Aww, you’re making me blush!

I planned on posting this much later on, but figured hell, why not?! It’ll be nice for you guys to be able to compare this to Tess’ Just A Pinch review from yesterday.

Product: Tarte‘s Blushing Bride cheek stain. I have the mini of this super-hyped stick/gel blush, but fear not! It’s the same product, just with cuter packaging.The good stuff: Aside from being cute and portable, this stain definitely has other positive attributes. Like how it smells freaking fantastic! Berries? Raspberries? Plums? I’m not sure, but it’s great. It’s also — as I’ve just learned — paraben-free, and I know this will be great for my sister. Why? It’s super simple, and very easy to blend. Like a cheek stain for dummies!
One layer

The bad stuff: Though this is the perfect dark-red in the tube, I found it to show up more orangered than the blue-red I was expecting. It’s on the sheer side, especially for a stain, but again: that’s definitely a positive for a makeup newbie! The one thing that really turned me off this product, though, is that it’s incredibly sticky. Even when given plenty of time to set, it left a tacky finish.

Two layers — all that “dewiness” is making it super sticky!

The verdict? Honestly, in my opinion, this product isn’t worth the hype. It’s overpriced at $28/tube, and I only wear it if I’ll be layering another blusher on top of it (the stickiness is great for picking up powder pigments.) I’d definitely give it a better rating if it was less sticky and more pigmented, but alas! it is not.
It takes a LOT of setting powder to stop the stickiness, toning down the already sheer colour.

However: if you have the cash, you’re allergic to parabens and want to try a gel blush, or if you’re always on the go, this would still be a good thing to consider! It’s so easy to toss in your bag or apply quickly, as you just need your fingers – but you’ll have to set it, or live with the stickiness. And with eleven shades (plus their berrylicious, natural beauty, and a perfect whirled versions) you’ll definitely be able to find the right colour for you!

Just a note: like most cream blushers (MAC’s Just A Pinch and Blushcremes have been said to do this a well, though my Lancome cream blusher doesn’t!) this will sweat a little. Just wipe it off and continue on your way — it’s not a bad thing, it just is!

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