When fake… is a good thing

What it is: Revlon‘s Fantasy Lenghts false lashes, which from here on in will be called the “FL lashes,” because I am a lazy arse. They come in both self-adhesive and glue-on styles, so I’ll be discussing both!

These are false lashes.
They were not ripped from the lids
Of a human being.

The self-adhesives:
I personally don’t like these (as I’ve now found out) because if you don’t get the right position the first time, there’s a greater chance that the lash will fall off partially and throw you into lash-flap city. (It’s an ugly place to be.) And, as a perfectionist, I neeeed my lashes to be EXACTLY where I want them to be.

Intensifying self-adhesives, seen here.

For those of you that do like self-adhesives, though, these are good ones — they’re sticky enough to stay on well, but not so sticky they pull your natural lashes out. Another thing to note if you have monolids is that, for those of us (like me!) whose lash lines touch their lids in some places, the adhesive strip is… well, it’s adhesive. Which means that it’ll try to adhere to your fold, too! (So remember to set with powder, as strange as that may sound.) The adhesive strip is black and thick, so you’ll have to line with black (preferably liquid or gel for the opacity) to make these look natural.

The self-adhesives come with lashes, an extra pair of self-adhesive glue strips, an applicator, and even instructions!

The glue-on lashes: Ahh, now this is what I’m used to! There really isn’t much to say specifically for these ones; they’re pretty standard as far as lashes go. What I did notice, though (through the whole FL line, not just the glue-on lashes) was that each lash was very thin and tapered — this may sound like nothing, but trust me: when it comes to falsies, the thinner the better. Thin lashes are more costly for the manufacturer, as they have to make more lashes per strip, but they look much more natural than falsies whose individual lashes are flat and thick. The wispies that many of these lashes taper down to are perfect for blending into your normal lashes, because that’s what our lashes actually look like! (Thin and lonely, boo.)

Flirty glue-ons

The verdict? I love ’em so much I could dance. Actually, you know what? I will dance.

—dancing break—

Aaand now, back to work. I really like the design of the FL lashes (they’re all very delicate and classy) and the quality is superb! They seem very sturdy, despite the thinness of each lash, so you’ll likely get three to five wears per set. (The self-adhesives come with an extra self-adhesive strip and an applicator, but you can always peel off the self-adhesive strip and use them as glue-on lashes.)

Defining self-adhesives

Two other nice, surprising things? The self-adhesives are latex-free, which is great for gals (or guys) with allergies! And a pair of lashes, according to, is regular $5.49 (but on sale for $3.84 right now.) I have to say it: major steal alert! The quality of these is above Ardell’s (and yes, that’s coming from an avid Ardell lover) and actually comparable to the pairs of falsies you’d pick up for $15-30 at Sephora… so pick some up, especially if they’re on sale! Drugstore lashes are a great way to start if you’re a false-lashe newbie, and these would be perfect — you get the quality of a more expensive lash, but without the high price.

Minx glue-on lashes

Note: the Revlon site page kind of sucks (sorry, Revlon!) so I’m directing you towards Madame Madeline‘s if you want to see some product photos. It looks like they have the whole collection, with a slew of glue-on, self-adhesive, AND individual lashes!

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