Annabelle Big Show Lacquer review, swatches, photos

Annabelle Big Show Lacquer lipgloss review

The product: Annabelle Cosmetics Big Show Lacquer in Adore Simply, Caress Tenderly, Kiss Swiftly, Enchant Romantically, Love Fiercely, and Hypnotize Deeply

As I’m sure most of you know already, I am a huge fan of Annabelle Cosmetics. They’re Canadian, affordable, and cruelty-free, and all of their products pack an awesome punch of pigments–especially when you consider that most items are $10 or less.

One of the lines that I just haven’t been able to really get behind, however, is their Big Show range. I liked but didn’t love their Big Show Mascara (which is a HUGE fan favourite) and, later, their Big Show Lip Glosses. Similarly, it pains me to say that I liked these Big Show Lacquers, but… I didn’t love them.

Annabelle Big Show lacquer review

The formula: The Big Show Lacquer formula follows on a trend similar to that of the YSL Glossy Stains and Shu Uemura Laque Supremes: high-impact liquid lip colours that have the saturation of a lipstick, the finish of a lipgloss, and the lasting power of a lip stain. 

If I’m being honest, the Big Show Lacquers hit all three of these out of the park. They’re glossy and highly pigmented, and unlike the YSL and Shu Uemura gloss-stains, they’re opaque in just one swipe.

But, while other bloggers seem to just adore these, I’m on the fence about them. There aren’t any MLBB/”no makeup” shades in the range, and I find that once these start to wear away (within 1-2 hours), they become quite tacky and drying. And then there’s the smell: chemically fruity. They’re not any more drying than a Glossy Stain, but I’ve definitely noticed how actual-lacquer-y these can feel.

Annabelle Big Show lipgloss review photos swatches

Annabelle Big Show Lacquer applicator

Annabelle Adore Simply Caress Tenderly Kiss Sweetly swatches review

Annabelle Big Show Lacquers swatched L-R: Adore Simply, Caress Tenderly, Kiss Swiftly, Enchant Romantically, Love Fiercely, and Hypnotize Deeply

The shades: As I mentioned above, there aren’t any natural-looking shades in the Big Show Lacquer range. (I really want to try the Marcelle Lux Colour Rush Lip Lacquers for this very reason; they look to have the exact same formula as these, but they’re unscented and come in only pink/peach/nude shades.)

That being said, if you love colour, then this is a great range to check out. The Big Show Lacquers currently come in six super-shimmery shades, including the particularly-shimmery nude Adore Simply, the orange Caress Tenderly, and two pinks. Kiss Swiftly is more of a milky fuchsia, while Enchant Romantically is a darker, warmer pink with blue reflects.

I’d love to see a purple in this range (it’s the perfect formula for it!) but for now, lovers of darker lip colours can opt for Love Fiercely, a metallic, warm brick red, and Hypnotize Deeply, a purplish berry.

Annabelle cosmetics Big Show Lacquer lipgloss review

The verdict?

The Big Show Lacquers are huge in the blogosphere right now, but I’m just… not a fan. The synthetic fruity scent gives me a headache, and ALL of these shades are punchy and shimmery, which just isn’t my thing.

I also noted a distinct “lacquer” feeling when I wore these (almost like there was a film over my lips), but I have to admit: they definitely make good on their promises of gloss, pigment, and endurance, and they apply with glorious opacity and evenness. When my lips are in better condition, I might pick up a Marcelle Lux Colour Rush Lip Lacquer to see if I’ll like the formula any more without the shimmer and scent, but I think this is about it for the Big Show Lacquers and I!

Availability: $9.95 CAD at (US & Canadian shipping) and in-store at drugstores and mass retailers across Canada. Permanent as of January 2016.

Annabelle Big Show Lacquer review swatches photos

Annabelle Big Show Lacquer review

Annabelle Enchant Romantically Love Fiercely Hypnotize Deeply swatches review

Annabelle swatches: Adore Simply, Caress Tenderly, Kiss Swiftly, Enchant Romantically, Love Fiercely, and Hypnotize Deeply

Read what other Canadian beauty bloggers thought of the Big Show Lip Lacquers:

  • Workaday Beauty really likes these, and they look so much more natural on her skintone than on mine!
  • My Beauty Box has this entire range extensively swatched, and looks like a total babe in all six shades. (I have the biggest crush on Ellie!)
  • Miranda Loves found these to be non-sticky and lightly scented, so if you like a lot of the same products that she does, I bet you won’t mind these, either!
  • Makeup Your Mind makes a great point about how vibrant and even these lacquers are, and I totally agree. They’re not my kind of product, but they perform excellently.

The Annabelle Cosmetics Big Show Lacquer ingredients: 

Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Polybutene, Polyethylene, Mineral Oil, Isononyl Isononanoate, Isostearyl Alcohol, Octyldodecanol, Ethylene/Propylene/Styrene Copolymer, Butylene/Ethylene/Styrene Copolymer, Glyceryl Isostearate, Silica Dimethyl Silylate, Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate, Calcium Sodium Borosilicate, Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, Silica, Tocopheryl Acetate, Parfum, Sorbitan Oleate, Tin Oxide. +/- Colourants.

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  • esharp1978

    Those shades are so lovely!
    My recent post Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Radish

    • Aren't they?? I'm practically getting woozy thinking about how gorgeous Enchant Romantically or Hypnotize Deeply would be on you! ;)

  • Kate & Zena

    "Fruity smell?"*disgusted face* EW. Why can't they all just be unscented? What's wrong with unscented? Is there something in this universe that says, "PLEASE GIVE ALL THE PEOPLE MIGRAINES?!"

    But that Kiss Swiftly color is gorgeous…*looks at Anarchy lipstick* It is almost time to take that out. I can wear bright pink to my horse show, right?

    • Bleh, right?? I love a GOOD fruity scent, but I would honestly just prefer if everything was unscented! (Or if things were just occasionally scented VERY VERY LIGHTLY with essential oils. Like a nice peppermint fragrance or something, you know?)

      You should totally wear a pink lip to your horse show, Kate!!

  • Kate & Zena

    As much as I love peppermint ESSENTIAL OIL (not that fake perfume crap which I get migraines from), I don't like it in my lip products. I really, really don't. I just don't like my makeup scented. I don't understand why you'd want your foundation smelly or blush or your eyeshadow. EYESHADOW! Why? It just creates more situations for your skin to react to it and I have super sensitive skin. No. Unscented everything and as natural as possible please.

    Knowing me I'll go light pink again. Hot pink and horses just don't mix, especially if you like to kiss your horse after a job well done. *coughmecough* Last thing Scooby needs is a giant hot pink kiss for a few days. XD Plus, you know, it can look kind of trashy if you like emphasizing your eyes like I do.

    Sometimes, he gets sticky pink kisses because I wore lipgloss like an idiot. And yes, that means I got horse hair on my lips. Horse hair doesn't taste good. Chubby sticks, invest in them. Apply sparsely. >.<

    • Ugh, yes. As much as I love a well-blended, high-quality "produced" fragrance, nothing beats a gorgeous essential oil!

      Scents in unexpected products are usually a way to cover up chemically smells from the ingredients (especially in foundations), but the whole "scented eyeshadow" thing that Too Faced has going on right now is just weird. Like, okay, smells are cool, but keep it outta my eyes!!

      Hah, Chubby Sticks would be totally perfect for horse-kisses! They're great for Tuna-kisses, too ;) (Although sometimes I do make the same mistake as you and kiss animals while wearing lipgloss. Suuuuper gross!)

      • Kate & Zena

        I wore Urban Decay lipstick in Bare (Fresh, something like that. I'll have to get the tube and tell you. It was once my mom's lipstick. I "borrowed and never returned" it. LOL) today and managed to get all of my lipstick off by eating cupcakes before my turn. Oops. Your's truly choked and forgot my diagonals and keeping my head up. That's what I get for taking Benedryl before my show. *face palm* Benedryl always gives me anxiety; it never makes me chill. XD I had hives from the pollen. I got second place so I at least hit my diagonal sometimes. XD

        Next time there is no Benedryl for Katie.