Ecotools? Move on over!

Product: MAC‘s 129 powder/blush brush

What I use it for: blush! As you all know – I’m not much of a foundation girl, and this would apply too much powder for my liking. But I’ll get into that more later in this post, don’t you worry! I use this every day, unless I’m wearing a cream blush. It’s ousted all my other fleeting loves because of it’s great application, bristle distribution, and weighting!Loves: I really love this for cheek colour application. It’s not the softest brush ever, but it is most certainly on the softer side of the spectrum. As a MAC brush, it’s a quality piece – I’ve had this for quite a while now, and it’s almost never shed on me! (I say “almost” because it has lost a whole two hairs, !gasp!) My blusher goes on very smoothly, and this brush doesn’t “eat” colour: what you pick up off the pan deposits right onto your cheek, instead of ending up 90% in the bristles. The head is full and lush, just as it should be… like a gourmet dish. Or wine*.

Dislikes: Not many, actually. I feel that if this was softer, it would be too floppy, so I have no complaints there! It’s weighted nicely and such; the only complaint is that though this is marketed as a powder/blush blush, I think it’s more of a blush/colour brush. What I mean by this is that it has too heavy of an application for powder, but this is personal preference. As you all know, I don’t like wearing a base! If you’re applying powder foundation, or powder for some coverage, this would actually be great — it would be too much only if you use it for translucent setting powder, or setting powder that you don’t want coverage from. And don’t worry. Unlike cheap sponges that come in your pressed powder foundations, despite the density, this one won’t give you the dreaded pancake face**.
The Verdict? This is definitely worth the splurge of $34USD, as it’s a staple item. You don’t buy one in every colour, the way you would with, say, eyeliner – you buy your one blush brush and you’re set for five to ten years, depending on how well you take care of it***!

Make sure to check online first (I’ve seen them go for about $25 used very gently), or even consider buying the SE mini version (some people say that the SE quality isn’t as good, but I’ve never tried one so I can’t say for sure!) if you’re on a tight budget.

*do not consume wine while using this brush. Result –> CRAZY BITCH CHEEKS. Do not want.
**do not consume. Pancake face is gross, and will do gross things to your intestines.
***do not consume this brush. It is not meant to be eaten, though it’s — pause for a bad joke — so nice I could eat it up!

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  • Rae

    Catherine: I love my Ecotools for the same reason!! It's been smelling kinda funky though, and it devours my blushers.

  • Maggie

    hey, i'm a new follower, and i have to say, i LOVE your blog! it's so fun to read yet straight to the point. oh, and is it just me or is your latest post "please excuse the morning face and damp hair!" not working? it's on my feed, but i can't read it!

  • Catherine

    LOL. I actually like the EcoTools better than the MAC or any other brushes I've tried though. Scratchier brushes irritate my sensitive skin. <3 EcoTools.

  • Rae

    Maggie: Aww thanks =) The post you're referring to is scheduled to go up tomorrow morning, but was up for about an hour yesterday because blogger was being difficult AGAIN.I'll be quietly cursing at my computer — so what if inanimate objects can't tell I'm angry with them?! =P

  • Anonymous

    Is that an authentic brush? you run any google search for the same, it doesn't have its logo like that.I own several mac brushes myself, and I'm fairly skeptical of the logo being so large and spaced out.I've never heard of MAC brushes looking like that

  • Rae

    Anon: yes it is =) MAC revamped their brushes a while back, and this was from before then — that's how well it's held up!!