Cuteness to get excited over

I hunted this one down for ages, and finally picked it up at Shopper’s this past weekend. (This is probably the quickest I’ve ever reviewed a product, now that I think about it.) There were only two left, and this one was the scent I’d been looking for, so I figured it was fate!

What it is: the eos smooth sphere! It comes in three scents; this one is honeysuckle honeydew, whose packaging is a light pastel green. (The others are sweet mint, which is a darker mint green, and summer fruit, a pinky red)The great stuff, AKA what could be a marketing spiel: well, it’s cute as hell. Then there’s the fact that it smells amazing; there are tons of products that claim to smell like flowers or fruit and end up smelling cloying, plastic, and gross. Not this one! It really does make me think of honeydew, with touches of something else (the honeysuckle, I suppose!) and though it’s strong enough to smell, the smell is light — not to mention, fresh, juicy, and delightful! It’s very noticeable in the near vicinity of the balm itself, but fades on your lips after 5-10 minutes as to not be annoying.

Or make you want to eat. Fruit.
Nom nom nom.

The lid can be a hassle to get on (it’s hard to get used to!) but clicks nicely into place when it is shut – I love that feeling, the “clunk” at the end of the threads that lets you know it’s secure. Great packaging with attention to details? I think so.

Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil*, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Beeswax (cire d’abeille)*, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil*, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil*, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter)*, Stevia Rebaudiana Leaf/Stem Extract*, Tocopherol. (Starred items -> organic)

I think it’s awesome that they’ve gone paraben-free, and I like that they tried something different — a coconut/olive base, and then some beeswax and jojoba, rather than plain ‘ol petroleum. It gives a nice balmy feel, and lets the sphere of balm stay stiff and non-melty. (Dude, check out the photo above the ingredients list. You can see flecks of somethingorother in there! And the flecks are CUTE!)

Moisture?: Here’s where it loses points. Though it smells great, isn’t tested on animals, and the packaging kicks ass, it’s not the most moisturising balm. I think it would be fine for the regular girl, but with my super-dry lips, I have to layer this.
The verdict? It’s not cheap at $5 a pop for only 0.25oz, considering that ChapStick is like, $2. What you’re really paying for is the packaging and scent (both of which I love!) So, while this isn’t the best choice for the girl on a really tight budget, it is a great choice for a girl on a moderate budget (or not on a budget at all, if you’re lucky.)

I actually enjoy using it every time I pull it out, which is more than I can say for a stick of Labello. It’s an unexpected little luxury that I think most of us can afford. Retail therapy for five bucks? Sign me right up!

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  • beautifulmonday

    i use Explorer (windows 7) at work and Mozilla Firefox at home. and yes the proportions are as you describe.also, my eos is the mint one. :)

  • Cents in the City

    I received a free sample of the mint about a month ago and I simply LOVE it. It leaves a fresh, tingly feeling and it smells so good I can almost taste it. I love wearing it under a darkish red lipstick, because it makes my lips look just kissed. Between that and the amazing scent I feel like I should be putting my lips to work.

  • beautifulmonday

    and it's like a stress ball- i'm always playing with it! every time i use it i smile. and the cuteness makes me use it more often!
    you're right, not super moisturizing but very cute, and fun. and this kind of firmer balm when used underneath a more oily one (like Vaseline) prevents some moisture loss and provides protection.

    the only thing i wish is that it had spf.

    btw your homepage looks normal again (except that you shifted all the linky-links to the right).

  • Rae // theNotice

    Laura: Yay! I'm glad it was fixed =D (Also, I'm going to be a cop-out and said "I second what she said" to all the product stuff, haha)

    The posts should be wider though, and the sidebar smaller. If this isn't the case, please let me know! (And also what browser you're using, I guess)

  • Rae // theNotice

    Laura: YAY, it works!! *mad dancing time*The mint one sounds intriguing. "Sweet" mint? Hmm…

  • Rae // theNotice

    Cents in the City: Ooh, that sounds great! Perhaps I *should* pick up another =P

  • gingerbee

    Ahhh, another one of those things I wish I could get my grubby paws on. HAHAHA. I'm always on the search for that *hallelujah* lip balm since my lips crack easily. There's this one animal/earth friendly lip balm I bought a while ago, but it never really worked out.

  • *Holley*

    I too have this in the honeysuckle flavor. I just LOVE it! I agree, it's not the MOST moisturizing lip balm I've ever tried but it DOES moisturize and I love that it doesn't feel thick or heavy on my lips. Just adorable, smells amazing and gets the job done!I want to try the summer fruit next time I'm at the store. Here in Oregon they're a bit less money- I think I got mine in between $2-3. I can't remember exactly but it was definitely less than $5! :)There's a store in New York (Blue & Cream) that sell these from $8! Exact same product, double the money. :-/

  • Rae // theNotice

    Holley: Hey girl, haven't heard from you in a while! Hope you're well =)I'm insanely jealous of US pricing, of course… I can't believe they can get away with selling these at $8, though! (But I mean, kudos to them for somehow managing customers to BUY at the price, lol!)

  • Lulu

    yayy i am just putting this on (same flavor too) when i clicked open your blogger! hahaha I like it, I put it next to my computer so i remember to use it more often. i layer it on thickly everytime since my lips have been feeling really dry recently. one benefit about these fatty balms — good for lazy ppl like me, it's so wide that one swipe gets to both of my lips, hehehehe

  • Rae // theNotice

    Lulu: Ha!! It never even occured to me to do both lips at once, but I can definitely see how that works with a balm this size =P

  • Catherine

    Hehehe, this is so cute. Unfortunately I avoid lip balms with mint oils in them since they tend to sting my lips (I think I might be slightly allergic =/) but if I see these, I will definitely pick them up as "pick-me-up" gifts for friends!

  • Rae // theNotice

    Catherine: Aww, that sucks! If it's any help, though, you really can't feel or smell the peppermint in these — but better safe than sorry, right?Your friends are lucky to have you =P

  • Crissy

    I adore this balm! I finally got one in Summer Fruit, on sale for $3. It's awesome, heavy on the peach though.

  • Rae // theNotice

    Crissy: Nice find!! I wish mine had been that much, lol =P If I'm ever in the mood for something peachy, I now know where to turn — thanks!!