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Bobbi Brown released a LE foundation palette recently – the BBU. I was looking at it (and it’s hefty $250 price tag!) and wondering – if you were starting out as a makeup artist, would this be worth it?

Well, short of doing an in-depth study, I’ll just go over the cost breakdown. It contains correctors, concealers, and foundations… but what would the cost be if you were to buy the products from her normal line and split them with other new makeup artists?
The palette has 0.04oz/1.2g pans of nine different correctors. Bobbi Brown makes three others, but I’ll pretend they don’t exist for this breakdown :P We’re just sticking to replicating this palette!

Normal cost: $22
Product per pot: 0.06oz/1.7g

This means you could get 1.5 pans per container, so let’s pretend we’re buying four and making six palettes (you’ll see why later). You’ll have 0.24oz of product, letting you make six 0.04oz portions.

Then there’s 12 pans of the 14 creamy concealers, 0.03oz/1.1g in each pot.

Normal cost: $22
Product per pot: 0.06oz/1.7g

Just like with the correctors, four of these is equal to six of the pans in the palette.

And finally, pans of all 17 shades of Bobbi’s foundation stick – you’d get 0.05oz/1.7g of each.

Normal cost: $44
Product per stick:

If you buy the sticks, you’ll get 6.6 pans per stick. See why we’re doing six, now? For the sake of my brain, I’ll pretend the last 0.6oz disappeared – let’s say the six of you got together to make swatch sheets, and that was used up.

So – what are my findings??

We’re buying four of each concealer and corrector, and one of each foundation stick.

=$22[4 x (9 correctors + 12 concealers)] + $44(17 foundations)
=$1848 + $748

Let’s divide that by six, because you’re getting six palettes out of it!


Man, that took up way too much time for such a small result. Which was…?

If you’re going to buy all of Bobbi’s foundations, this is very much worth it.

That is all.

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  • suzie wuzie

    i reckon i would buy something like this if i was doing makeup on other people but for myself- maybe if i desperately wanted to find my bobbi brown shade without the annoying makeup assistant! :) but so far the bobbi brown assistants have been very nice.

  • Rae

    Suzie: definitely =P This would SO not make sense if you were only doing your own makeup! I`ve never actually picked anything up at the BB counter in my city – I don`t even know if we have one x.x

  • The Glitterati

    OMG Rae you're the best… I found this mathematical breakdown of a makeup palette to be hilarious for some reason! And interesting too, because I'd always figured that palettes give you less cosmetic per dollar than full-sized products. (Not sure where this idea came from, but glad for MUA's everywhere that it's not true in this case!)

    Hope you're having fun in the QC! Are you drowning from the humidity yet? ;)