New This Week: Silicone-free colour-correcting & custom foundation palettes!

Custom color correcting foundation palette

It’s always interesting to see which trends are going to rear their heads each season, but I can’t remember the last time something hit quite as hard as colour-correcting. It’s a technique that has been around for decades, of course, but it used to be tough to get your hands on really good colour-correcting products.

Now, though? Now colour correctors seem like they’re a dime a dozen. You can pick up tinted primers (Make Up For Ever and Clinique do some really popular ones, and I hear the NYX dupes aren’t all that shabby); redness neutralizers (everyone still always says green, but I swear yellow is what you really want); even brightening powders (in violet or the classic banana yellow) to even out whatever tones your foundation isn’t quite covering. 

Despite the current trend, however, it is still next to impossible to find a good colour corrector that’s silicone-free. So, I thought I’d share with you guys what I’ve been doing for colour-correcting!

I really love using theatre foundations on skin that’s picky about silicones, because the older formulas (always make sure to check first) tend to be creamy, ‘cone-free, and cheap. The colour palette that I put together for myself features samples of products from Camera Ready Cosmetics to keep the costs even lower; the half-empty pans look a little dingy, but because I rarely actually finish products, it was a good choice for me.

(I’ve had this palette for about a year and I haven’t needed to replenish any of the correctors yet, so I guess I wasn’t wrong!)

Silicone free foundation palette

Silicone-free theatre foundation review palette

For anyone making their own colour correcting palette or bruise kit, this entire palette cost me about $20 USD, and works well for my NC15-ish skin. It includes:

Camera Ready Cosmetics haul

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  • I love that more brands are getting into the whole color correction thing! My face tends to be redder (and darker) than the rest of my body, so I really need something to tone it down and even things out.
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    • I love it, too!! I just wish some of them would come out with some gosh-darned silicone-free colour correctors, lol!

  • beautyreflections2013

    DEATH FLESH. I need that one just for the name HAHAHA! This is a great idea Rae!
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    • Ooh. I'd text you a string of skulls, but I'm on my computer right now, not my phone!! Do me a favour and just imagine them, okay? :P

      Death Flesh is legit the shade that a lot of artists use to make up theatre corpses! You need (just because)!!!

  • esharp1978

    I hear you! I can react quite poorly to silicones so the struggle is real.
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  • silvermoon3

    Death flesh?! Lol. Perfect.
    Ooh, KA SSE? How's the 02 on you? I think I'd worked out I'm likely 03 for foundation (I believe I'm NW15, or 3Y03 at Sephora: I'm just a wee bit offneutral into yellow undertones, but had thought you were paler as well as cool – maybe NC10? But I look paler in photos, actually…).
    I'm kinda fascinated w the idea of using the SSE as concealer and foundation both, as needed. But my wonky skin seems to be chewing up foundations lately.

    Anyway, loved this, had to read again!!!