I smell chocolate!

The aforementioned chocolate smell coming from my legs…I’m just finishing up my Body Shop Cocoa Butter Moisturising stick. (I got it on sale about half a year ago for $8…I’m lucky like that.)

Anyhow, it was bliss. However, I had to store it in the fridge for the summer, or it would melt (25+ = ugly mushy puddle on a stick). I’m not planning on buying it again, though if I used it every day, it significantly decreased my stretch marks from rapid weight and height gain when I was eleven.

Yes. I just said “significantly reduced stretch marks”.

However, in addition to doing that, and smelling fantastic, it was sticky, and I’m lazy – I didn’t want to have to apply it all the time, in addition to my normal body cream. So this is the end of my love affair with my Cocoa Butter stick.

But it was absolutely delectable while it lasted.

*EDIT: I found this!! I’m not quite sure how it disappeared for a while, but here it is, apparently still selling at the Body Shop!:

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