What do you think of guest bloggers, hint hint?

I’m not talking “guest blogger starts posting once every few weeks and then takes over the whole blog because main blogger becomes a lazy arse” but rather “guest blogger writes a weekly post so that main blogger gets a one-day break but readers still get daily updates” (ha, how totally convoluted was that?! I’m wonderful!)

Stipulations: guest blogger would write posts screened by main blogger and main blogger would continue to update with the same frequency and vigor. It would be like an extra cherry on top, for free!

Love ’em? Hate ’em? Opinions, please!

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  • Phyl

    I think others' contributions give a nice sense of variety to a blog and gives less known writers a chance to get a bit of spotlight. Bring said guest bloggers on :)

  • suzie wuzie

    it's a good idea!