5 top products to try from DHC | More than just cleansing oil

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1. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil ($28 USD)

When I first started beauty blogging, everyone who was anyone was obsessed with the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil. It was the only cleansing oil worth noting for those “in the know,” and for a little while there, it felt like all of my beauty friends & fellow bloggers were all ordering it online and raving about its magical, makeup-removing properties.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil review

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil review

I finally tried the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil this month, and let me just say: even though years have gone by and it seems like every single brand out there has released a cleansing oil since then, this is still, somehow, one of the best cleansing oils I have ever tried. Its rich, cushy olive oil and rosemary formula (no cheap mineral oil here!) takes off everything, even waterproof eyeliner, and rinses off with perfect skin neutrality (you know; no greasy film or stripped finish), making it perfect for oily and super-dry skin types alike.

DHC Sweetpea moisture care lipstick review

DHC Moisture Care Lipstick in Sweetpea

2. & 3. DHC Moisture Care Lipstick ($14.50 USD/each)

I’m not big on lipsticks with shimmer, but the DHC Moisture Care Lipsticks are totally the cutest lipsticks to be had at under $15 each! They’re shiny and slick, and detailed in flowers and butterflies — what could be cuter?

Pictured here are PK04 Sweetpea (the peachy nude) and WN12 Sugarplum (the plum). Both come with a heaping dose of silver shimmer and a glossy frost finish, so purchase only if you’re a glitter lover!

DHC Sugarplum moisture care lipstick review

DHC Moisture Care Lipstick in Sugarplum

4. DHC Extra Nighttime Moisture ($36 USD)

The DHC Extra Nighttime Moisture moisturizer is the perfect plain moisturizer. It’s full of olive oil, squalane, collagen, and radish root ferment filtrate, and is free of stuff like silicones, fragrances, and parabens.

I wouldn’t recommend this one as a day moisturizer (it definitely leaves you looking greasy), but it’s great for dry or reactive skin that just needs something really rich, soothing, and nourishing.

DHC Extra Nighttime Moistsure review

DHC Extra Nighttime Moisture review

5. DHC Face Wash Powder ($12.50 USD)

Ladies and gents, I have saved the best for last. The DHC Face Wash Powder looks unassuming–fine, white powder; basic, dated packaging–but it is an absolute treat to use.

When mixed with a couple drops of water, this boring-looking powder foams up to create a lovely, dense lather that removes all of my day-to-day makeup without any scrubbing or smearing. It’s gentle, simple, and completely non-gritty and non-stripping.

I love this one for daily use, but it would be fantastic for travel, too!

DHC Face Wash Powder review cleanser

DHC Face Wash Powder review

What are your favourite products from DHC?

This is a sponsored post. However, all of the opinions included in it are my own — I got to pick out each product & share my honest thoughts on all of them! 

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  • Literally, the cleansing oil is all I know DHC for :D I had no idea they made a face wash powder, that's really interesting!
    My recent post Five Underrated Beauty Products-Under $5

    • It's their classic! But man, it is SO GOOD. (And so is the face wash powder!)

  • Literally, the cleansing oil is all I know DHC for :D I had no idea they made a face wash powder, that's really interesting!
    My recent post Five Underrated Beauty Products-Under $5

    • The face wash powder is my favourite cleanser right now!! I had no idea it even existed until September, but I am SO happy to have found it!

  • I've been wanting to look into DHC more, but all I've tried for now is the cleansing oil. It works really well but I'm not a fan of the smell… too food-like for me? I feel like I'm doing a salad dressing, and that disturbs me, lol!
    My recent post Review: no, I don't like Born This Way foundation by Too Faced!

    • Hahaha that's fair! It's because of the olive oil — most other cleansing oils are based in mineral oil or grape seed to cut costs, but DHC uses olive. It makes it super nourishing and creamy, but the olive oil smell (which I used to HATE) definitely takes some getting used to!

  • jenn

    yes i love the oil cleanser. that and the fancl are my all time favs
    My recent post Decisions with Annabelle

    • It's so good! I'm honestly a little sad about all of the years I wasted not knowing it excited, lol. :p

  • Would love to try the oil! And Sweetpea looks like a really pretty shade.
    My recent post Make-up look | Rustic Peacock

  • Alix

    I love their olive oil moisturizer. Haven't used it in some time (been using argan oil the last few years), but now I'm thinking I should place an order… the plum lipstick looks adorable, too!

    Totally unrelated question, Rae — I'm heading up to Montréal in a few weeks. Are their any Canadian makeup product/brands I should definitely pick up while I'm there? Thanks in advance!

    • Hey, Alix! First off — I hope you have a great trip. Montreal should be beautiful at this time of year! (Or any time, really.) Definitely check out Annabelle and Marcelle while you're here; maybe Lise Watier and Visanti as well if anything catches your eye.

      I actually have a Canadian beauty tag on theNotice; you can access it through the right hand sidebar! I think it's either under "other" or "features." Hope that helps! :)

      • Alix

        Thanks so much, Rae!