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MAC Tendertone. Shade? See: title.

[I’m not sure why this collection raised the fuss that it did – I received this in swap and let me tell ‘ya, it wasn’t for me! So here’s a review, but I’m sick, so it’s kinda pathetic.]Cons: too sticky, with a bubblegummy scent that drives me crazy. Not very pigmented.

Pros: Great shine, and it doesn’t dry out my lips. Plus, this isn’t something that wears off in fifteen minutes – that’s always the drawback, though – if it has good stay, it’s always sticky! Compared to a lot of glosses, though, the stickiness isn’t bad. Gorgeous packaging, of course. I believe this is the same type of pot as the Paint Pots are stored in, and it feels incredibly luxe! Weighted, and high-quality, this is something you could drop on the floor a few times without damaging it. (The floor may not fare so well, though!)

Not so great if: you’re like me, a makeup-minimalist. If lip balm, a touch of concealer, eyeliner, and blush is your go-to look, this will drive you crazy!

Great if: you love sweet things – I betcha this did really well with the U20 age group, excluding me. Also great if you want some shine with staying power, and don’t mind the sticky!

Comment or send me MUAmail if you want this! I’ve been trying to get rid of it so someone else can love it, but it’s going to cost like $15 to ship and no one’s really up for that x.x (One girl actually accused me of lying. Quite literally, in a “either you’re an idiot and your p.o. is ripping you off or you’re lying in your product description” way. Bitch. We don’t all have the luxury of cheap shipping! /end rant)

Off to go get better! (Jk, I’m off to school, because I’m a masochist at the bottom of it all)

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  • melanie

    Interesting that you did not like this, I have it in the greenish clear color (I forget the name) and it seems just like a little ol balm to me. :) However, these days I am steering clear of balms with SPF, which somehow are harder to find than you would think!


  • Rae

    Huh – strange!! Maybe it’s a slightly different formula for each? (ie. the Beauty Rush glosses are sticky as hell, but the clear one is smooth as butter)

    Why are you avoiding SPF?!

  • ' * : . b | u 3

    I hear you on the shipping! I keep saying I'll sell some of my stuff but I can't get up the courage to post shipping charges of $8-$15 when US bloggers get to charge $2 shipping only. Sigh :SI just don't understand, if other countries can do it, why can't Canadapost give reasonable rates too? Ugh.But anyways I would love to try Tendertones, they sound so awesome! I can tell though that they'd just look like regular lipbalm on me :S

  • Rae

    I know! Drives me crazy x.x It has something to do with the fact that we have not a lot of people in a ton of space – they barely turn a profit each year, apparentlyWith your super-pigmented lips? Yes, they would ^^ "It's a gift. And a curse." (Monk – it actually ends in Mainly a curse" but that half wasn't very fitting in this situation, lol!)

  • tuberval

    i swapped this one for the beauty rush! and i'm luvin the beauty rush.. the minty one?? soo good. love it.!i already got like two backups and i'm on my second onee.. soo good. and the tendertone is really sticky.. that's why i swapped it. it shipped for like $6.oo too!! goddamned canadapost ripping me off.

  • Rae

    $6 is standard shipping for a parcel over 2cm in Canada, V :)