FB’s (Massive) Closet Cleanout

As you surely know by now, I adore a great buy – the boots I wore today, for instance, I got for $40 (original $130), and my jeans were ten!

FB is cleaning her closet to get rid of a) her debt, and b) her junk. We all know I adore her blog, so click on over and check out some of her stuff :)

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  • psychoexgirlfriend

    LOL, good to know! :D And I see you're from Canada too. Where from?

  • psychoexgirlfriend

    Hey Rae, thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! I appreciate it. And also thanks for the headsup about the link! I love people’s closet sales. Everyone else’s junk seems to be my treasure! :D

  • Rae

    =) I actually usually read your blog – I’m just too lazy to comment!

  • Rae

    Edmonton – but please don’t stalk me and kill me! (I’m kidding. It was a joke. Well, sorta…lol!)

  • Fabulously Broke

    Thanks!!!! :) I really appreciate it Rae