Treat Yo Self: Valentine’s Day edition & a Sova giveaway

*sponsored by Sova

…Or maybe treat yo shelf? You know, your makeup shelf?

It’s that time of year again, and by “that time of year,” I mean “the time of year in which coupled humans typically exchange dead plant life for affection.” And, while I love a bouquet of roses as much as the next girl, I’m doing something a little different on theNotice this year.

Here are 10 picks that you can treat yourself (and your top shelf) to this Valentine’s Day. Because really, who loves you more than you*?

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Win some joy (with this giveaway!)

As much as I believe in treating yourself when Valentine’s Day comes around (and you can bet I’ll be buying myself some chocolate) (okay fine you caught me; I already have), I really enjoy giving gifts to other people, too. I’m a total sucker for surprising my partners with presents, chocolate, or cute dates, and I’m super excited to get to bring that mentality to theNotice this year.

My friends at Sova offered to sponsor this post and host a giveaway of their Sova CommandO Vibe ($99.99 USD), which I could not be more excited about. One lucky reader will get to add a discreet new remote-controlled vibe to their toy collection! It’s the same one pictured in the editorial spread above, and it features a rechargeable vibe with a battery-operated vibrating remote.

Sova CommandO vibe review giveaway

I had fun testing out the Sova CommandO for this post, but I’d love to see a few small changes made in the future. The remote, for instance, would be better if it didn’t vibrate. It’s annoying to hold and burns through batteries like nobody’s business. (Plus, it channels most of its vibrations backwards, into the pop-off end.)

I’d like to see slightly less buzzy vibrations as well, although these did the trick–they’re surprisingly strong, and very quiet. I actually found this toy easier to get off with than the Leaf Life or Lelo (ahem) Siri!

Additionally, I appreciate that Sova is a brand developed by women, but it would be great if their marketing wasn’t specifically “designed for women.” Inclusivity of all genders is an important part of the sex industry (and something I’m trying to be more conscious of addressing in my writing), and broadening its stigma-free stance to include all individuals would be a great thing for the brand going forward!

Enter to win this duo below.

Treat Yo Self Valentine’s Day giveaway

*Puppies. Puppies love you more than you do.

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  • truth lacks lyricism

    Great post! I love to treat myself with a long skincare routine and ice cream.

  • Wingaso

    I treat myself with snacks and long baths (not tgt tho XD )

  • Satu

    I participated, though I'm not sure if this is international? I didn't see it mentioned. Anyway I love the look of that bra, very badass!

  • pinksuzanne

    I love to treat myself to a massage and then a pedicure.

  • Sheri

    Thanks for the great blog. I've been reading for a while now and appreciate your reviews on both sex toys and make up /skin care.

  • mahditanoshi

    I love to exercise every day. I need to get back into drinking more water.

  • wobbless13

    i like to get my nails done

    • wobbless13

      name winnie b

  • Bri

    Love love love new makeup, always a mini confidence boost!

  • I love to treat myself to new fragrances and ohhh I see a pretty bottle and I like pretty bottles. Also, I'm all over this sexy giveaway. Fingers crossed!

  • favorite thing. go to the gym work out for 2 hours. sounds crazy but its liberating to take that long to do a thing i love.

  • lindalibraloca

    Can't forget about puppies…

  • Dorina

    I love to pamper myself when I've got some time on my hands and afterwards read a good book or watch a favourite series/movie accompanied by a glass of red wine.

  • Trix

    I like fixing some good coffee and a homemade treat, and enjoying them with a book. (And how did I not know about Sova?!)