How-to: curling with a flatiron

I’ve been promising some hair tutorials for ages, and… guess what? I finally got around to it! Here’s just-over-five-minutes of insanity — hopefully you’ll learn something, even if that something is nothing more than “take your meds on a regular basis.”

I do intend to do more videos in the future, so feel free to make requests for videos! We haven’t really done much since the contouring tutorials, and it feels like that was ages ago. Chances are, if you’ve made requests in the past, I’ve already long forgotten about them. (Memory of a five year old with ADD? Check!) Just to let you ladies know, the adorable pink iron in the vid is the Hana Professional, courtesy Misikko.

Can’t see the video? Don’t worry — just check it out here instead!

Hope your Mondays are going well :)

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  • liv

    hey rae so i was watching some of your videos and i was wondering where you're from because you have a slight accent that i can't really pinpoint..

    • Hi Liv :) Born and raised right here in Edmonton, Alberta; Dad's from China but speaks English without an accent, and mum was born and raised in Saskatchewan.

      So I'm not really sure where the accent would come from. But rest assured, you're not the first person to ask! :P