Crazy Canadian shipping rates

Canadians, as you may have noticed by now, pay a shitload for shipping.

A lot of people don’t use the postal system anymore because, well, why would you, with email? But for myself and a lot of other swappers, even people like my parents who run a small buisness, postage rates have a pretty big effect on our lives. If someone wants a couple books shipped to Singapore, for instance, it’s easily going to ring up an $80 bill. Ka-thump. One more customer lost.

Anyhow, Maclean’s (yes, I read Maclean’s, because I’m an old person like that) has a great (short!) article on shipping prices. Click to enlarge! I made them small enough that they won’t crash your computer opening them (about 800 pixels across instead of the 2500-ish that they originally scan to) but large enough that you can still read them. Canada Post raised shipping prices Jan 12th, and will raise them even more Feb 23.

Maclean’s, I’m sorry for “borrowing” your article, but a lot of Americans (and for that matter, a lot of Canadians!) don’t get Macleans… but I still think they should read this article! It’s because I love you. Now, Cathy Gulli, please don’t eat me alive for borrowing this!!
For reference’s sake (according to Canada Post Online) –

  • It now costs $0.54 to mail a letter within Canada.
  • To mail a letter to the US, it’s $0.98
  • A parcel that’s 18 x 14cm (a lot of envelopes are about that size), 0.5kg (which falls in the cheapest weight class), and 0.5cm thick, it will be $9.71 within Canada, according to their rate calculator.
  • To the States, that’ll be $7.00

Little fuckers.

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  • psychoexgirlfriend

    Holy crap! That's why I never bother to sell online anymore. Local sales only because the shipping rates are always so ridiculous.