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Guerlain Yorkville Toronto Boutique and Institute review

The most unexpected adventure I’ve taken so far this year was a trek into the gorgeous, glossy depths into Toronto’s Guerlain Boutique & Institute at 110 Bloor Street West.

I wandered in one fine Tuesday, expecting to just take a quick sniff of Guerlain Spiritueuse Double Vanille–could it really be as gorgeous as I remembered? (Spoiler: it is, and then some.)–and walked out with some seriously sharp bronzer and a facial appointment for that Friday.

Guerlain Boutique Toronto tour review

The Boutique 

As a fragrance junkie, the only thing you need to know about Guerlain boutiques is this: there is only one in Canada, and it contains all of the brand’s current fragrances…

Les Exclusifs and all.

Guerlain les exclusifs perfumes

From bee bottles to tailor-made fragrances (you know, if you have a year, time for a trip to Paris, and a spare $75 000 lying around), this is the place to be. The staff here know everything there is to know about Guerlain’s recent launches as well as their classics, and can tell you about everything from Guerlinade to Theirry Wasser (Guerlain’s in-house perfumer).

Scents you must try while you’re there:

Guerlain Boutique Toronto Yorkville review

Guerlain exclusifs perfumes boutique

The Institute

Tucked discreetly in the back of the boutique is a small treatment room and all the necessarily amenities — a gorgeous glass shower, a mirrored change room, and the boutique’s secret weapon: a petite esthetician named Sakien Teymouri who, I swear, has magic hands.

Guerlain Institute Spa facial review Toronto Bloor

Guerlain facial review Toronto Yorkville

I was lucky enough to experience a complimentary Complete Facial ($170 CAD), which is a 1h30 treatment that can be customized to match your skin’s needs.

As someone with extremely touchy skin, facials aren’t usually something I can indulge in, but the boutique’s manager took the time to double-check ingredients lists and customize a gentle, silicone-free regimen just for me. (Thank you so much, Jamielee — your kindness and attention to detail really made my day!)

Guerlain Institute spa Toronto review

For the facial, Sakien used the Guerlain Super Aqua-Mask as a mask and massage cream, the Secret de Pureté Cleansing Milk, Super Aqua-Lotion toner, and the Secret de Pureté Gentle Polishing Exfoliator (just as gentle as promised). Her technique was smooth and soothing, with even pressure, pinch-free extractions–because even beauty bloggers get blackheads–and a fantastic shoulder massage as the mask did its magic.

Finally, she rounded out the facial with a little bit of the Super Aqua-Mask left on my skin for extra hydration (the Guerlain Abeille Royale Face Treatment Oil is another silicone-free option), and the line’s SOS Serum, which I seriously think I might need to invest in.

Guerlain review

Guerlain SOS serum review

The SOS Serum ($104 USD) tingled worryingly at first, but Sakien told me to trust her, and five minutes later… magic. My face felt completely soothed. I’ve gotten used to a low level of tingling and discomfort over the years, but walking out of the Guerlain boutique, it felt like nothing at all.

And there’s a lot that can be said for sensitive skin feeling like nothing at all.

Guerlain facial review Toronto Bloor

The Makeup

You guys are undoubtedly well-versed in the art of Guerlain cosmetics already, so I’ll leave you now with a couple snaps of the final section of Guerlain’s Yorkville boutique.

Guerlain Toronto Boutique makeup review

Guerlain makeover review Boris Jander Seypen Toronto

The boutique’s newest makeup artist is Boris Jander Seypen, who is one of those rare individuals that you meet once in a blue moon. He has that sparkling sort of quality that just draws you in, and his makeup skills come off as being as effortless and fine-tuned as his perfectly coiffed hair.

At 110 Bloor, I got to fall in love with the classic Météorites, Guerlain’s Terracotta Joli Teint bronzer, and their Rouge G lipsticks. But I got to fall for the team who works there, too: Boris’ magnetism and creativity, Sakien’s poise and expertise, and Jaimelee’s endless enthusiasm, dedication, and love for her team.

I can’t wait to go back.

Guerlain makeup review

Guerlain makeup application review meteorites, bronzer, lipstick

Guerlain boutique review

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  • The boutique looks so pretty! And the institute looks very professional. But still warm and welcoming! I like that. And as for Boris Jander Seypen's perfectly coiffed do, yeah, I immediately noticed that too, haha :-) He looks like a swell guy. With a name like that he must be Dutch, right! Or Scandinavian?
    My recent post Review | MAC Prep + Prime Fix + Skin Refreshing Finishing Mist (Yuzu limited-edition)

    • Ack, I can't for the life of me remember where he's from! He definitely has an accent, though — it sounds very posh surrounded by Canadian/Ontarian accents :p

      And yes, I am in LOVE with the way the boutique is designed. It feels very Guerlain, just like their counters, but it's not at all overwhelming despite the scale. My favourite part (aside from the cozy, hideaway treatment room) is how each section feels distinct: the black and white in the fragrance section, white-on-white for skincare, and the contrasting squares in the makeup area.

  • i didn't know they did facials there!!!!!!! why did i miss the opportunity to try this while in toronto. damn it..
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    • They're super $$$, though. (But worth it, if you're a facial girl!) They also do massages, aroma "sensorial journeys," manicures, waxing, etc!

  • Jenny

    Oh wow, this place is beautiful. I would love to be able to work at a place like this someday!

  • Wow, getting a Guerlain facial in one of their boutiques is one of my dreams. What a wonderful experience!
    My recent post Inspired by… Chanel Les Automnales Fall 2015

    • It was definitely a dream-worthy experience, Lulle! I hope you make it to the Toronto boutique someday soon :)