Vixen Creations VixSkin Mustang in Fluor-a-Pink: review, photos | Give yourself the best Valentine’s Day gift ever. (EVER.)

Vixen VixSkin Mustang review art

The product: Vixen Creations VixSkin Mustang in Fluor-a-Pink

You know something is good–like, really, really good–when you can’t shut up about it when talking to your friends.

VixSkin is no exception.

Vixen Mustang Fluor a Pink review

Mustang excerpts from The Life of Rae, 12/14-01/15:

To Maggie: “VixSkin + a good clitoral vibe = literally the best orgasms I’ve ever had in my entire life. I HAVE TO SHARE THIS WITH THE WORLD.” (For that vibe, by the way, I recommend the MiMi Soft.)

To Heather: “What are the rules for sending dick pics to people you aren’t sleeping with??? If applicable, VERY SORRY,” sent with a picture of my Vixen Mustang as soon as it arrived, still cold from the outdoors.

This review pretty much contains more of the same. (PS: Thank you to all of my friends who have tolerated my constant VixSkin raving and occasional surprise dick pics. You guys are the best.)

Vixen VixSkin Mustang review Fluor-a-Pink

Vixen Mustang

Here’s why you need VixSkin in your life

Well, for starters, it’s amazing. Made out of a dual-density Platinum grade silicone (dual density = firm core + thick, squishy outside) that is both extremely lifelike and very body-safe, VixSkin is made to last — each piece even comes with a lifetime warranty. There is nothing better out there, and honestly, I doubt there ever will be.

» When choosing an internal-use toy, always pick materials that are non-porous and fully sanitizable! DO buy products made from Platinum/medical-grade silicone, glass, ABS plastic, and surgical-grade stainless steel. DON’T buy products made from rubber, jelly, Sil-A-Gel, or Cyberskin, which can leech toxins into your body (they will literally melt over time) and harbour bacteria.

Vixen Creations VixSkin Mustang review Fluor-a-Pink

Vixen Creations’ VixSkin is about double the price of most silicone dildos, but the cost is not unfounded — VixSkin is handmade in San Francisco, and the dual-density design means each toy has to be poured twice. The result is that this stuff is more realistic than individually-placed mink false eyelashes, and it feels pretty much exactly like the real thing when lubed up — it even retains heat well. (Note: always use oil- or water-based lubes with silicone toys, or spot-test your silicone-based lube on the base first!)

VixSkin squishes really comfortably and realistically, so I’d recommend sizing up very slightly when buying. If you like a 1.5″ wide actual dick, for instance, get a 1.5″ wide VixSkin, but if you like a 1.5″ wide dildo, get a 1.75″ wide VixSkin.

Vixen VixSkin Mustang review squishiness bend

Such bend!

Vixen VixSkin review give texture

Much squish!

And here’s a bit on the Vixen Mustang 

As soon as I first laid eyes on it for the first time, I knew that this fluorescent pink Vixen Mustang was practically made for the beauty blogging community. It’s eye-searingly bright, and so unabashedly vibrant (it glows under UV light — you know, just in case that’s ever relevant to your life) that even pink-haters have to give it at least a little bit of respect.

Vixen Creations Vixskin realism review

Not quite ready to go realistic? Try Fluor-a-Pink. In real life, it’s so bright that the details are mostly felt, not seen!

Colour aside, the Mustang looks alarmingly realistic, with a defined head, pulled-back foreskin, and veining up and down the shaft. Though sticky to the touch when dry, this 6 ½” long toy g-spots like a champ — I personally love it, and I’ve read rave reviews of it from all across the internet, from bloggers with all sorts of different anatomies.

1 5/8″ wide at its very widest, the Mustang is gently curved, extremely bendy and squishy, and has a defined head that makes it almost impossible not to find your g-spot. This shit’s gonna hone in on your g-spot like the Titanic hit that iceberg, folks. 

(Too soon?)

The only failing of the Fluor-a-Pink Mustang is that it doesn’t have a suction cup base (which some Vixen toys do), but aside from that, I have literally no complaints. It’s a great mix between fun and practical, will last you forever, and is easily the most versatile toy in Vixen’s lineup.

EDIT 16/02/15: SheVibe has just informed me that all Vixen toys except the Spur and Buck now come with a suction cup, so: no complaints! None! (///excited flailing)

Vixen Creations Mustang vs Tex review photos comparison VixSkin sizing

Mustang sizing (compared to the Tex, another VixSkin toy). Measured by hand here at theNotice HQ!

The verdict?

Everyone needs VixSkin in their life. There are just — there are so many possibilities. If you love someone who likes penetration, you have to introduce them to this. Even if that someone is you.

I’ll reiterate that yes, VixSkin is expensive, and it’s literally the only thing worth sticking into your bits once you’ve tried it. (Everything else feels like a waste of time once you try your first VixSkin). You could spend $30 every ten months trying to find a great budget dildo, or you could just buy this one amazing thing and g-spot your way happily into the post-orgasmic sunset on the horizon for the next fifty years.

It’s up to you to do the right thing.

Availability: $99 USD at SheVibe, who kindly sent this toy in for review. (That’s $18 off, plus free US shipping!) In Canada, you can get the Mustang (though not the pink one) at Come As You Are.

Vixen Creations review

Vixen packaging. Be warned, the black ends leave permanent stains on clothing and textiles, but you need to keep the tube or your receipt for your warranty.

Vixen suction cup base Tex vs Mustang

Vixen suction cup vs non suction base

Still need a little help choosing your VixSkin?

I mean, obviously, I think you guys should get the Fluor-a-Pink Vixen Mustang, because it is the perfect makeup addict toy. But, I’d be a terrible enabler if I didn’t show you your other options, so:

  • If you want something shorter or slightly thicker, go with the Tex. It’s firmer the Mustang, and though I love both like WHOA, I still prefer the Tex by a small margin. (Its suction-cup base plays a big role in this — if you’re struggling to find your g-spot, stick that sucker on a wall!)
  • If you want a not-pink Vixen Mustang, go with a flesh tone, the Tie Bright version, or the black-and-pink Babeland Mustang, which features the coveted suction-cup base. (There was also a Fluor-a-Green version, once upon a time.)
  • If you want something slim and non-realistic but still with the same great texture, go with the Raquel.
  • If you want something MUCH bigger, try the Maverickreview here.

Vixen VixSkin Tex Caramel review squishiness bend

Vixen Creations VixSkin Tex in shade Caramel — this is my favourite thing!! (It’s less bendy than the Mustang, see?)

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  • mari

    lol this isn't what I expected to see when I opened my feedly this morning hahaha

    i'm intrigued but I'm stuck on the brand LELO *_* but I kinda want one of those D; buhhh

    • Heh, sorry, Mari. Just keeping you on your toes! ;)

      Have you tried anything from LELO before? I love their design and packaging, but haven't really loved anything from the line — I find the vibrations to be pretty buzzy (and my first Siri arrived broken/faulty and had to be replaced by the seller.)

      • mari

        I have! I owned the Mia 2 lipstick vibrator one. It was a pretty nice starter cause I was hella nervous about it arriving (for the privacy and it was pretty nice and the packaging was so chic), about using it (I was single) and yeah lol I also really liked how I could charge it on my laptop xD;;

        • Oh, I'm so glad to hear that you ended up liking it! I think you could probably use a much broader range of vibes than I can (I need something a lot thuddier or stronger than LELO), so you're pretty lucky there ;)

          That said, LELO makes nothing like the Mustang! The closest thing they make is probably the Ella, which–while totally freaking gorgeous–doesn't have any squish at all. I'd say get something in VixSkin, then pair it with a new vibrator. For reasons of, you know. Orgasms.

  • kuri

    I love that you talk about this kind of stuff too!
    My recent post Mini Review: Biokleen Sport Laundry Liquid

    • I'm so glad to hear that, Kuri! It's always helpful to know which posts you guys are enjoying :)

  • This totally wasn't what I expected to see this afternoon when I checked my feeds :D It's refreshing to see something different.

    That said, this looks like a great product. I totally agree on the whole suction cup thing. One hundred percent! Makes life so much easier.
    My recent post And Don't Fuck It Up!

    • YES. All the suction cups!!! M made a good point about them, though, which is that non-suction-cup bases (like this one) are a lot easier to hold — I bet they'd fit much better into a harness, too.

      Glad the post could shake things up for you a bit ;)

  • truecolorjoy

    rofl… and how do you what kind of circumference you like? are you eye balling it? measured partners? :P thanks for an extremely entertaining review!
    My recent post Lorac Party Palette

    • Hahaha! I'm not gonna lie, I TOTALLY made M whip it out and measure it for me. Becuse SCIENCE.


      • truecolorjoy

        lol the sacrifices our significant others have to make for our blogs! (wilson is my proofreader and occasionally reluctant product guinea pig)
        My recent post Lorac Party Palette

  • doritattwindly

    I think I love you!

    Just this morning I was complaining about the 'same old, same old' posts on every blog I'm reading, and then your post came along. Very refreshing (and I learned something too!). Thank you for this!

    • Oh thank you! *blushes* ;) I'm so glad I could shake things up for you (and provide you with some new knowledge, too)!

  • i just recently got a pinkobong. pingobong? …can't remember the name. so i might hold off for now but 'sticking it to a wall'
    /that/, i have never considered and now must try.
    My recent post Clarins Garden Escape Eye Palette*

    • Oooh, which one? I have the Moka, and I'm actually quite happy with it for the price, but the batteries kill me! I am always running out of them!

      Sticking it to the wall, though, oh my god. The accent wall in my bedroom is glossy, so stuff sticks to it pretty well (you can't suction cup to eggshell/matte finishes), and it is a dreeeeam. Gah.

  • My fiancé is sitting next to me and he just stares at me and goes: 'ooooooooookay then…' LOL :-) Feeling a bit intimidated maybe ;-) I've never been a fan of dildos. I prefer vibrators.
    My recent post Review | Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Eye Pencil in Emerald Volt & Electric Cobalt

    • Hahaha! Whoops, sorry Mr. Melissa-to-be :P

      Honestly, I have never liked dildos either (though not for lack of trying) — it's just these ones!!

  • ElleNYC

    Stumbled upon your page from a comment you left on Temptalia, and you may be my new favorite person ever… Sex and makeup in one place? My world has never felt so happy! And I am TOTALLY with you on the suction cup thing, whole new world after finally trying it. Now you have me lemming after this pretty pink silicone piece of goodness, my wallet will be hurting. Can't wait to see what you review next :)

    • Hi, Elle!! It's so great to hear from you; welcome to theNotice! (I feel like I want to put that into a new slogan for the blog — "Welcome to theNotice, where it's all sex and makeup, all the time.")

      If you have any requests for this series, let me know! ;)

      • Alison

        Ahahahahaha! /hilarious fails


  • Alison

    Oh my God, Rae, I love the new headline idea for theNotice. Only you combine makeup and sexy in that truly special way. <3

    Back on topic, when in any review of anything EVER have I heard "This shit’s gonna hone in on your g-spot like the Titanic hit that iceberg, folks! G-spot your way happily into the post-orgasmic sunset on the horizon for the next fifty years!"

    Hahahaha, oh my! As someone probably too tired to reach that sunset/horizon personally (I'm going to be away for a new treatment soon, so um, here's hoping, right?), I don't know if I'm in the market for a new toy just yet. Personally I think the MiMi soft sounded it could be more my cup of tea (even looking at this thing is making me go "Oh my God!" – maybe its the fear that its insane level of pinkness will somehow equate with over stimulation (I know, how is that even POSSIBLE) but I thoroughly enjoyed the review, despite the fact that I had to somewhat go "WOAH" and scroll back upward when reading this in a room with relatives in it. Definitely a bright (bright pink) spot in my day.

    Thank you, for your wonderful writing and sense of humor as always.

    • :D :D :D I kinda want to do it. But then on the other hand, I'm like — how hardcore do I want to go with this sex toy thing? Are passers-by just going to be confused because the content ratio is like, 30:1?

      Once you're ready to chase that sunset, definitely go with a VixSkin. They do flesh tones if you don't want to go pink (but seriously, YOU WANT TO GO PINK, it is so pretty), and apparently all of the new Mustangs are being made with suction cups. If I had to pick between the MiMi Soft and the Mustang, though, I would go with the MiMi — you wouldn't get a g-spot orgasm with it, but it does definitely require less energy.

      Sending you much love :)

  • sylirael

    I love you so much <3 (as awkward as that may be on a post full of dicks?) These posts are just the best! I feel like I need the 'such bend! Much squish!' pictures framed on my wall or something. Just sayin… theNotice 'buy prints' button could be a thing… ;-)

    It occurs to me, as I read more of these posts, that my rogue's kitbag is pretty underwhelming in this department. The fluorescent pink squishy penis department, I mean. The big question is, though – does the squish compromise the skull-cracking possibilities of this? I mean, there are some dungeons out there…
    My recent post Answer Me These Questions Three! – A Suitably Geeky Makeup Poll #8

    • O hai!! Thank you!! I <3 you too :)

      If you want skull-cracking possibilities, you need to go njoy Pure Wand. I have one, and I swear to all of the gods out there, it is the sexiest thing that I own. (And the heat-retaining properties. Fuck. *eyes roll up toward the heavens*)

      It's crazy heavy, though, so beware!! 1.5 freaking pounds of heavy. You could literally crack a skull with it.

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  • ones

    A word on throwing the storage case away…if you do so, be sure and keep your receipt in a safe place! I was able to return my Mustang for warranty replacement without a receipt because I had kept the original case.

    • Thank you so much for adding this!! I'm running into the same problem – I threw out a few of my Vixen cases because they were staining my belongings, but now I have a Mustang with some base damage that I can't replace :(