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July 2009


    Alright, so the photos that follow suck. It was dark and my camera wouldn’t focus! I promise it won’t happen again :P

    Anyhow, here’s the ModelCo GLOSSED nourishing body cream. Sent to me in my package from Suzie, ModelCo is an Australian skincare and makeup company, which sells some of its products in Sephora if I’m not mistaken! What I loved: Glossed smells pretty good ^^ It’s a bit strong, so I’d use it sparingly – as a hand cream, or mixed into your regular moisturiser. Which, if you ask me, is a good thing – it’ll really help to cut costs if you’re using 1/3 Glossed and 2/3 regular unscented lotion. I know that not everyone will love the smell (which, according to the ModelCo site, is “frangipani”… which, according to Wikipedia, is a flower.) but I find it quite tolerable!
    What I didn’t love: The price! I wouldn’t buy this for myself – call me cheap, but I refuse to spend that much on a moisturiser, no matter how good it smells. And (more importantly) my arm turned red and blotchy not long after I took these photos. Thank goodness I always patch test my moisturisers! It’s not the first time this has happened (I am, as you all know by now, fairly frangrance-sensitive.)Other stuff: This lotion glitters, like Olay Quench. As I said earlier, it would be great mixed in with another non-glittery cream – without, some might say it’s too sparkly (see the photo above). I’m fine with the amount of glitter in it, though! But I suppose if you’re older, it might seem a little… strange.The verdict? Pass. At $38 for 450mL, this is (quite frankly) a complete and total rip-off. It smells nice and glitters, but that’s a ridiculous amount to be spending on lotion! If you want something that smells amazing, there are a ton and a half of solutions in your drugstore. If you’re searching for something that glitters, go pick up a thing of Quench. And if you seek something that smells like frangipani… don’t talk to me, you garden junkie!

    It’s a great product, but totally not worth the price, especially as I’m allergic to it!