Japonesque goes pink to support breast cancer awareness | Japonesque Pink Manicure Kit and Mini Heated Mini Eyelash Curler reviews, photos

The products: Japonesque Pink Heated Mini Eyelash Curler and Manicure Kit

The Heated Mini Eyelash Curler

A pink version of their regular heated lash curler, this cut-and-dry tool is a great update on a basic. With a sleek silhouette (seriously, straight heated lash curlers are so much easier to throw into a makeup bag than actual lash curlers) and a rubbery finish that makes it hard to drop (but in a good way, not in a NARS way), this is a pretty great find, from an aesthetic point of view.

For functionality, though? It has a few handy features (like a little running light, and a clever on-switch that can’t be moved unless the cap is off), but I’m just not sold on heated lash curlers. I find that I can’t get the same kind of lift out of them that I can with a good, traditional, clamping one — the effect is pinch- and crimp-free, but they’re just not for me.

The lash curler heats up really quickly, though, and the effect does last. If you have really hard to curl lashes and find that heated curlers tend to work well for you, this one’s $18 USD at Ulta right now (plus $5 off a $10 purchase in-stores), so check it out before it disappears.

The Manicure Kit

Another quick basic dressed up for the BCA season is Japonesque’s manicure kit, which (like the lash curler) typically comes in black. It’s not the most space-friendly, but the fold-apart bag-slash-case keeps your tools (and then a few extras) safe and secure from whatever else you have with you, so you’ll never have to worry about scraping up other objects or losing your tweezers to the depths of your bag.

The set, which retails for $28.35 at with free (US) shipping, comes with tweezers, a file, scissors, nail clippers, and cuticle nippers.

It’s pretty basic, all around; well-made basics and everything you should really need for a simple, polish-free cleanup. I haven’t given these a try (might give the set away, instead), but Japonesque do tools more or less exclusively — and they tend to do them quite well.

The verdict?

It’s great to see brands getting on the BCA bandwagon, but I think Japonesque could have gone a little further, you know? $1 out of $11 (which the  collection starts at) isn’t bad, but $1 out of $28 isn’t a lot — not when brands like Jane Iredale or Estee Lauder are donating 100% of the proceeds for some of their products.

If you’re looking for pink products that pack a charitable punch, I think you’re best giving these a skip. If you’re a fan of the brand, though (or if you just want some rosier hues in your collection beauty tools), don’t miss this month’s limited-edition pink versions of some of the brand’s bestselling tools.

Japonesque manicure set – included tools and implements

Japonesque Pink collection – heated lash curler, manicure kit

The Japonesque Pink Heated Mini Eyelash Curler, disassembled with battery.

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  • Alison

    Hah, I love how you say "In a NARS kind of way", and we all know exactly what you mean.

    But on-topic: I'm glad you brought up the issue of the amount of actual donating that goes on when products go pink for Breast Cancer awareness – If you actually take a closer look, many of them come out really appalling! I'm glad we have beauty bloggers to keep us informed. Apart from helping us buy better products, I honestly wouldn't have known about a lot of things – Changes to SPF laws, Tom Pecheux's Estee Lauder rebrand… the utter horror of MAC's pressed pigments, or Urban Decay's attempt to expand to China – had it not been for beauty blogs.

    • That's the beauty of blogs, my dear! ;o)

      On a more serious note, though — I really do think that's where a lot of our merit lies. Because we're right on the boarder between "consumer" and "journalist," it means we're (hopefully) re-examining common phenomena with a more critical eye, which I think is really important… whether that means taking a good, hard look at BCA products, or just calling out NARS on their terrible packaging :p

    • Rachael

      Some companies, if you read the fine print, will only donate up to a certain amount total. So even if they sell enough products that they should be donating 10 million dollars, they cap out at like 300,000. That's another way these companies are fooling consumers. If people really want to make a difference with donations, then they should research it and donate straight to the foundation where they can at least get the tax write off. Everything else is too sketchy.

  • eight

    Thanks for bringing up the issue of just how much brands donate to charity. I feel like some of them just want to pat themselves on the back for donating *something*, meanwhile they rake in tens, hundreds of millions of dollars (or billions) in revenue each year. I think it's really important to find out just how much a brand/company is donating to the charity.
    My recent post DarlingClandestine Halloween Collection

    • Exactly! I have less of a problem with Japonesque doing it, as they are a "smaller" brand, but it still does raise my hackles. I'd like to see brands really commit themselves to something, you know? Not just throw some pink in there to look good on paper.

  • Ah Rae, I love heated lash curlers! Ok, well rephrase- I love my heated lash curler, the Panasonic version. I'm so sold, I'm never going back to the clamp!

    • :( :( I keep trying new curlers, but I just can't get them to deliver the kind of curl that I like! I've been using this one every few days to try and find a way to get it to work, but.