I don’t have time for this romance nonsence

I gave the Rose Romance promo a go – as usual, it’s not exact, but the promo was the inspiration. My version is much softer and much more of an “everyday” look. Or at least, it would be, without the crazy brow thing!

The promo

The eyeHere’s what I used for the eye! Feel free to ask if you’re interested in any specific shades or tools.

The lip
I wanted something matte, and I knew exactly what shade – so after putting lip balm on and finding that I didn’t have the perfect shade, I layered MAC’s Currant and Plum pencils on my lips to achieve the perfect tone. And sorry they’re so chapped! I’m still trying to find a new lip balm.

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  • PinkyKathy

    wow This looks great. Thanks for sharing.

  • Rae

    Kathy: thanks =)

  • Rae

    Anon: Thanks =) I think it's just the camera *shrugs* It didn't look muddy irl! And this isn't arabic — I've yet to have a go at that :)

  • Anonymous

    CC: Not too sure whether it’s the pigmentation, but the colors look a bit muddy, and I think the contrast between sharp and blended that is to be admired in the best arabics is lacking between the top and bottom. I would suggest tape and the bottom could have been blended out more.