There’s nothing quite like…

…your favourite limited edition gloss to brighten up a hard week.

My “bad day lipgloss” is Annabelle Le Gloss Lip Shine in Bitten, from the etheREAL Holiday 2010 collection. It’s a gorgeous, non-sticky blue-red with a completely shimmer-free finish (which is harder to find than you’d think!)

The Le Gloss line has just recently been discontinued entirely, and I hate to see it go — not only were they scent-free and comfortable, but they stayed right where they ought, too. Not even a super-pigmented shade like this one bled into the lines of my dry lips, which was more than a little impressive!

What’s your go-to lip gloss for when you need a bit of a pick-me-up?

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  • Ok… I need to pick these up before they disappear completely! D:
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    • They might already be gone, Dani :s Check your local Superstore (or respective grocer's) if you can — they usually update their shelves quite late in the game!

  • AdorableOnYourVanity

    I agree this was one spectacular gloss (both the formula and the colour) Sad to see it go away :(

    • Me too :( I'm wishing for something similar in the Le Big Show line someday, hopefully!

  • rasilla

    I was saddened by this as well…it was a good line for sure

    • These were the first Annabelle products I really fell in love with — so sad to see them go!

  • Jenny

    I am sad that the Le Gloss line is gone completely, I find them much more pigmented than the new gloss line.

    • Yeah :( It's hard to find a good, pigmented, scent-free gloss — especially in the drugstore!

  • messywands

    Rae, I just realized after swatching Dior Holiday that I don't own a red gloss (except Gloss d'armani 400, which is so full pigment that it might as well be a liquid lipstick)!!
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    • O.o

      Dude, you need to fix this situation immediately. Immediately!

  • Sounds like my kinda gloss! Pity we don't get them here in Asia.

    • Aww, sorry! There are a ton of great Asian brands we don't get here to make up for it though :)

  • Carla

    I definitely picked up the Bitten+Cherry (the liner) pair they were carrying at Shoppers last year around this time after seeing your glowing recommendation of Bitten :)

    • Aww! I'm really glad to hear it, Carla — there's nothing better than knowing someone's picked up a really awesome product based on your review :) Thank you for letting me know!