A candle worth stocking up: Voluspa French Bourbon Vanille

Every now and again, you come across a scent that truly “gets” you — something you’d be okay with smelling, well, pretty much all the time. Something that’s delicious, complex, and full, but never stifling; never overwhelming.

For me, this scent is a candle.
A discontinued candle.
Anyhow… I have a bottle of the room spray in the mail, and a glass jar candle in the meantime. (Which, might I add, I am afraid of burning. I’ll wait for the spray to arrive safely first, pleaseandthanks!) French Bourbon Vanille is perfection: sexy and smokey; a smooth, moody vanilla. It’s sweet, but that sweetness is cut down perfectly by a wonderful depth — smoke and booze and just… general deliciousness.
If everything smelled like this, I would be set for life.
Unfortunately, it does not.
In the meantime, I have been wearing this candle as a solid fragrance — Voluspa candles are notoriously soft and many do use them for this purpose, but as expected, the scent fades quickly (2 hours, tops). I shudder at the price when I think of it as a candle, but it isn’t… not really. It’s a ridiculously well-blended scent, and seeing as I enjoy every damn minute of it and wear it as a fragrance, $ doesn’t seem too steep at all.
It took a little bit of tracking down, but I did manage to find this line at Apothica! Order quickly, though; they’ll soon be gone for good :(
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  • Erin

    Rae, I order all my candles from a little company out of Texas called Candles by Victoria. I don't like vanilla scents, so I can't advise on any of them, but I hear raves about them from other people. She is newly shipping to Canada.
    Some things I don't like:
    The Country flair of the website and candle labels. I really wish she used a cleaner, more modern style that fits in with my decor.
    The website design is clunky and hard to navigate.Things I love:
    The candles smell amazing! The prices are great. I only buy the 8 oz jar candles, and I want to say I get at least 30 hours of burn time out of them. I can leave a candle sitting out in the open, not burning, for weeks, and it smells as stong as the day I ordered it. Her turnaround time is crazy fast, especially considering she pours your candle when you order it. And, she offers something like 600 scents. I hope you try it and like it!

    • Rae Chen

      Thanks for the tip-off, Erin! :)