a Revlon Super Lustrous favourite of mine — it features their gorgeous creme formula, which both feels great and looks great! 

Here’s a point-form review of the Creme formula for any of you interested. It’s definitely my favourite formula out of the drugstore, though I haven’t tried the new Colorburst lipsticks yet!
Revlon Super Lustrous Cremes are…
  • pretty moisturizing, for lipsticks,
  • well-priced (or as well-priced as things can be, nowadays,)
  • creamy and pigmented,
  • one of the few formulas that doesn’t catch on my dry bits or migrate to my lipline!
They’ve also introduced a new cap, recently, with a clear top — super handy for those of us with way too many lipsticks. The only changes I’d make to the Super Lustrous line would be (a) adding more of these awesome creme finishes! and (b) taking the price back down a few notches. The price ($9 CDN,) is good… but it’s not quite “right!”
Availability: SLs can be found in tons of drugstores and grocery stores, but also online in shops like Target and

Ingredients, plus more photos…
the lovely, lovely tube…

… and again, the tube.

swatch on NW20ish skin

another lip swatch with slightly different lighting

the ingredients
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