Dove… spa?

Monday, May 31, 2010

Were any of you ladies aware that Dove has a line of spas?! Because I totally wasn’t, until this popped up in my mailbox:

Seriously! A spa! With it’s own line of products!

*pouts like a small child* I hate being the last one to know stuff. I wonder if the nifty-looking “Flash Dash” or any of their Quench line is ‘cone-free…

How-to: curling with a flatiron

I’ve been promising some hair tutorials for ages, and… guess what? I finally got around to it! Here’s just-over-five-minutes of insanity — hopefully you’ll learn something, even if that something is nothing more than “take your meds on a regular basis.”

I do intend to do more videos in the future, so feel free to make requests for videos! We haven’t really done much since the contouring tutorials, and it feels like that was ages ago. Chances are, if you’ve made requests in the past, I’ve already long forgotten about them. (Memory of a five year old with ADD? Check!) Just to let you ladies know, the adorable pink iron in the vid is the Hana Professional, courtesy Misikko.

Can’t see the video? Don’t worry — just check it out here instead!

Hope your Mondays are going well :)

New at… Sephora

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I cannot wait until this stuff hits shelves in Canada — as you all know, I’m a huge TimeBalm fan! Here’s to hoping this is just as good.

Now, I wasn’t excited over the original Fresh Sugar ($22 for a lip balm? Are you kidding me?) or Fresh Sugar Rose ($22 for a super-sheer lip balm?) but… Fresh Sugar Plum looks crazy pretty (no, it’s not pretty crazy. It’s actually not that crazy at all.) and I have this feeling like maybe the tint will be a little (or a lot) more obvious…

Finally, this eye palette? Yah, it’s pretty damn cute.

{dollhouse living}

photo credit: 1st Option.

I find this ironically amusing.

That is all.

A couple awful promotional images

Saturday, May 29, 2010

via the Caudalie sale on (Warning: this sale was a couple weeks ago; I set this post to go up and it… didn’t. Way to get the year right on the scheduled date, Rae. Anyhow, it’s going up now instead!)

For starters, this woman looks like she’s enjoying her “massage” a little too much:

(Seriously. If you disagree, just stare at the photo for a couple seconds longer and I’m sure you’ll suddenly find yourself (a) feeling awkward, and (b) in support of this argument.)

And, to top that off, there is the following image, to which my first reaction was AHH BUGS GET THEM OFF GET THEM OFF GET THEM OFFFFFFF!!!! 

(Unfortunately, this is not the first time Glit has posted photos that have fit into our “things that scare me” category. Proof!)

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