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WeVibe 4 Tango review

The products: We-Vibe 4 Wearable Remote Control Vibrator and Tango Waterproof Discreet Vibrator

After how well-received February’s Je Joue MiMi Soft review was (thank you so much, you guys!), I had to follow up with another sex toy review — or two.

I handpicked this duo for two reasons: (1) the brand’s reputation for making high-quality, durable toys, and (2) the We-Vibe 4 and Tango’s rather singular designs. Whether you added the MiMi to your bedroom repertoire or you’re still looking to start your collection, I think these will serve a purpose unique to themselves!

We Vibe 4 Tango couple's vibrator review

The “Bedroom Essential”

The rechargeable We-Vibe Tango recently got a waterproof update, and now comes in fuchsia and this lovely, slightly-desaturated blue. It’s now a little bit longer and just a hair wider than it used to be (source), but should still be able to replace any sad, weak bullet vibe — which takes it from “great starter toy” to “bedroom essential” status.

We Vibe tango bullet review

Powerful and quiet, the We-Vibe Tango is a great option for a small, discreet clitoral vibe. It runs for up to 2 hours (I find it lasts for less than that) and features 8 vibration modes (4 speeds/4 patterns), with a low battery warning that flashes through its base. But, while it’s not as rumbly and cushy as the Je Joue MiMi, it can also be used in place of your standard bullet.

And the thing is — the Tango is strong. At $80, it’s relatively affordable for a luxury sex toy, but it’s more like two toys in one: your basic clitoral vibrator, and something that’ll super-power anything with a bullet cavity (cock rings, vibrating dildos, harnesses, the base of a strap-on, most things Tantus, etc.)

We Vibe Tango review

We-Vibe Tango (Waterproof) in Blue

We-Vibe’s Tango is made out of body-safe ABS thermoplastic, and its plastic finish means that it doesn’t pick up too much fuzz or create too much friction when being inserted into another toy. (Add a bit of water-based lube to ease a tight fit). It has the same motor as the line’s discontinued, cult-followed Salsa, but features a slightly different tip.

We Vibe Tango charger

The “Nice in Theory”

Despite testing this one for (literally) months, I just couldn’t get it to work well for me. That said, however, it is a really unique kind of sex toy.

Made for solo or partnered play, the We-Vibe 4 features the brand’s first “echo” vibe — that is, there are two separate vibrators in this device (one for the clitoris and one for the g-spot) that vibrate in alternate patterns at three different speeds & three additional patterns. It’s waterproof and relatively flexible with a soft, safe silicone finish, and comes with both an on-vibe control and a battery-operated remote.

We Vibe 4 dual vibrator review

But, even though I like everything We-Vibe has included in this toy (especially its 3 hour battery life and space-agey stand-slash-charging-station), it just doesn’t fit my anatomy — which is a risk that you always run with any dual-stimulation vibrator, no matter the style.

So, here are my recommendations. If you really want to try a couple’s vibrator, choose this one. LELO launched the Ida to compete with the We-Vibe last year, but based on the reviews I’ve seen, it’s a sloppy, painful imitation of a couple’s vibe. If you really want to try a wearable vibrator, choose this one. Like all wearable vibes, it’s not perfect (too loud for a library, and the remote has a garage-door range), but it packs way more of a punch than your typical vibrating panty or remote-controlled bullet.

We Vibe 4 couple's vibe review

But here’s the thing: if your bits are on the small side, skip this one. It turns out that I have a fairly short set of muscles with an extremely retroverted uterus (which, by the way, makes getting an IUD excruciating), so the We-Vibe 4 can be pretty painful when I use it. Plus, I mean, the clitoral arm goes way past my clitoris.

We Vibe 4 review base charger

The We-Vibe 4 in its charging base/case (lid at left) and remote (at right)

The verdict?

If you have to have a remote-control vibrator or couple’s vibrator, I say get the We-Vibe 4. BUT that said, I don’t think it’s worth the price, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who didn’t have their heart set on this type of toy already. The clitoral vibrator is just placed too far forward, and at $160, I would have liked to see far less visible, uneven seams.

» Update: We-Vibe has since launched the We-Vibe Sync, which is supposed to be excellent!

The We-Vibe Tango, on the other hand, is definitely a toy I’d recommend. It would be my top pick for a bullet vibe, and my fondness for it sits about on-par with my love for the Je Joue Mimi Soft (which delivers more satisfying vibrations, in my opinion, but is larger, more expensive, and a little bit louder.)

Availability: $79.99 USD (Tango)/$159.99 (We-Vibe 4) at the awesome, who sent these products in for review, or at We-Vibe. If you live in Canada or want to take advantage of the low Canadian dollar, the Tango and We-Vibe are also available at Come As You Are and PinkCherry.

Tip: These both charge via USB, so consider buying one of those $0.99 USB power adapters on eBay while you’re at it! (I have this one — no sense paying $10 for a brand-name copy, you know?)

We Vibe 4 review

Cheap-feeling seams on the We-Vibe 4

We Vibe 4

But a super-sleek case. (It makes me think of something Clarisonic would make.)

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  • so… the motor on mine just died and i'm like…how can i get this fixed HAHAH. could you imagine taking one of these into a shop.
    your post couldn't have come at a better time lol. but i dont think either of these are quite what i'm looking for :(
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    • Okay, can I TMI time you for a second & ask what/where/when? Depending on who makes your current vibrator & when/where you bought it, it could still be under warranty! (Eg. I know We-Vibe covers their products for a year, for instance, and Pink Cherry offers double the manufacturer's warranty on all of the products they sell.)

      This series definitely isn't over yet, so maybe stay tuned? :) (If you're looking for an internal instead, I've read great things about the LELO Mona 2! (This one.) Awful things about the brand, but SUCH GOOD THINGS about that one product.)

  • You're pretty much my heroine. Really.

    I missed your first post but seriously I applaud you for a wonderful and frank review of toys! :D

    but I'm shuddering something awful at the sight of those seams. I bet with adequate lubrication it perhaps wouldn't be a big deal BUT LOOK AT THOSE SEAMS.
    My recent post Review: theBalm Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette

    • If I could whale flail properly at you right now, I would :D (I can't; I don't know how to make whales on a laptop.) I am so, so glad you're enjoying the series now, Mimi!

      You can't really feel the seams internally, but MAN are they unsightly. Not something I'd expect from a $160 piece of tech :/

  • Helena

    The Tango looks like lipstick! Adorable.

    The first time I saw the We-Vibe I was horrified, ha ha! I have no idea what the tilt of my uterus is but my vagina is not only short, but narrow–it just won't accommodate things of certain girths (I don't think I'll ever tire of talking about my crotch, or at least hope not.) So it's quite the scary-looking toy to me. It'd probably be more suited to someone toward the Sheila Stretch end of the spectrum…

    • Helena, I feel your pain — literally. I messed up my pelvic floor muscles last year, and they were so tight that I couldn't even wear a light tampon — it was really, really bad. I was lucky enough to already know a physiotherapist in my city who specializes in pelvic floor dysfunction (100% would recommend looking into physio; a lot of vaginal tightness is due to relatively simple muscular or pain receptor problems!), and she was able to help me get sorted within the span of a few months.

      The Tantus Compact helped me a lot in re-learning how to accommodate small objects (and then working my way up); they also do a line of dilators (the Silk range) if you're ever interested :)

      PS: Just so we're clear, only the thin end of the We-Vibe goes inside of you — it's pretty small, all told!

      • Helena

        LOL, I'm imagining someone trying to shove the whole thing in now. Those would be very bad times.

        Thanks for the recommendations, as always!

        • PHEW okay I wasn't sure for a second there (because the insertable portion really isn't that big; it's more the tension of the arm joint that makes it uncomfortable than anything else).

          Hope you can get any tightness problems you may be having sorted out :) They're very, very common (especially in women with vestibulodynia, like me, and in women who are really active), but I think it's easy to forget that the vagina is just like any other muscle — it SHOULD be able to flex, stretch, and expand quite a bit without causing you pain!

  • sylirael

    So when you were talking about the difficulty in positioning the We-Vibe one, I immediately recalled one of those ear cuff things you can buy – don't worry, I'm going to get to the point of this connection in a sec – I got one a while back, an awesome one that's pewter dragon that has its head sitting just over the top of your ear where it meets your head, and then the body curves down the side and the tail goes 'through' the piercing. It's awesome. Thing is, it doesn't fit my ear shape, and it's not adjustable! It occurred to me at that point that ears are actually probably quite individual things, and aren't one size fits all. Upon reading your review, It occurred to me that vaginas (and general genital architecture) is probably a similar situation, which makes things like the We-Vibe quite a tricky proposition, I would have thought…

    This was all an incredibly long winded and anecdotal way of saying that I really loved this review for its honesty, frankness, and usefulness! Also that you review this stuff. Because you're awesome. <3_<3

    Also, really – who comes up with the pricing for these things? You look at the price tag and the bottom drops out of your world (or the world drops out of your bottom, or something), ffs….
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    • Syl, that is the PERFECT analogy. I mean, vaginas are a little easier to fit than ears (being made of muscle rather than cartilage), but that does a great job of making the situation relatable! In a non X-rated, non-medical-textbooks way. :P

      I'm so glad you enjoyed this review <3 I think you do get what you pay for with sex toys (the We-Vibe 4 has an awesome battery life, for instance, and a really quiet motor — plus wireless technology and a medical-grade silicone coating), but that's a ton to be paying for something when the fit is such a gamble.

  • Lily @ChloeAsh

    I haven't tried any toys before. Fingers are free and they fit. BAHAHAHAHA!
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  • booksnotboyfriends

    Wow. I haven't tried any toys before, I wish I could be so frank and honest about these things. i guess I'm a bit of a prude. :(

    • Hey, no, that's a totally OK thing! I think it's important to be comfortable in your own body, but that doesn't mean that you need to be totally open and frank about it — there's no "one" way to be. I prefer to approach sex without its veil of taboo, but not doing so doesn't make you a prude at all — it just means that you and I are different. :)

  • I know literally nothing about this subject but nonetheless read over this post thoroughly and wanted to say I adore you for it. That is all. (Also, Lily's comment above made me laugh.) /shuffles away
    My recent post 19/07/14 Link Love

    • :D <3

      (Lily's comment made me laugh, too! But then I went :( because my fibro & RA kind of messed my hands up — so thank goodness for things like this, I guess!)

    • Hah! Dude, I was hoping so badly that I'd be able to try it out & report back that it isn't actually scary at all, but — well, no dice. I like the idea; I think they could do better. Maybe something a little softer and less terrifying.

  • Blue

    Have you tried Lelo's Lyla 2 (it's a chunky external vibe with remote)? I bought it for my honey last year, and we love it.

    Admittedly, I'm no vibrator connoisseur. Actually, I'd only had a couple $20 bullets that I totally hated and I'd written myself off as not a vibrator person at all, until I was pleasantly surprised with the Lyla 2. I found it to have a pleasantly deep and satisfying vibration rather than a shallow buzz, if that makes sense. Almost more of a gentle oscillation. The remote can be a little bit confusing in the heat of the moment, but it's pretty nifty that it doubles as a vibrator as well.

    I would love to know your thoughts, given that you have more experience with vibes than I do. I suspect it falls short of, say, the MiMi, but I wonder to what degree.

    Also, this is off topic, but holy mother of wow are you not kidding about IUD insertion. My uterus is tilted as well, which I didn't know contributed to the pain but makes sense if they can't go in quite dead on, plus I haven't had kids and was told during insertion, "Hm you have a very small os," SHOVE. It was truly and literally among the most painful experiences of my entire life. I ended up having it removed to be replaced (Mirena for Paragard) and thankfully removal was a comparative breeze and the second insertion was nowhere near as hideous as the first.

    • I have not! I've tried the Lelo Siri, though, and I wasn't really wowed by its vibrations — compared to Je Joue and We-Vibe, they're pretty buzzy :P (But I do love how quiet the Lelo motor is!)

      IUDs are ALWAYS on-topic here at theNotice :D I'm really sorry to hear that your Mirena hurt so much going in, though, and that you had to have it taken out. Now that my cramping has finally stopped (and so has my period), I'm crazy about mine — I can't imagine life without it!

      (Well, I mean, I can. But I feel like it would suck a lot.)

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