Five more things about Palin that no one cares about.

Via People, via The Insider. My comments italicized.

She’s frugal. “Sarah gave me a thank-you card after I helped her with her lieutenant-governor race,” said her friend, Kristen Cole, who has known the Alaska governor since childhood. “She liked the card so much that she didn’t sign it so I could give it to someone else.”
Read: she considers herself to be too buys for you, so she didn’t sign your card. Her secretary purchased the damn thing.

She’s a techie. Palin prefers texting to phone calls.
Read: cannot answer questions under pressure. Has quick thumbs.

She’s a rock fan. She named her son Trig Paxton Van Palin because it sounds like the band Van Halen. Says friend Judy Patrick, a former city council member who has known Palin for 12 years, “How cool was that to have a kid named Van Palin?”
Read: tries very hard, and yet, is still very lame

She’s adaptable. Palin used to wear Mary Kay lipstick, but she now prefers MAC.
Read: Palin now considers herself too good for Mary Kay, and is “hip”. But I mean, seriously. You change your shade of lipstick and it means you’re adaptable? Well then, the beauty community consists of freaking chameleons!!

She’s a traditionalist. Palin is against waxing. Cole recalls: “I remember that one of her girls wanted to get her legs waxed, and Sarah said, ‘Are you kidding me? What’s wrong with a razor?’ “
Read: She’s afraid of something new, unless it benefits her. Seriously people… if she was a man, she would totally be the type of wax-hating gun-bearing up-in-arms man that would hate the idea of a female running mate. Just because she’s female.

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  • *Holley*

    Oh my goodness! That is great! I just love your little comments at the end of each one. I think you definitely hit the nail on the head with those!!

  • Rae

    ^^ Thanks, hon!!

  • suzie wuzie

    i don't like her very much… lucky i'm not voting for a while, already voted twice this year! >_<

  • Elvira

    Bravo. Love your comments. Palin scares the crap outta me. Recent discovery on MSNBC. Palin cut the funding for Alaska’s Special Olympics in 1/2 when she was Governor. WTH?

  • Rae

    Suzie: twice?? I'm not sure how the Australian system works – do you have the municipal/provincial/federal levels as well?Elvira: ^^ thanks. She IS frightening – I haven't heard about the funding cut, though. That's terrible!! Bitch :P

  • suzie wuzie

    yeps, early on the year we had a national vote which decides who will be our prime minister (we are not a republic country so we don’t have a president). Then not long ago had another vote for the ‘state’ election which decides who is the head of our state (mainly) and all our little suburb representatives.

  • Rae

    Aha! Thanks, suze :) We have a prime minister, too – no president for us Canucks!