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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The product: Marcelle Waterproof Lip Definition Crayon

Marcelle’s Waterproof Lip Definition Crayons are strikingly similar to their Waterproof Eyeliners (yet to be reviewed; I have them swatched and photographed, but haven’t gotten around to it yet). Both feature a rather “sticky” texture, which tugs at the skin as the pencils are applied, but

Hold up one second.

I’ve just gone and checked the ingredients, and guess what? Marcelle’s Waterproof Lip Definition Crayons aren’t just similar to their Waterproof Eyeliners – they feature the exact same formula, save for the colourants. Turns out, this isn’t all that uncommon in waterproof pencils, either: I’ve only checked two or three other lines so far, but Make Up For Ever is an example of another brand who does it. (Their Aqua Eyes and Aqua Lip liners, that is.)

Well, then! You learn something new every day, don’t you? ;)

Anyhow, back to the product at hand. These lip pencils, like the eye pencils, feature a smooth-but-sticky texture, by which I mean: the product does go on smoothly and without any grittiness or texture inconsistencies, but needs a bit of pressure to get the line going. It’s a heavy pencil, more crayon than buttery khol, and (I warn you now!) might tug or skip a bit.

Where these run into problems with application, though, they make up for it in wear time. They remind me of the GOSH Velvet Touch pencils, if that helps give you a standpoint for texture – similar to UD 24/7 or MUFE Aqua liners, but less smudgy and with better wear time. Once these are on, they’re on.

Swatched L-R: Sienna, Pebble, Perfect Rose, Jewel, Spice, and Nude.

The verdict?

At $10.50 per pencil, these are a good buy if you’re looking for a really long-wearing lip liner. I do tend to reach for my 2 in 1 Retractable Plumping Lipliners when I’m going for a Marcelle pencil, though; they may not wear as long, but I find them easier to apply. (Plus, I’m a sucker for a creamy matte lip, and the 2 in 1 pencils give a softer effect if used as a lip colour rather than just a liner.)

The only thing I’m not crazy about with regards to the Waterproof Lip Definition Crayons is the colour selection – Marcelle’s products tend to run a little too warm/orange for my colouring, so I don’t get as much wear out of these as I’d like. If you can rock a warm lipcolour, then give the se a go! 

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Don’t miss this | “Spring, Reinterpreted” at She Said Beauty

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Full look at the SSB blog – click here or on the image above for more photos & a quick tutorial!


Eeep! I forgot to mention earlier – this is the look with the darker skintone! A quick layer of Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream in Medium/Dark did the trick – catch the review here and the face-swatch comparisons here, if you haven’t already.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

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Too much of a good thing is still totally a good thing. | Clinique Almost Lipstick review, photos, swatches (Spring 2012 full lineup)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The product: Clinique Almost Lipstick (all shades)

The story of Black Honey: Clinique tells this tale much better than I ever would, so:

Black Honey made its debut in the US in 1971 and this deep, blackened rasin hue became an instant success. In 1989, when Black Honey was later launched as an Almost Lipstick, no one realized how quickly it would become an iconic lip colour. A precise blend of red, blue, orange and yellow pigments in a sheer base allows Black Honey to look beautiful and different on virtually every skin tone, making it a cult favourite.”

L-R: Tender Honey, Chic Honey, Luscious Honey, Lovely Honey, Shy Honey, Spicy Honey, Flirty Honey

L-R: Tender Honey, Chic Honey, Luscious Honey, Lovely Honey, Shy Honey, Spicy Honey, Flirty Honey

The formula: Like the classic Black Honey, Clinique’s range of Almost Lipsticks are best interpreted as gloss sticks, or sheer lipsticks, rather than… well, rather than lipsticks. They feel balmy going on, completely smooth and almost entirely scent-free (they do smell a bit waxy when applied, but the smell fades in a matter of minutes), and deliver wearable colour with a natural-looking finish.

The Almost Lipsticks are essentially glamorous tinted lipbalms, so they have a bit of a shine to their finish – think “fresh and hydrated,” rather than “sticky and vinyl.” All in all, while I’d like a bit more moisture out of the formula, I’m quite happy with them: they’re practically impossible to botch up (even without a mirror), and I’ve been wearing them non-stop since swatching them.

L-R: Tender Honey, Chic Honey, Luscious Honey, Lovely Honey, Shy Honey, Spicy Honey, Flirty Honey

Top to bottom: Flirty Honey, Spicy Honey, Shy Honey, Lovely Honey, Luscious Honey, Chic Honey, Tender Honey

The shades: In addition to the classic Black Honey, Clinique has added seven new shades to the Almost Lipstick line. They’re all varying degrees of “sheer,” but (ironically enough), I find all seven of the new shades more wearable than the “universal” Black Honey! For photos of each shade individually, don’t miss this post. (Fixed; two of the photos were switched earlier. Apologies!)

Black Honey (01) is a warm brown-red, one of the darkest and most pigmented Almost Lipstick shades. Tender Honey (35) is a medium nude with subtle microshimmer and just a hint of yellow-pink undertones. Chic Honey (36) is a (super-chic) berry shade; think “Black Honey for cool skintones.” Luscious Honey (37) is a sheer, juicy bright red .

Clinique Almost Lipsticks swatched heavily.

Lovely Honey (38) is a violet-berry with faint brown undertones and gold microshimmer – super pretty in the tube. Shy Honey (39) is an extremely sheer baby pink. Spicy Honey (40) is a wine red, not quite as dark as Chic Honey but somehow more sheer than Flirty Honey (which is lighter in the tube). Flirty Honey (41) is a bright fuchsia-pink.

I managed to somehow swatch Tender Honey fifth, rather than second, so I thought it best to label the swatches above directly onto the image – hope the order isn’t too confusing! There’s another small swatch set under the cut, with the correct order, if you need it.

The verdict?

As a lover of Black Honey in formula and theory (but not in shade), I’m really pleased that Clinique has built on their Almost Lipstick range. As promised, these gloss sticks ($18.00 CAD, available Feb 2012 onwards) deliver transparent, lightweight colour, and while my super-dry lips would like to see a bit more hydration from them, I’m quite impressed with the colour range & the feel of the formula.

If you were hoping for something a little more more pigmented than Clinique’s Chubby Sticks (I was, initially), then these aren’t going to cut it – but if you’re looking for sheer, scent-free, paraben-free colour, I think you’re going to like these!

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Coming up | Clinique Almost Lipstick range, Spring 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The review for the new Clinique Almost Lipsticks should be up later today (with swatches, of course, calm down!) but in the meantime, I thought I’d share photos of all eight shades up-close. Somehow, I feel like no one would appreciate twenty photos in the review itself, yeah? :P

Hope your Thursdays are off to a lovely start!

01 Black Honey

35 Tender Honey (sorry, this was mislabeled earlier as “Lovely Honey”)

36 Chic Honey

Keep reading for the rest of the shades! »

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