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Aerin perfume review - Waterlily Sun

The product: AERIN Waterlily Sun Eau de Parfum Spray

I first met Waterlily Sun on a hectic day in Toronto with Liz/Reductionista. (For that matter, that’s when I first met Liz, too. And yes, for the record, her hair is just as amazing in person.) We were at the Eaton Centre Sephora to sniff the Serge Lutens line, and upon finding out that almost all of their Lutens had to be sent back to the distributor due to water damage, we were wandering around…

And I came upon the AERIN range in person for the first time ever.

Aerin Waterlily Sun

The packaging: All of the AERIN perfumes look, like their namesake, like old money and flawlessly curated good taste. They come in thick, carefully cut glass bottles topped with gem-like stones (each in a soft, unique shade) and touched with gold accents, and are packaged in boxed with designs by Lee Jofa, a textiles/home decor company that has produced fabrics and carpets for everyone from Oscar de la Renta to Lilly Pulitzer.

Waterlily Sun looks exquisite in front of all of my La Collection de Grasse perfumes, but I can only imagine how perfect two or three of these would look together on a hammered-metal gold tray…

Aerin Waterlily Sun perfume review photos

Aerin jade Waterlily Sun review photos

The scent: I fell immediately in love with both Waterlily Sun and Lilac Path ($110 USD/$125 CAD by Richard Herpin, which smells just like passing by a lush lilac bush in a garden), but Waterlily Sun was the one that I had to go back for.

For a lack of a better descriptor, Waterlily Sun ($110 USD/$125 CAD by Annie Buzantian, Master Perfumer) smells like sunshine. It’s crisp and very light, and doesn’t smell like any one thing or flower or perfume in particular — its scent is, honestly, encapsulated perfectly in its name and packaging.

The story – Waterlily Sun is inspired by Aerin Lauder’s trip to Monet’s garden in Giverny, France as a young girl. It “inspires serenity and calmness with a floral watery scent that leads the senses to a warm and peaceful place. Like sunlight reflecting on water.”

Listed notes – Sicilian Bergamot and Lush Dewy Greens / Waterlily and Jasmine Sambac / Musk

Aerin Waterlily Sun review Eau de Parfum

The bergamot in this makes Waterlily Sun’s opening very lemony, like the perfect cold lemonade on a hot summer day in the garden. It’s balanced out very nicely with some crisp green notes (I usually find “green” to be too mulch-y, but I love it here) and a base of musky florals.

Like all light, citrusy fragrances, Waterlily Sun fades long before dinner, but I love it nonetheless. It’s reminiscent of something like Fresh Citron de Vigne ($88 USD/CAD), but with its bergamot opening and jasmine sambac heart, it smells far, far less generic.

Aerin Waterlily Sun EdP review

The verdict?

Waterlily Sun smells the way a bright summer day makes you feel; it smells like nothing in particular other than happiness. It has just the right amount of sillage and tenacity for warm weather, and it’s the kind of scent that makes you spritz, sniff, and sigh.

As far as light, citrusy scents go, Waterlily Sun is in a class of its own. It manages to be transparent and pleasant without ever becoming boring (even after months), and it smells, somehow, both effortless and complex at once.

Give this one a sniff — you won’t regret it. And hey, while you’re there, check out Lilac Path, too.

Availability: $110 USD/$125 CAD for 1.7 oz at select Nordstrom, Sephora, and Holt Renfrew locations.

Aerin Waterlily Sun Eau der Parfum review

Aerin Waterlily Sun perfume review

Aerin Lauder beauty review - Waterlily Sun

Aerin Waterlily Sun Eau de Parfum Spray

Aerin perfume review sizing 1.7 oz

 Aerin Waterlily Sun size comparison — it holds 1.7 oz, but it looks decievingly small!

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  • Zoë

    that bottle…wow and this scent just sounds like summer. so lovely! also LIZ! that's so cool! I am jealous of both of you for meeting each other :)

  • swatchandreview

    I have a sample of Lilac Path that I have fallen in love with. I have never seen the bottles in real life, so I may have to go check them out. So pretty!
    My recent post My Trip to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab in NYC

    • Mmm, Lilac Path. I so want to go back for that one, but I'm not sure if I can justify another perfume splurge so soon!

  • Ok, perhaps I will give it a sniff if I ever see it. The scent descriptions made them sound generic and dull…but perhaps this is not the case, after all!
    My recent post Vita Liberata Self-Tanning Night Moisture Mask (and Science!)

    • They sound like they're going to be the DULLEST things — but they're all kind of magical, honestly. I'd recommend getting samples if you can! They're kind of like the gold standard version of generic scents, if that makes sense. Accessible but still surprisingly complex and really well-blended.

  • Jen

    This sounds like it smells absolutely delightful. I love bergamot I don't think I've ever seen this brand in my neck of the woods, though.

    Also, can I just say that I've always admired your lovely photos. :)
    My recent post FOTD: I Tried

    • Thank you so much, Jen! ☺️

      Keep an eye out for AERIN if you can — they're a brand that's well worth hunting down ;)

  • I love the way you describe fragrances!
    My recent post Spotlight On: The Body Shop — A Seven Year Obsession

  • Andy

    That bottle! Gorgeous! The cap!
    My recent post The Everyday May Face: Pink Lips & Rosy Cheeks

    • Right?? This entire perfume is just gorgeous, from start to finish!

  • Jodi Butler

    Ummm is this the perfect review ever? The descriptions! The photos! Girl, you got this one DOWN!

    Also, this EDP sounds perfect. Wowwwww.

    • //messy, happy crying

      Thank you so much, Jodi <3 <3

    • Tigerlily

      This! Amazing review indeed :-)

      Definitely checking this gem (ha!) on my next visit to the store.