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Gift of red carpet skin review charlotte tilbury

The products: Charlotte Tilbury The Gift of Red Carpet Skin Travel Kit

I may not be able to use products that contain silicones, but that doesn’t mean that I never want to use products that contain silicones. The Charlotte Tilbury Gift of Red Carpet Skin Travel Kit is a great example of this: it’s miniature, lust-worthy, and Charlotte-approved, so (naturally) I want to get it all over my face.

Charlotte tilbury gift of red carpet skin review

What’s in The Gift of Red Carpet Skin

The Gift of Red Carpet Skin features six products in a TSA-approved makeup bag, and it’s designed to pamper your skin while you travel. (Handy, right?)

It includes Charlotte Tilbury’s:

  • Goddess Clay Mask, a moisturizing and purifying clay mask with a base of mediterranean clay and sweet almond oil. It’s the only silicone-free product in this kit, and it just sounds gorgeous–I’m really curious to try it out.
  • Multi-Miracle Glow Cleansing Balm. This one is really cool too: it’s a deep cleansing balm, a face mask, and an all-over balm all in one. The formula features organic sea buckthorn seed oil, vitamins A, C and E, and rosehip and camellia oils.
  • Magic Cream (I am forever sad that I’ll never get to try this). Charlotte’s Magic Cream has an SPF of 15, and it’s enriched with hyaluronic acid, rosehip and camellia oils, vitamin E, and wild pansy extract.
  • Wonderglow Face Primer, for that glow-from-within look.
  • Supermodel Body, a lightly pigmented, illuminating body moisturizer. Charlotte describes it as “total body confidence in a bottle.” (If that actually exists, can I have some please?) (Wait, no, that totally exists and it’s called “half a bottle of white wine.”)
  • And finally, Take It All Off, a bi-phasic makeup remover.

Charlotte tilbury skincare set review

The verdict on The Gift of Red Carpet Skin?

The Charlotte Tilbury Gift of Red Carpet Skin Travel Kit has one major drawback, though: it’s really pricey. These six minis and vinyl bag run at $100 CAD for the set, and it’s a tough sell for me. I am hesitant not to recommend it based on the price, though, because they are luxury skincare. No one walks into this expecting to find a deal, and these products’ full-sized equivalents are just as pricey.

For what you get (each product is 15ml), I think it makes more sense to buy one full-sized item and pick up a couple of samples at the counter. If that’s not an option for you, though, this could be a very convenient way to try them all at once.

Availability: $85 USD/$100 CAD

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