Review and swatches: I’d let Benefit’s new Ultra Shines shades frisk me…

What it is: Benefit Ultra Shines lipgloss in So Frisk Me (new this spring, but not limited edition)

The gloss: I’ll admit that I was skeptical about this one at first – anything with “ultra” or “super” in its name usually makes me a little suspicious (I blame Burts’ Super Glossy line). In all honesty, though, these really are ultra-shiny! I don’t like wearing a lot of product on my lips, simply because I find it uncomfortable, but So Frisk Me leaves my lips quite glossy with just a light layer of product.

Now, keep in mind that these are scented (unlike most of my favourite lip products), but it’s a light, fruity scent – and for once, I don’t mind at all! They’re flavourless, though, which is probably a good thing… because I’d totally want to snack on them if they tasted the same as they smell.

The shade: So Frisk Me is described as a “gilded berry,” and is one of four new nude shades (it’s the least “nude” of the bunch, though!) The others are Nudie-Tude (goldspun twist), Nooki Nookie (opal glaze), and Patootie (oyster pink). Now, I’m not sure about the other three, but I’d say that this one is medium-sheer to sheer, in terms of opacity.

From L-R: Nudie-Tudie, So Frisk Me, Nookie Nookie, Patootie

While So Frisk Me has more glitter than I’d usually go for, I still do like it – the glitter’s really finely milled, so it’s not gritty, and the gloss is well-formulated, so the glitter doesn’t migrate down my chin (ahem, Rimmel StayGlossy)!

The verdict? I’m on the fence about this oneSo Frisk Me is a great colour, and I love the scent and packaging of the Ultra Shines, but $23 is a little high. If it these were either a little cheaper (say, $18, which is the US price) or more moisturizing (all the reviews I’ve read have said they’re quite moisturizing, but I personally found I really needed to layer lip balm underneath), I’d give them the go-ahead… but as they stand, I’m just not sure!

Try them if… your lips aren’t chronically dry (mine are), or if you find a shade that you really, really love.

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  • Pretty!
    But yeah, $23 is bit steep for a gloss! I have no problem spending on a lipstick, but a gloss i just can't.
    And why such a price different? Our dollar is higher than the $US. I wonder if they will ever drop prices.
    My recent post My Beauty Lemmings March 2011

    • *sigh* So unlikely – the whole "Canada's market is smaller" thing. A couple dollars, I can understand, but $18 –> $23 is a 28% increase! I remember when The Body Shop dropped a bunch of their Canadian prices to mirror the US ones; I definitely wasn't the only one who used it as an excuse to haul :p

  • so lovely :). as for the price difference, i find myself complaining about that A LOT lately. ugh.

    i bought a revlon colorburst lipgloss around a month ago and it's SUPER shiny, too! it would be worth it to try them out :)
    My recent post Loréal Voluminous Million Lashes- You Let Me Down!

    • They're been on my list, lol! I'm just hesitating at the price – $12 at the drugstore feels like *a lot* for me, you know? And I mean, I know it shouldn't be a factor like that (after all, $12 for a high-end gloss is cheap!) but I'm crazy and irrational :p

  • vijiis

    It sucks that these are so expensive in Canada! Out of curiosity are the Benefit boxed blushes more expensive there, as well?
    My recent post Inglot Shadows Part 2- Deep Colors

    • Everything is, babe! Examples – MAC shadows are $17.50, NARS blushers are $29, Maybelline CS lipsticks, in the drugstore, are $9.55…


      • vijiis

        Daaaang. I asked about the boxed blushes specifically because those are too expensive for me at $28, so I wouldn't dream of purchasing one if I were in Canada. xP
        My recent post Inglot Shadows Part 2- Deep Colors

        • *laughs* Well I guess you'll get a kick out of this, then….

          … they're $36 up here!! O.o