Cat-eye tips for Arianne!

The title’s pretty self-explanitory. Here are some tips for monolids, double lids, and anything in-between!! (Sarah… *poke*)Tip one! Continue with your lashes – get as close as possible to your lash line as you line the eye, then extend the line following the curl of your lashes, so the line and your lashes “blend” when you’re done.

Tip two! Use a pencil – you know that eyebrow thing, where they line up a pencil (or other flat thingy) with your nose and eyebrow? Try doing that, and using it as a guide for where to draw your line.

Tip three! Draw dots – one on each side – before drawing the wings. By using them as a guide, you should end up fairly symmetrical!

Finally, tip four. Use tape in the angle that you want your cat eyes. Draw in the line on both sides, remove tape, and touch-up afterwards.

That’s all for now!! Does anyone else have any cat-eye tips?

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  • Rae

    Arianne: you're welcome! =D

  • Arianne

    Yes! Thank you for this!

  • Tessa

    yay cat eyes!!I've been experimenting with these lately. LOVE Artliners for this.thanks for the tips:)

  • Rae

    Tess: ITA! Artliners are great ^^