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shu uemura gold eyelash curler

I’m in the midst of covering the Maison Kitsuné x Shu Uemura holiday collection right now, but I had to take a moment for this: a 24K gold-plated version of the brand’s iconic eyelash curler! 

Normally, I’d group this in with a bunch of other reviews but I had to get this post up fast. Why? The curler is limited edition, and it’s almost 100% sold out. 

Maison Kitsune Shu Uemura 24k gold eyelash curler review

maison kitsune shu uemura gold eyelash curler

Shu Maison Kitsune Beauty Remix Plum palette EOTD

Lashes curled with the Shu Uemura gold lash curler!

If you’re not familiar with Shu’s eyelash curler yet, you can get chummy with it in my full review here. I find that Shu Uemura curlers have a fairly prominent curve to their design with a very narrow vertical opening, and require a lot of pressure to crimp your lashes.

So, while I never reach for my Shu curlers when I’m in a hurry, I do tend to use them for makeup looks or nights out. It’s really easy to control how much curl you’re getting with these, and I find that the design lends itself well to a very doe-eyed lash look — my lashes always end up nicely curled (never crimped!), with even vertical lift delivered to each lash.

shu uemura gold eyelash curler review

The verdict?

If you’ve been holding out on trying a Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler, now’s the time to get one! They’re extremely sturdy tools, and available in gold only sporadically (usually during the holidays).

I would not recommend this curler if you have arthritis or other problems with your hands, but for an even, eye-opening curl, Shu’s eyelash curlers are a great tool to have in your beauty kit. They’re a great way to prevent over-crimping, so if you find that you tend to be too heavy-handed with your beauty tools, this should make curling your eyelashes a lot easier!

Availability: $24 CAD (as much as a regular Shu Uemura curler) at, Holt Renfrew, and select Sephora, Nordstrom and Hudson’s Bay locations.

shu uemura 24k gold lash curler review

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  • I can't really understand the hype behind expensive eyelash curlers… This is something that has already been invented and reinvented million times and just doesn't have anything new to offer… This price tag is simply outrageous to me.
    My recent post The Sally Hansen Experience

    • Most of the time, I'll admit that I don't really get it. With the Shu Uemura curler, though, it makes a lot more sense to me — I have four or five eyelash curlers in my kit, but this one feels noticeably sturdier than the rest. The silicone cushion is sturdier as well; where I have to (or should be!) replacing my drugstore eyelash curler pads 2-3x/year, I've had my silver Shu Uemura curler for two years and it still hasn't shown ANY wear.

      Just something to think about! ;)

  • Lily @ChloeAsh

    I sometimes wonder why Shu Uemura lash curlers don't work on me. I use Lunasol ones, and Shiseido. These both work better on my eyes. 24K gold though. LUXE!

    My recent post Dior Glowing Gardens Spring 2016 Collection: Swatches

    • Right?? And at the same price as the regular curler, too — so it's super luxe AND it won't break the bank! ;)

      Funnily enough, the Shu Uemura curler works well for my lashes, but I'm not crazy about the Shiseido one. Which is funny, because I always assumed that my eye shape was pretty similar to yours! Perhaps it comes down to preference & habits?

  • esharp1978

    I wish it worked on me it's like it's too short and flat for my eye shape!
    My recent post Etat Libre D’Orange Like This

    • Ahh, that's so crazy, lol! This guy is VERY curved compared to the rest of my stash — the life of a monolidded gal, I suppose ;)

  • Christine

    I've been thinking about getting a new curler but as soon as you mentioned that it can be hard on the hands (darn you, carpal tunnel!), I guess the Shu ones aren't going to be for me. So sad because these look sooo glamourous!

    • I'm so sorry to hear that you have carpal tunnel, Christine! For curlers with more a lot of give to them, you might actually have luck shopping the drugstore end of things.

      My eyelash curler from Daiso is actually one of my favourites, and while it's definitely not as sturdy as a Shu curler, it does the trick :) The model I have comes in a gold finish, too! It's not gold plated, but still. It's pretty :P

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