Lise Watier Expression swatches, reviews, photos | Spring 2015

Lise Watier Palette Expression eyeshadow packaging

The products: Lise Watier Expression collection (Spring 2015)

This year, Lise Watier’s spring collection has been crafted around the idea of “creativity, spontaneity, and individuality” — and so, for today’s review, I’m going to try something ever so slightly different and just kind of… chat about these products. (Let me know if you prefer this format drastically more or something!)

The must-have product

Lise Watier Feline Eyeliner HD Vert review swatch Lise Watier Feline Eyeliner Vert review

liked a lot of the pieces from this collection, but I loved the Lise Watier Féline Eyeliner HD in Vert ($20 CAD; new shade). I am obsessed with this product — if you buy nothing else from Lise Watier all year, make sure you get this eyeliner.

The Féline Eyeliner HD formula wears really well (which surprised me, based on how easily the black version smudges on your hand), and the long, stiff felt tip makes it easy to get a steady, insanely saturated line. Plus, that green!!

Lise Watier Vert Eyeliner Feline HD

Lise Watier Féline Eyeliner HD in Vert (swatch/wearing)

The nice-to-haves

As always, I was a big fan of the Lise Watier Ombre Soufflé Suprême eyeshadow; this time in Fairy Pink ($24 CAD; new shade). The Ombre Soufflé Suprême formula is very bouncy and wet, with a very high-shine finish — this one glows cotton-candy pink in the light, but wears as a sheer, peachy gold straight-on.

Lise Watier Fairy Pink review swatches ombre souffle supreme

Lise Watier Ombre Soufflé Suprême in Fairy Pink

Lise Watier Palette Expression eyeshadow review swatches

Lise Watier Palette Expression Eyeshadows

I also really liked the Lise Watier Palette Expression Eyeshadows ($42 CAD), a palette that you can see worn here with Fairy Pink, Vert, and the grey Expression pencil. It’s not of breathtaking quality (the matte, pastel peach and mint need to be layered quite a bit), but it’s still very pretty — and the shades work together beautifully.

If you really like mint green, I’d say pick up the Palette Expression. Matte mint greens are a dime a dozen, but they’re usually terrible — and this one isn’t. Like, yeah, you have to layer it some, but unlike most, it actually shows up (and sticks around)!

Lise Watier Expression Eyeshadow Palette swatches review

Lise Watier Palette Expression Eyeshadows swatched on lightly primed skin

And everything else

There weren’t actually any bad pieces in this collection, but here are the ones that didn’t work as well for me. The Lise Watier Eye Shine pencil in Expression ($20 CAD; new shade) is insanely smooth, shiny, and glowy, but it just wasn’t exciting; the Expression Blush Trio ($38 CAD) looked super cool in the pan, but was a little too summery for my personal blush preferences.

The pigmentation of the blush trio is great, however, and it is HUGE! On me, it reads like a light pink with apricot undertones; it has shimmer, but it’s very finely milled and translates into a nice sheen. (And actually, the more times I swatch that liner, the more I like it — I think it’s more just that I don’t wear pencil liners, because this one’s actually quite nice.)

Lise Watier Eye Shine pencil Expression review

Lise Watier Eye Shine in Expression

Lise Watier Expression Blush Trio review swatch

Lise Watier Blush Trio in Expression

Lise Watier Expression Blush Trio swatches review

Lise Watier Expression Blush Trio swatched heavily/lightly; then pink only, then orange only

I didn’t really care for the pastel orange Light Cap Nail Lacquer in Expression ($13.50 CAD; limited edition), but that’s because oranges aren’t my thing; if you do like the shade, keep in mind that I’ve always had great experiences with the Lise Watier nail polishes.

Finally, my only “skip” recommendation from this collection is the Rouge Gourmand Velours in Expression ($22 CAD; new shade). It’s a sparkly, metallic-matte red that’s killer even on cool/yellow skintones, but I just didn’t like the formula — like most mattes, it’s slippery-smooth and kind of drying. I say give it a go if you’re obsessed with trying new lip finishes, but there are better products out there if you’re just looking for a red!

Lise Watier Expression Gourmand Velours lipstick review swatch

Lise Watier Gourmand Velours Lipstick in Expression

Lise Watier Expression swatch lipstick Vert eyeliner Fairy Pink, Eye Shine

Swatched L-R: Lise Watier Gourmand Velours in Expression, Eyeliner HD in Vert, Ombre Soufflé Suprême in Fairy Pink, and Eye Shine in Expression

Lise Watier Expression lipstick review swatch

Lise Watier Gourmand Velours Lipstick in Expression

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  • Lily @ChloeAsh

    Gasp! You're right. That green liner. OMG. Lise Watier, please make your way to Malaysia. Thank you!

    My recent post Romancing Myself Miss Dior Style

    • I hope they do someday, Lily! This liner is just killer! (And, y'know, a whole bunch of other products from the line, too. :p)

  • bellyhead

    ooooh! The HD liner in Vert is incredible! Such a gorgeous color and love the intense and fine line!!! eeeee!!!

  • OMG that liner. It is so perfect with your eyes!

  • i'm relaly liking the color of that liner and it gives SUCH a thin line
    My recent post In the Moment: #25: MUFE Spring Launches

    • YUP. They really killed it with this felt tip — just the right amounts of pointy and pokey!

  • *gasp* THAT EYELINER! Oh I love it. The blush looks really lovely as well though.
    My recent post Review | 5100 Skincare Glacier DD Cream

    • This blush would look so good on you, Melissa. And the liner too, I am sure!!

  • The Féline Eyeliner is just gorgeous. I love your perfect little eyeliner with that colour.
    My recent post Grad entdeckt: Astor 24h perfect stay in 120 chic nude

  • That liner….is gorgeous!!
    My recent post Goals for 2015 – better late than never

  • Jaa

    GIMME THAT GREEN LINER, LIKE, NOW!!! Dang, it's so beautiful! The blush trio is rather pretty, too! Metallic matte lipstick? Can't say I have tried it before so I also want to try it! OK, it seems I want everything except the pencil and shadows. LOL

    • YES this lipstick would be totally up your alley — cool and edgy and kind of unexpected. And Vert would look SO GOOD on you, too! I mean, it's gorgeous as a hint of green, but it would be killer in one of your dramatic liner looks.

  • I think I'm in the minority, but I wasn't terribly excited to even swatch most of this collection. The blush is quite pretty, but the kinda baked/frosty look to the pan turns me off. That green liner though looks stunning!
    My recent post Lise Watier Baiser Velours Liquid Lipstick Review | A true matte finish in just one swipe

    • I think I kind of know what you mean — something about this blush just kind of made me go :/, you know? Like, I think it's really pretty when swatched, but I had trouble getting EXCITED about some of this collection, blush included.

      Those shadows, though — I think we'll have to agree to disagree there :p They actually all work so well together; I was impressed!

  • beautyreflections2013

    See I'm the opposite, I wasn't a fan of the liner LOL! It was okay, but a little too flexible for my taste. I find it a little hard to wing out, and it kind of kept getting dry as I tried. I guess it takes me too long to do a wing HAHAHA. But I loved the rest of the collection! The blush was a little pale for me, but I think Marky will love it.
    My recent post Make Up For Ever Desire Me Cheek Set: Inspired by the movie Fifty Shades of Grey

    • Flexible???! Dude, mine is SO stiff!! I wonder if it's some kind of quality control thing, because that is super weird!

  • Jodi Butler

    I just recently bought my first ever Lise Watier product – the eyeshadow from last summers collection, got it clearance, what! And I am now infatuated. I am loving that green liner (preeeeeeetty) and I've had my eye on the eyeshadow palette since I first saw photos. Think I'm going to have to hide my credit card from myself on this one.
    My recent post Review: Kiss My Face Air Kiss Light Moisturizing Lotion*

    • Pfft. You pull that credit card out right now, Jodi! That liner was MADE for your face!! :p

  • glambunctious

    This entire collection is gorgeous, and that liner?!?! That is perfection on you! I feel like you're lining job is so excellent! Mine always ends up so thick it's enough for 3 hookers.
    My recent post Review + Giveaway! | Gold and Glitter Cushion Makeup Brush Holder

    • Thanks, babe!! This stiff pen makes it SO easy to get the perfect line — I literally just threw this eye on as I ran out the door; I barely had sixty seconds to photograph it!

      3 hookers, though… now that's a lot of liner. :p

  • blushparade

    I haven't heard from this brand before! This kind of thing always reminds me that there are SO many brands I don't know. MUST TRY ALL THE MAKEUP.

    The liner looks absolutely stunning, LOVE the shade! The blush looks also very pretty. And I love the colour combination on the palette! And the palette on the outside. OH MAN, I DIDN'T NEED TO WANT MORE STUFF.
    My recent post Random things I’ve learnt about makeup

    • All the makeuuuuuup!!!!! :D

      I'm sorry, lovely :( (But not that sorry. That liner is KILLER.)

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