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Monday, February 28, 2011

Today through ’till the fourth; no minimum if you purchase today or tomorrow (but a min of $35 if you purchase on the 3rd or 4th), and free shipping if you spend more than $40. US only; sorry ladies! {Clinique}

Mini-sized versions of the following 12 are available:

Happy hauling!

P.S. Three Custom Color and myfaceworkds are on sale right now on HauteLook, as well :)

A small Spring preview

Marcelle’s Paradisia collection. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous – and at a really awesome price point, too! (Giving Clarins a run for their money, aren’t you?)

Multi-Colour Face Powder in Splendid Beauty, $11.95. Paraben and silicone-free!

Multi-Colour Eye Shadow in Lagoona, $11.95

Multi-Colour Eye Shadow in Tropika, $11.95 (more…)

A few favourites

We actually did a “Feb faves” giveaway, but that’s over and done with – so I suppose these aren’t really February’s favourites. They’re just… current favourites. (Which makes sense, because I’ve loved a few of them for quite a few months now!)

Annabelle A-21 Large Shader Brush ($8.50)

How have I not reviewed this brush yet?! I’ve had it for ages, and I always reach for it – it’s quite basic, sure, but it does its job well. Plus, the quality is more on par with $20 brushes than $8 ones (which, yes, it is).

Prada Infusion d’Iris ($105)

I’m sitting on the review until closer to Mother’s Day (because I think this would make a lovely gift), but in the meantime: just know that I love this! It’s a very classic fragrance; feminine without being girly, and perfect for spring.

Marcelle Rouge Xpression, Paris Rose ($11.95)

Paris Rose is such a romantic shade; gorgeous on lips but perfect on cheeks. (Plus, it’s ‘cone-free, so I don’t need to worry about breakouts). Photos and swatches here, and I’ve got a few lip swatches for you later this week as well.

Ellis Faas Eyeliner E501 ($38)

Another product that I absolutely cannot get enough of. It’s incredibly easy to apply and delivers a really intense, precise black line. Almost everything creases on my lids, be it liquid, cream, gel, pencil… but this wears like metal. No fading, no bleeding – I can literally go all day and night with this liner and it looks perfect until I rinse it off.

(The price kills me, but formula-wise? It’s honestly the best liquid liner I’ve ever come across, and that’s not an honour I’ll hand out lightly.)

Marcelle Essentials Moisture Lotion ($19.95

I don’t have a review ready for this one yet (I’d like to try it out for longer and make sure it doesn’t make me turn green), but it’s fab! Silicone-, paraben-, and scent-free, it sinks in quickly and leaves my skin feeling deliciously velvety. Bonus points for the reasonable price and sleek packaging (though I’d like it even more with a pump!)

Balenciaga Paris ($95)

The comments have been lost, but here is the original review. This easily ranks in my top three favourite fragrances – it’s quite versatile and never gets boring. Sexy without being cloying, fresh but not sharp… honestly, it’s exquisite. Give it a sniff for me sometime? I promise: you won’t regret it.

The 2011 Oscars secret

What is it? Take a guess…

all images via

I’m going with “shimmery lips.” Seriously, there are a lot of them! This doesn’t bode well for me (I don’t usually like glitter in my gloss, so I’m hoping it won’t start a trend), but these lovely ladies do look fab. What do you think of glittery lip products? Love/hate?

Get the look…

P.S. Also noticing a few stars with navy blue smudged under their lower lashes – a great eye-brightening trick ;)

Teaser image: products we’re loving

Sunday, February 27, 2011

So I’m writing up tomorrow’s post, inspired by Charlotte’s “Hallo stuff! I’m really loving you!” and I just couldn’t wait to share. So, expect a full write-up in the morning, but in the meantime…

P.S. Are any of you live streaming the Oscars? :P

Sunday Steals & Deals + New 27/02/11

A few sets, steals, and deals…

And a few new products…

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