Smokey blue-grey eyes

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sarah: this one’s for you! Sorry it took me like three months to post x.xAnyhow, here’s a simple smokey blue-grey tutorial for monolids. See, we can totally wear shadow without it all “hiding” in our creases! This is the night-time clubbing version of this eye… a version that I haven’t worked up the guts to wear out of the house yet!

I didn’t keep a list for this one, but here are some guesses based on the colours and what I usually use:

MAC Pearl CCB or UDPP as a base
Senna Kinetic and Blue Note shadows (I’m pretty sure about these)
Aura Science Char Grey liner or MAC Blacktrack
1/2 lash (full lash seen here; shorter inner half used.)
Smashbox 6, MAC 217 brushes

1) As always, start with a base. Use foundation or concealer as well if your lids are less-than-flawless… I know mine are!
Tape under your eye (scotch tape; make sure you de-stickify it on your hand or arm first!)
Fill in brows if desired.
2) Apply a silver shadow (Kinetic) to the inner 2/3 of your eye with a flat brush, pressing the shadow into your skin and tapering as you move towards the inner corner.
Add a dark blue or grey shadow (Blue Note) on the outer 1/4 to 1/3, winging it slightly.

3) Blend with a domed brush (217) or pencil brush (219).
4) Reapply shadows, intensifying each and adding more shape and definition (especially in the wing area.)
5) Remove tape. Blend fallout to create a smudgey look on your lower lashline (219). Define inner corner with a bit more silver shadow using a small, flat brush. (The mini eye brush from The Body Shop’s travel brush kit is great for this!)
Soften lines on the top of the shadow/wing with a shadow close to your skintone, if desired. Use a fluffy brush and blend like mad!
Line waterlines (upper and lower) with a dark grey or light black pencil or cream liner. Taper/blend as you move towards the inner corner.
Apply lashes and/or mascara.
Ta-da! You’re done. See? Totally painless!

Comment response

Saturday, August 22, 2009

In response to Natalie K’s comment on this post — I did not mean to insult anyone, and I’m really sorry that you took offence, hon! I figured I’d post on gloss as it’s one of my anti-snacking “tricks”, not because I think losing weight is mandatory, or that women who want to lose weight need a gloss to do so. (I snack a lot, but wearing lip products, keeping super-busy, or munching on fruit keeps me from eating the “bad stuff”.)

But hey, while we’re on the topic, I may as well say it: Rae gained almost ten pounds on her Quebec trip and is trying to lose it. I know what a slippery slope this is (especially as I pretty much had an eating disorder in the past) but it’s something that’s important to me. I’ve set a limit (I will not dip under 100lbs again) and I hope that I can get to a weight where I feel comfortable and stop there.

/end tmi

Opinions, please?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Alright. I need someone to tell me WHAT IS GOING ON HERE. How in the hell do you take two gorgeous women and do… this… to them?!
If you ask me, these ads are lacking in colour. And a good photoshop artist. And you know what? While we’re at it, what the eff is going on with the hair?!

Possible solutions for Mariah: a less contorted body. I mean, how uncomfortable does the poor girl look?! Exactly. Honey, you look like you’re bracing yourself for something, and the teeth-clenching is not sexy. It’s just awkward. Almost as awkward as that sophisticated-gone-slutty-because-it’s-TOO-SMALL dress.

Possible solutions for Scarlet: Oh, honey. I adore you, I really do. But I don’t know what the artists working on you were thinking… I’d appreciate a less-opaque coral lip and more definition in the hair. I know it’s supposed to be classy-Gatsby-time-period hair, or something, but I think the stylists missed that by about forty years and a hair brush.

Images via BellaSugar.

*(I could never skip rocks)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

So I found out about recently, an up-and-coming site in the same strain ans things like Shopzilla. And I was a little hesitant — another shopping site?

The answer is yes. And no.

What makes Pebble different is that it’s part-forum based, meaning that you can ask, answer, and read questions on the products. Rae’s interest => intrigued! I love a site that lets the consumer talk about the product (re: Sephora post-revamp. I love you, Seph.) and ask all of our questions, no matter how confusing our questions may be ^^

I lost a part to my ice cream maker recently*, so let’s start there. Enter stuff into the search bar, as you normally would, and feel free to refine on the left hand side.
Now here comes the part that Pebble says makes it different — customers. Let’s click on this “top rated” one.
From there we have a further breakdown, and it shows us different sites that sell the item.
Now that the basic stuff is over…

The good
I like that you can ask questions and get answers. I have to admit, that’s pretty nifty. I also like that it’s kind of like Amazon, showing ratings when they’re there and letting you know which seller has it for the cheapest. The super-comprehensive search refining is great too, with options designed for each product rather than a general set with only price range, store, etc.

The bad
Pebble still needs a lot of refining — see the image below to find out why!

The verdict?
I’ve never been too thrilled about shopping sites, mainly because I like to shop in person. (I need to feeeel things!) However, for a shopping site, this is a pretty darn good one. Shopaholics out there: anyone want to back me up on this?

*the, uhm… stirring bit -.- I know, brilliant, right? So now all we have is a large frozen bowl.

Splurge: normal-wear lip gloss

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So here’s the question that you’re all dying to know the answer to (or at least, you should be curious) — why not “long-wearing” gloss? You’d think that if you’re going to spend a small fortune on something, it should be long-wearing.

The answer? Not if you’re trying to lose weight.Hold it. Before you have me institutionalized (I LOVE YOU SARAH CONNOR) let’s hear some logic.

Too heavy -> wants to lose weight -> applies expensive gloss -> refrains from snacking because she doesn’t want to eat off her gorgeous lippie.

I know. The logic is flawless, right?

So there you have it: the case for splurging on an expensive normal-wear gloss.

  • Something limited-edition. If you know you can’t re-buy, you won’t want to waste a single minute of wear! Givenchy’s gorgeous new Gloss Poetique should fit the bill quite well.
  • Something high-pigment… if biting into that doughnut will smudge your gloss and make you look like a psychopath or Pam Anderson, you may pause and rethink your decision. Stila’s soon-to-be-released Lip Enamels would be perfect for this! Until then, Dior’s Crème de Gloss has your back.
  • Something golden. No, serously. YSL’s Golden Gloss may come in quite a number of shades, but wearing 24-karat gold flecks of shimmer? Perfect.

Anyone have a splurge-worthy gloss they want to tell us about? That’s what the comments are for, ladies!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Got in a fight with the toaster.
Casualties: fingertips.

Got in a fight with the waffle iron.
Casualties: waffles.

Got in a fight with the desk.
Casualties: desk.

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