Keeping Matte: Tried and True

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

So FB commented yesterday on my sunscreen post that it made her face greasy – and it got me thinking. Now that it’s summer, a lot of us will need a little extra help to stay grease-free – so, I wanted to help out a bit. As usual, the solutions that I will super-endorse are all fairly cheap!!

Starting with this post, there are three matte posts scheduled to go up today! The next one up is: Other Alternatives.Tried and true

  • Try keeping a pack of blotting tissue at hand – my favourite (and the only brand I’ve ever used!) is Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets. They’re the drugstore-cheap, and work well!
  • Apply mineral makeup where you get greasy – semi-matte Everyday Minerals foundation keeps my face dry all day long, without looking cake-like.

See you at ten for the next instalment!


Monday, June 23, 2008

The title is not a mistake.

Well, it’s totally a mistake. But it’s not a spelling error.

Read on. (Links to Fabulously Broke’s ah-mazing article, where she makes a ton of great points, and where a lot of the commenters make great points as well. I’m waiting for an angry feminist to comment, though, because that could get amusing, to say the least…)

Glimmer of hope

These are on our way to Vancouver/Seattle and these are in Seattle. Hopefully, there will be a litter when we’re there, with available kittens, or in the case of the first, when we pass through.

What makes these breeds special? Both from Russia, they’re hypoallergenic-ish: for 90% of allergy sufferers, they’re, erm, un-allergic-ed. (I have no idea how to phrase that.) Basically, they have a lot less of the chemical that is in dander that people are allergic to. Also, they’re very dog-like: intelligent and playful, you can take the Siberian for a walk or teach it to fetch! Russian Blues are known to do the same, and to be able to open door handles and so fourth as well.

(Mom has fabulous memories of her mutt kitten, NutNut, from her childhood – they used to play hide-and-go-seek he was so smart!!)

My sister’s allergic to cats (also, dogs, hamsters, and anything else with fur, including my stuffed animals) but I’ve always wanted one so badly, and she’d like one as well.

We don’t know if she’ll be allergic, or if Dad will (or if he’ll be okay with getting a cat, he’s out of the country right now), or if anyone will have kittens up for adoption.

Most likely, she’ll be allergic.

But I can hope, right? This, a cat, is as close as it’s going to come to happiness for me.


Product in question? Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 55 with Helioplex. This stuff is seriously amazing!

Smell: They say it smells “light and fresh”. Um, okay, so it definitely don’t smell fresh – I can smell the typical sunblock-y scent. However, it is light! Meaning, though it’s there, it’s not as obvious as it usually is with a drugstore sunscreen.

Look: I think it leaves a bit of a whitish cast, but this was no problem for me – I’m not into tans anyways, obviously!

Price: For a drugstore sunblock, this is probably on the high end. However, I got two tubes (regular size) for $20-ish at Costco, so it was a steal for me! I can definitely see mom and I using them, or at least most of them, by the end of the summer, so it’s not like I bought two and will only use one.

Finish: Satiny smooth. Like, actually. Once rubbed in and allowed to sit (five minutes or so), the only evidences of sunscreen were a) the smell, and b)the unusually soft, smooth, dry, and satiny skin on my body. I put some of this on my face, too, and it was fine! Didn’t feel too heavy or sticky, and after a two-hour hard bike ride with mom, I still had to use cleanser to get this all off! Great finish, great staying power.

Taste: Just kidding. I would never eat this stuff :P

The verdict: Buy buy buy! If you’re looking for a great drugstore sunscreen, this is it! Keep in mind, though, that you should probably just buy one and see if you like it first – my sister had a bad allergic reaction when we spot tested her, the patch got all red and hive-y! We have yet to find her a sunscreen that she’s not allergic to, though, and when we do, I’ll post :)

Summer plans

Sunday, June 22, 2008

After chatting with mom, there was somehow a conclusion that I should do stuff this summer. Erm, seeing as I don’t have a job and I’m not going to summer school – both, for the record, mom’s fault! Why the hell are we taking a vacation in the middle of the summer, and why do I have to stay home for the first week of July to look after cousins? Also, why do I have to get the ablation mid-summer?! No one wants to hire you if you can never work. *grumpy*

Anyhow, I might be making keyboard necklaces and magnets and shit. I think it’ll be fun!! I considered getting an Etsy store, but those have overheads – will probably just follow FB’s suit and open up another blog. If I do well enough, I’ll branch out – I always have fun making necklaces and stuff, the little loser that I am :P

Name suggestions, anyone? And when I finally get around to doing this, will you bump me? :)

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