My must-have comfy winter heels | Geox Inspiration Wedge review

I’ve always had a hard time finding comfy winter heels, but I lucked out this season with the Geox Inspiration Wedge ($225 CAD). They’re a medium heel that feels much lower, and the wedge style helps a ton with weight dispersal.

I added two Geox Inspiration styles to my shoe closet this year, but the Inspiration Wedge (get it at Nordstrom/The Bay) is far easier to wear than the high Inspiration boots. I really feel the heel in the boots – enough so that I won’t wear them when I’m walking or taking the train to my destination. The wedges, though, have become my go-to everyday boot. I can wear them to dinner, class, or out shopping, and unless I’m doing a lot of walking (DOG PARK! DOG PARK! DOG PARK!), my feet never feel achey by the end of the day.

What makes the Geox Inspiration Wedges the perfect comfy winter heels

A lot of Geox’s fall lineup is on sale right now, making now the perfect time to pick these boots up. They’re a great blend of dressy and casual, adding refinement to outfits with leggings and t-shirts while dressing down things like fit-and-flare skirts. And they’re a standard shoe style from Geox, too: the Inspiration sole comes out every season in a couple new styles, from pumps to tall boots.

My only point of hesitation with these booties is that I’m noticing more wear than I’d like to. The raw leather edge near the zippers, which rubs against the opposite shoe all day long, is showing wear within just one month – but, to be fair, I’ve worn them almost every day in that timeframe. (The flexible, grippy, breathable soles still look stellar.) If you’re hard on your shoes, it’s worth noting.

The Geox Inspiration Wedge booties are my second pair of comfy winter heels, and they’re one that I’d buy again in the future. (The other is an old, black pair of suede Clarks, which I honestly regret not buying a backup of). They fit really well, and they’re one of the brand’s best-selling fits. Seriously: when I was in the store, an older woman came in and asked for the Inspiration by name. She had apparently bought her first pair sometime before, and now picks up a new style every season!

Do you have a favourite pair of comfy winter heels? Or are you a flat-shoes-only person?

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