So here we go.

In a strange attempt to maintain a constant level of posting, I’ve got a game plan. I spent about fifteen minutes typing up a list of things to write about, and there will probably be other things too. Like new release wish lists, and “If I wasn’t skint” wish list items, and “If I wasn’t a small, opressed Asian girl” wishlists…

Oh god, how nice it would be to not live with my grandmother. Or, to rephrase, how nice it would be to not have her living with us (being me, my mom, and my sister. And my dad, but we’ll get into that another day.)

I’m a product junkie, a blog-reading addict, and a music lover. Also, a pessimist, and an atheist. Thought I’d like to state those…occasionally, people have a problem with that last one. One of my best friends found out I was an atheist a year and half ago, and we haven’t spoken since.

Right after I post this, I’ll post a review for The Body Shop’s Cocoa Butter Stick, because I plan to review every single product I own – we may be at this for a while. (Just kidding, I’ll do it over a time span. Of a long time.) They’ll be categorized: Under My Sink (makeup, hair stuff, cream, and such), In My Shower (shampoo, conditioner, soap, face cleansers and such), and Unmentionables In My Drawers (feminine stuff, bras, etc). (EDIT: I reorganized. Nevermind!)

I think it’ll be fun.

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