Adventures in Epilating: the Emjoi Emagine

So um, this post is really long. If you’re in a hurry, just read the pros, cons, and verdict... for now. Then come back later and read the rest! And if you’re just plain ‘ol lazy, feel free to watch this video instead.

What it is: Emjoi Emagine Tweezer-Head Epilator, a new epilator with (dramatic pause) seventy-two tweezer heads, the most on the market.

That is a lot of tweezers.

The lowdown: (yes, I really did just say lowdown.) This is full of crazy wizarding magic. Hide your children and shield your eyes! On a more serious note, though…

An intro to epilators: because I know epilators are (unfortunately,) not very common, I thought I’d do a bit of an intro. It’s pretty vague, but I don’t want to get too specific — as with any other tool, a lot can vary from epilator to epilator!

Epilators are really cool. (Like fezzes! And bowties!) But why are they really cool? Well, they work by using rotating tweezer-like heads to pull out your hairs, one by one. The action is like shaving, except instead of pulling a blade along your skin in long motions, you’re pulling a rotating head along your skin in soft, short motions. But then, on the other hand, the effect is like waxing or tweezing — you get the hairs right at the root, so they take weeks rather than days to grow back.

(See? I told you they were cool!)

About the Emagine, in particular: its seventy-two tweezers come in two rotating heads, creating the scariest-looking piece of personal machinery that you’ve ever seen. Also, it’s corded, quite loud, and is slightly curved. I didn’t think the “curved” part would be very important — I was wrong. The curve makes it so much more comfortable to hold (and a lot easier to use at any angle) than a totally straight epilator would be.

Emjoi also uses something they call Glide Technology. Behind this gimmick-y name is actually technologic gold: my Emagine basically slides itself along my skin at the right speed, and doesn’t nick or pull in the least. And the Emagine, in particular, is the first epilator (ever) to feature Silver Ion Technology, which is exactly what it sounds like — it doesn’t affect how you’d use the epilator, but it helps provide antimicrobial protection.

(Yay antimicrobials yay!)

Some pros:

  • Epilating lasts as long as waxing or tweezing — but hurts a lot less. I mean, I’m fine with the sting of waxing or tweezing, but I can barely feel the Emagine pulling out my hairs. It is awesome.
  • Unlike razor blades or wax, an epilator doesn’t need to be rebought or replaced on a regular basis — most are under warranty, and reviews I’ve read of older epilators mention that they’ve had the same one for a year, two years, five years… and they’re still at 100%.
  • There’s no clean up or prep involved. No dripping wax, no throwing out or washing strips, no frothing up the shaving cream… just plug in and go.

And some cons:

  • The price! At $99, the Emagine is definitely more expensive than most of Emjoi’s other selections, though it is still cheaper than many other epilators. However, when you take into consideration that it’ll last you forever and a half, that’s not actually an obscene price.
  • Epilating takes longer than shaving. You’ll have to pass over a patch more than once to get all the hairs, and you can’t just zip through it. However, you do do it less often, and it does take less time than waxing, at least for me!
the emagine comes with a lid, a cord, a little cleaning brush, and a cute little white bag to hold it all.

The verdict? The Emagine is my first epilator, and I haven’t another to compare it to — but I’d definitely recommend it all the same. It’s a very solid piece of tech, and it made my foray into epilating a complete dream.

However: would I have actually shelled out $99 of my own money on my first epilator? Honestly, no. Knowing how much I do like it, I certainly would have (say, if I tested it out before buying or something,) but never having tried an epilator before, not having any idea if I would like it or not — I wouldn’t have spent $99. 

Note: I just checked HauteLook, and it seems fate has intervened! (And by “fate” I mean “a cool coincidence.” Emjoi is 30% off starting tomorrow :) This model likely won’t be part of the sale, but others will be!
So, some more lists! Run behind the cut for “skip it if…”, “try it if…” and “if you’re on a budget…”

 that’s right. a photo of a unicorn.
because I am bored. 

Skip it if…

  • You want an epilator that’s (a) cordless or (b) quiet.

Try it if…

  • You hate shaving, waxing, tweezing, or all of the above.
  • Shaving irritates the hell out of your skin anyways. I HAD NOTHING TO LOSE.
  • You’re looking for a long-lasting method of hair removal that isn’t going to cost $600. (I’m looking at you, electrolysis. I’m looking at you and fuming.)

If you’re on a budget…

  • Save up for it. I know, I know — it sucks. But it’s an investment piece, like a good flat iron. Or a microwave. It’ll last a long time, and comparatively, it’s cheap: one full-body waxing session is the same price as one epilator. One round of full-body electrolysis? More expensive than one!
  • Try a less expensive model, stick with it for at least a year, then “upgrade” to a top of the line one if you absolutely love it. Maybe Emjoi’s Soft Caress or Divine? I’ve heard a lot of good things about the former.
  • Wait it out. That’s what sales are for! Plus, as new models are released, the cost of the old ones will eventually come down.
not as frightening as it looks

If you have any other questions about epilating, now’s the time to ask them — even if they’re ones which you think are “dumb” or “weird.” Epilating is very unique, but that doesn’t mean it’s scary or hard. It just takes some getting used to!

Care to read more on the Emagine, or on epilators in general? Check out our Tips and Tricks, or our video!

Have a question, or want to share your own Adventures in Epilating? See you in the comments thread! ;)

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  • Clare

    Hi Rae! I know this is an old post but where did you purchase the epilator? Emjoi's site has OUTRAGEOUS ($35) shipping to Canada and I can't find other sites that ship here. Thanks!

    • No worries! This was actually sent in for editorial consideration, so I had no idea the shipping costs were so crazy! (Definitely would have mentioned it if I had known – $35 is just obscene.)

      I believe Emjoi does go on sale through HauteLook every now and again, and the shipping should be a *bit* more reasonable there. They also sell out of and, though I'm not sure what the shipping costs would look like for those sites.

      Hope that helps :)

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  • muj

    could i use this on my face or just body?

    • It's a bit awkward for use on the face (quite large), but you can definitely still use it on both!