Congratulations to an old favourite, for a new award

I don’t usually pay too much attention to fragrance awards, but I wanted to take a moment to reiterate my love for Balenciaga Paris in light of its new “Les Parfums” award (best packaging, women’s 2011) from the Fragrance Foundation (Fr).

There aren’t many fragrances that I’ve adored right from the get-go, but this is one of them. I love it just as much now as I did the day it arrived on my doorstep, and I’ll just say – that’s one hell of a lot. It’s absolutely delicious; smooth violets and a hint of pepper with an obscenely sexy drydown and an almost (almost) minimalistic vibe.

Anyhow, without further hesitation: I thought a few photos might be appropriate, seeing as this award happened to be for the gorgeous packaging, rather than the amazing scent!

Additional photos (and a love letter) here, though the comments have been lost, as well as mentions here, here, and here. I know; it’s practically a plugging overkill, but I just – I love this one so, so much.

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  • I have to get my butt somewhere I'll be able to smell this, since you love it so much. =D
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  • Larie

    That is lovely – very elegant, all clean lines. I want a new perfume for the summer, but I hate fragrance shopping – it's more time-consuming than shopping for anything else!
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  • *gasp*

    WHY have your last 3 posts not shown up on my feed? *BAD BLOGGER!*

    anyway, not that i NEED another bottle of perfume; but if i take a whiff of this and like it, it's all your fault! it sounds SO lovely :).

    that is one sexy bottle.
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    • Gah! GFC, I hate you!

      Did you unfollow the old widget/refollow the new one? :) *hopes that this is a simple fix*

  • MFunnyValentine

    Sounds like the type of fragrance I would love. The bottle is just gorgeous too.

    • Mffph, I know, right? I absolutely love the weird, asymmetrical bottle ^

  • Nina

    The bottle really looks.. calm? Yes, calm, that is the word, the feeling it gave me. Well, I like things that involves calm ^^ I might as well check it out when my beloved Burberry Beat and YSL Elle dries down. An embarrasing confession; I don't care for notes of the fragrances, if it smells lovely to me, that's it =/ I guess that could be because I don't know any flowers or their smell? Dunno =) How are you Rae? How is it going with your drug decision, have you decided on one? I hope everything is going smooth over there =)

    • Lol! Nah, that's the way to do it – notes can be a great guideline, but they're definitely no guarantee that you'll like something!

      I'm doing alright; thanks for asking :) Haven't filled out the paperwork for the new drug yet (been rather busy), but I'm going to give Remicade a try. Hope you're alright as well! xx

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