Summery Summary | part one, skin

Okay, so maybe, mayyyybe the title for this post existed before the post itself did. What can I say; a good pun’s a good pun! (And this one, well, it was too good to pass up.)

Anyhow: these are the products that I’m loving right now. For most of them, said love is highly dependent on the fact that it’s summer; for others, I just happen to be loving them while it’s summer.

Body products I’m loving

Emjoi Emagine epilator { $99review } and Johnson’s Baby Powder mini { $2 }

I’ll be honest: when it comes to hair, I have a lot of it. (Well, not so much on my scalp anymore, but… everywhere else, still!) I’ve landed the unfortunate combination of pale skin, dark hair, and chronic fatigue – so shaving everyday isn’t an option, but neither is ignoring hair removal altogether.

The cherry on top is that after a year of epilating, I can honestly say that I have finer hairs now than I did when I started. It’s a ridiculously boring task, but totally worth it in the end!

Upper Canada Soap Fruit Frappé Body Lotion in Pear with mangosteen { $12 | review } and Vaseline Cocoa Butter Vitalizing Gel Body Oil $7 }

When it’s really hot out, I prefer to go with subtle scents that stay close to the skin, and body products do a great job of fitting the bill. The Fruit Frappé has a deliciously fresh, juicy pear fragrance, and the gel-oil has a wonderfully rich (but not too heavy) cocoa fragrance. They both make me want to eat my own arm, of course, but so far I’ve been able to resist. 

Dove Men + Care Shower Tool { $4 | review }

To minimize my KP and keep my skin in tip-top condition during the summer months! After all, you’re showing more of it now than ever, so it may as well be at the top of its game ;)

Face products I’m loving

German Nivea Creme { $5 | review }

My skin’s dry enough that it needs pretty serious hydration even in the summer, so I pretty much use Nivea all year ’round. Right now, I’m just using it at night, and it’s still doing a lovely job of keeping my skin in check.

Funnily enough, after years of trying to hunt this one down locally, I resorted to having family members bring back tins following trips to Europe – and now, about a year later, my local London Drugs has started stocking the German version for no apparent reason. Well, better late than never!

100% Pure Pomegranate Antioxidant Hydration SPF 20 { $34 | review }

Okay, is it just me, or is this slowly getting ore and more expensive? I wasn’t totally comfortable with its old $26 price tag, but I’m definitely not loving the $34 one!

Well, either way – this is a gorgeously fluid moisturizer, and despite the fact that it’s based in titanium dioxide and zinc oxide (both physical sunscreens), it doesn’t leave me oily, sticky, or with a white cast to my skin.

Marcelle Essentials Cleansing Milk { $14 | review }

I’m pretty sure this is going to be in my favourites lists forever – and if it stops showing up, it’ll be because I just got lazy about including it. This is a ridiculously basic, ridiculously effective product, and it not only removes makeup like a dream (not including waterproof mascara and such), but it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and clean.

What are you loving for the summer?

Note: the following products are silicone free.

  • German Nivea Creme
  • 100% Pure Pomegranate Antioxidant Hydration SPF 20
  • Marcelle Essentials Cleansing Milk
  • Vaseline Cocoa Butter Vitalizing Gel Body Oil
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  • WendyD

    Have you tried the Salux bath cloths found in Asian stores? I've recently switched from the Dove to Salux. Ridiculously scrubby (more-so than the Dove), and it's one step instead of two. I don't know if I'd use it every day, but so far, It's LOVE!

    • I haven't, but you're making them sound *very* tempting! Will certainly keep an eye out for them – thanks for the rec :)

  • "I’ve landed the unfortunate combination of pale skin, dark hair, and chronic fatigue."

    omg, you too?! except i've got chronic LAZINESS and not fatigue… it's so annoying because my hair is not only BLACK, it's also THICK. so i think i need this epilator in my life…
    My recent post My IMATS Haul!

    • You totally do! It's a heck of a lot easier than waxing or sugaring imo (not to mention, less painful), and so, SO worth the effort. <3!

  • Amy

    So far the only lotion I can stand putting on my skin in this hot weather is TBS's Dewberry lotion.

    Well, that and Korres Jasmine Body Butter, but that's hella $$$ and I prefer it on my feet.

    Speaking of Korres… does my memory serve me right, or were you going to review the rose body butter line?
    My recent post EOTD: Plummy Plum

    • Eep, ikr?! Korres body products are lovely, but man – are they ever expensive!

      That probably *was* me, but it was ages ago & I'm not sure it's ever going to happen >.< Apologies! The rose scent was just too strong for me, even when diluted with scent-free lotion, and I wasn't able to properly test it in the end.

  • Stormayhlegj

    So do you use Baby Powder when epilating? HOW? And do you epilate your armpits? If you don't, I can suggest that to you! I'm into that and nothing is better than have perfectly epilated armpits! That does hurt but it's worth of it.

    • Yes, absolutely! Just rub a generous amount of baby powder into your skin – it gives great slip, and makes epiliating hurt a LOT less. Particular in that underarm area ;)

  • Nina

    Ridiculously boring; yes, that was the definition I've been searching for since my teenager-ness. Hello, another hairy gal here :D I seriously pity the time I have to waste with hair removal, plus I got tired of my current technique with waxing. But it needs to be done, so I'm considering a wet&dry epilator. Question: do you notice any in-grown hair after epilating? I've read a lot of compleints about it and frankly, it got me thinking. Anyway, as for the products I'm loving for summer, I can say Vaseline Cocoa Body Lotion, Bioderma Sebium Mat moisturizer for my face (it's really wonderful), Nivea daily sunscreen for face (I think the name is Light Touch, not sure) and Neutrogena hand cream with spf (I really reaaally like it a lot!).

    • *waves* We seem to be everywhere – a very effective sleeper cell :P

      I do get ingrown hairs, but I also get those with waxing. And shaving. And sometimes, doing nothing at all. I know that a lot of people get them from epilating (exfoliating regularly helps), but in my case I think it's just my skin >.<

      Definitely going to look into your recs! The Bioderma sounds like just what I need, and I totally need to start using a hand cream with SPF. My fingers are tanned, but nothing else :s

      • Nina

        Well, in that case, as a person who exfoliates too much, I'm gonna give this epilator a go. I hope it reduces the time that lovely (!) task consumes. And I really hope you like Bioderma and Neutrogena. Sebium Mat can be a little drying though, so you may like Sensibio (sensitive skin), Hydrabio (dehydrated and sensitive skin) and Atoderm (dry to very dry skin) lines more. Oh, and that hand cream, fades the brown spots the sun may cause and prevents the new ones from forming. Pretty, isn't it? ^^

        • asdlkfgh thank you! I'll keep an eye out – need to read the ingredients lists, first and foremost :P

          Do let me know what you think if you try epilating! I really hope you like it. The first couple of times seemed kinda finicky, for me, but after that I was just like… /shrugs. Sometimes I'll do it while reading or something because I get so bored; there isn't *really* a need to keep your eye on the task. xD

  • I use an epilator, too. I've never found it painful like so many people seem to, but it is both effective and quicker than waxing. =D
    My recent post Aqua Blossom Mint Chocolate Bath Salt

    • Haha, same here! Doesn't hurt, but it *does* sometimes bruise my skin, particularly in the underarm area. (I bruise really damn easily.) Baby powder definitely helps, though!

  • fieran

    1. Organic jojoba oil – right now I'm using it to fight eczema..the eczema that I have on my legs that are preventing me from wearing short skirts (shakes fist angrily) is actually remotely milder from what I used to get years ago, thanks to jojoba oil. I'm slathering that on once or twice a day, post shower and it's making the eczema not itch at all. The skin looks amazing despite being a tad irritated. I really hope I can cure it without any steroid cream *fingers crossed*

    2. Kiehl's Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+ – feels amazing on my oily yet sensitive skin.

    3. NARS Sheer Glow foundation – I was hunting for a lighter foundation (than MAC's Studio Fix Fluid) and this one fits the bill perfectly. I do have to set it with translucent powder since I have oily skin.
    My recent post We Are Just Like The Others

    • Good luck with your eczema, girl! I don't have actual eczema anymore (grew out of it), but I still have incredibly dry skin – so I can definitely sympathize. If the jojoba doesn't help, I'd recommend Olay Quench Advanced Therapy and Diane Lai if you haven't tried them yet :)

      Oh! And I don't know why, but sometimes I find that blending a hydrating oil (like your jojoba) into an intense moisturizer works better than either one alone. Probably has something to do with one acting as a carrier to the other or something science-y that I wouldn't understand, but – give it a go, perhaps? :P

  • That 100% Pure Moisturizer on my list to try!! I'm really loving their coffee eye cream right now. The stuff is amazing.
    And you can get the German Nivea here?? Looking for this one today!!! Yay!!
    My recent post Sigma Miss Taylor Kabuki Brush Giveaway!

  • makeupmorsels

    Why oh why can't they just sell German Nivea everywhere? *angry face* The pear with mangosteen body lotion sounds yummy, I love juicy pear scents for summer!
    My recent post The Wednesday Wigeon No.27

    • I KNOW! It should be the *only* one they sell. None of this "different versions" nonsense!

      Definitely keep an eye out for the pear with mangosteen – it's delicious, and really well priced ;)

  • I have never used an epilator. That looks terrifying. I use the Venus razors with the moisturizing pads on 'em…I'm lazy like that.

    I am loving bright lipstick (*gasp*) and First Aid Ultra Repair cream. It's magnificent.
    My recent post A Neutral EOTD…Because You Can Never Have Enough

    • *squee*! Indeed you are :D I feel like I've done a good thing, here – everyone deserves to fall in love with lipstick.

      Weirdly enough, I actually find epilating to be less terrifying than shaving :P You can't cut yourself, you can't nick yourself, and it never chaffs your skin!

  • Bernice

    Yeah I saw the Nivea creme at LD recently too! I checked to see if it was made in Germany and it was ! Also, I wouldn't have bothered checking if I hadn't read your post on it! =)

    • PLEASE tell me you picked it up. (I honestly think that *everyone* with dry skin should try it at least once; it's that good. I think I'm turning into like, a Nivea PSA, lol!)

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