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Benefit review - Coralista Ultra Plush Lipgloss

The product: Benefit Cosmetics Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in Coralista

The shade: Coralista imparts just a hint of colour to the lips; a very sheer “medium coral”. (Think orange and red, not fluro-pink and peach.) It acts more as a gloss than anything else, but there is a subtle difference in colour before an after I apply it — enough to make your lips look healthy and glowing, but not like you’re wearing any colour.

Because Coralista is so sheer, it’s very easy to wear no matter your skintone — I personally have a cool-toned complexion with green undertones, which makes wearing most corals difficult, but this one reads mainly pink due to my natural lip colour.

Benefit Coralista review, swatcehs

The formula: Though it doesn’t stick around for very long, Benefit’s Ultra Plush Lip Gloss formula is actually quite a treat to wear. It’s very light and slippery, with zero stickiness and a light, fruity scent. (It’s the scent that really sells me on this line, honestly.) The Ultra Plush glosses smell like the line’s old Ultra Shine formula, actually, but with a less sticky formula and a fuss-free application.

Benefit Coralista lip gloss swatch

Benefit Coralista Ultra Plush Lip Gloss swatch

Benefit Always a Bridesmaid Creaseless swatch - Cream Eyeshadow

L-r: Benefit Always a Bridesmaid, Coralista, Girl Meets Pearl swatches

The packaging: Like with Benefit’s Always a Bridesmaid Creaseless Cream Shadow, I wanted to wait for just the right season for this gloss — and the perfect season just so happens to be the middle of summer.

Coralista’s bright scent and sheer colour pair perfectly with its packaging, which is fun and carefree (like the brand’s boxed blushes). Rather than a finicky doe-foot or pot, these glosses are packaged in a handy squeeze-tube with the cutest applicator — it’s a slanted tip, but it’s a slanted tip with a rounded-off edge.

I don’t know. Something about that is just so on the nose, like it’s reminding you one last time that the Ultra Plush glosses are here to be your friend! Befriend us! 

Benefit Ultra Plush Lipgloss review, swatches

Rounded slant-tip applicator

The verdict?

Up in Canada, these glosses are a little pricy at $19, so I don’t think they’re a must-have — but Coralista is certainly a nice-to-have! The Ultra Plush formula is comfortable, 100% non-sticky, and very sheer, with a fruity fragrance that never comes off as too sweet or sticky (even in 30 degree heat), making it a great “handbag lipgloss” for while you’re out and about.

This formula is also available in Hoola, Sugarbomb, Dandelion, and Rockateur tints ($16 USD/$19 CAD at Sephora), as well as in a few non-blush-inspired shades at Ulta ($16 USD) with super-cute Art Deco packaging.

Availability: $16 USD/$19 CAD at Ulta, Sephora, Murale, and Shopper’s Drug Mart Beauty Boutiques.

Benefit Coralista Ultra Plush review, swatchesBenefit Coralista Ultra Plush Lipgloss review

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  • mostlysunnybunny

    Hey Rae, you know I like my pigment, so this is most probably a pass for me! Glad to hear it's not sticky though! That's the LAST thing I want to think about in this weather… ;)
    My recent post Clinique for Men (Alternative Title: Dr. D’s First Foray into Skincare)

    • Right?? I can't imagine a worse fate than sticky lipgloss in the middle of summer.

      (Okay, I can imagine a lot of worse fates, but shhhh.)

  • sylirael

    I have a little sample of the Dandelion gloss from this line, and I like it! It too doesn't have much colour (but then the Dandelion stuff isn't really supposed to), just a little shimmer. I can't decide if I like the fruit punch scent, but something keeps me coming back to that little tube… >_> <_< Maybe it's the applicator, which just feels really nice on my lips ;-) I've been looking at Coralista (and Bella Bamba) but I might have to pass – I don't mind sheer things in general, but these are $40 each here (I believe), and that's kind of a lot for a gloss with minimal colour, LOL!
    My recent post A Rogue on the InterTubes! What are Some of this Rogue’s Favourite YouTube Channels?

    • It's such a great scent! I have to say, though — I wouldn't pay $40 for one of these. They're great, but no sheer gloss is THAT great! :p

  • Jaa

    That is nice that you're loving the Coralista lip gloss! For some reason I could not stand the smell of Benefit's lip glosses. Please don't ask me what it reminds me of (haha!). I really do wish I got along better with the scent because I love their packaging so much!
    My recent post Sephora VIB Rouge Reception 2014 Information

    • Oh man, that is so weird!! I adore the scent of these — one of my favourites out of all of my lip products!